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Thursday, 20 June 2019

Vivo Leads The Industry With Their In-Display Fingerprint Technology

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Kuala Lumpur, 18 June 2019 – Vivo has been the industry pioneer of In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology from showcasing its first prototype demonstration to successful mass production in their devices. With over 140 patents applied by Vivo which are related to In-Display Fingerprint scanning, they have come a long way with their Fifth Generation In-Display Fingerprint Scanner technology, found in the Vivo V15Pro.

Vivo’s In-Display Fingerprint Scanning technology is awarded one of the best innovations for Android phones in 2018 by top tier international tech media Android Authority. The media praised Vivo to be the biggest proponent of the technology and being the first to introduce this cutting-edge innovation.

Having being refined over five generations, Vivo’s leading In-Display Fingerprint Scanning technology has improved once again, as seen in the Vivo V15Pro. Higher fingerprint pixel density and more sophisticated algorithms now allows for a faster, more stylish and more secure unlocking experience in only 0.37 seconds.

The In-Display Fingerprint Scanning allows the sleek and unified design of the smartphone to be preserved without the need for a rear fingerprint sensor, or have one on the lower bezel of the device. With mere a flick of the wrist and a press on the screen to unlock, this convenient and seamless process is intuitive for any user.

Combined with the World’s First 32MP Elevating Front Camera combined with the In-Display Fingerprint Scanning, it creates for a truly bezel less experience. The Ultra FullViewTM Display of the V15Pro comes at 6.39 inches and the 19.5:9 Super AMOLED display produces awe-inspiring visual design, utterly seamless from end-to end. With the earpiece, light and proximity sensors all concealed from view, the side and top bezels are reduced to just 1.75mm and 2.22mm respectively, resulting in a maximized screen-to-body ratio of 91.64%.

From the world’s first phone with an in-display fingerprint scanner, the X20 Plus UD, followed by X21 UD, NEX, V11, and now the with the V15Pro, Vivo has set the new standards for security, design and technology for the affordable range of smartphone devices.

The Vivo V15Pro with 6GB RAM retails at RM 1,699 while 8GB RAM model goes for RM1,899.

Tuesday, 18 June 2019

5 Tips for Potent Logo Design

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A company’s logo designs can make or break its business odds in the ever-competitive market. An excellently created business logo is, for the most part, capable of building a great bond or rapport with the target audience of a company.

On the other hand, a poorly designed business logo fails to relay a business message and, more often than not, destroys the business of an organization. Keep in mind that businesses today rely a lot on establishing effective communication with their audience.

A logo isn’t just a business symbol today to discern a company, and its services or products instead helps in establishing a powerful brand identity. An excellently designed business logo is capable of converting your target audience into loyal consumers. For a little help, here are five tips for effective logo design.

Have Deep Knowledge Of the Brand
First things first, before you even start designing your logo, be sure that you know the brand entirely. By that we mean, having a deep understanding of the brand. Remember that the logo should reach a certain group of people, which is, for the most part, the target customers and target market.

Thus, research what your organization, market, and brand are all about. We recommend you write it all down. Look for what inspirations it carries for the future and what the brand ideology is. 

Furthermore, understand and discern the brand personality as well. Is it a tough brand or a softer brand with regards to its tone? How would you want the brand to project itself amid its customers and the market? All of these details should be, for the most part, prepared beforehand. These pieces of information will act as your guide to make your logo design. 

Shows The Nature of Your Business
Ensure that your business logo is entirely capable of displaying or showcasing your business. The images and colors applied in your logo must, more often than not, affiliated with the business you operate and the services or products your offer. 

When a logo affiliates with your business, it is when you create or establish a brand identity for your organization in the ever-competitive market. Furthermore, the targeted consumers will, for the most part, receive your message when the logo design shows the attributes and values of your business. 

For the most part, the design of your logo must make a long-lasting, significant impression on the customers and the market. Just a peek at your business logo should mesmerize and amaze the people. 

The logo plays a significant role in an organization by attracting the people again and again, or continually once they get an excellent impression of the logo design. To establish a lasting impression, ensure that your design is unlike anything else, meaning that your logo must be based on a fresh concept.

By doing so, your logo will, without a doubt, stand out in the sea of logos in the ever-competitive market. 

Apply Colors Carefully
Another element that plays a massive role in establishing the message of a brand is color. For instance, if you apply red as your logo’s main color, it will, for the most part, relay the message of the brand is energetic, passionate, and aggressive. Also, it could mean that you are targeting young audiences. 

On the other hand, if blue is the main color, it’ll summon or invoke the feelings of togetherness and intelligence. And this is the rationale or grounds that most social media platforms like Facebook have, for the most part, logos in blue. 

So, if you intend to make a social media page, consider blue as its chief color in its entire design. Moreover, apply bold and bright colors to grab the attention of the people. However, these hues must convey the personality of your brand too. 

Keep in mind that every hue stimulates an emotion. And it becomes part of the message for the customers or viewers. What’s more, there’s science behind using colors, which most graphic designers, such as in, effectively use.

A lot of logo designers don’t pay attention to choosing typefaces, and rather, they tend to pick them randomly. However, keep in mind that typefaces or fonts reflect much about a brand’s personality. 

For instance, a font applied for a toy business’s logo will most probably be a handwritten font. It is because your target audiences are kids, and you need to make your brand as a child-friendly organization.

Steer clear from using eye-catching novelty typefaces. Use your own unique typefaces if possible. Moreover, don’t forget to use the right colors. 

To make effective logo design, ensure that you are knowledgeable enough about the brand inside out. It should be unlike anything else but has a simple and straightforward design that relays your brand message distinctly. Also, the use of colors and fonts should be clearly defined to the brand personality. 

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Rebecca Nelson is a blogger and writer. She writes about technology, business, marketing, health and lifestyle, and real estate. In her free time, Rebecca either spends time with her family or play sports with her colleagues.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Vivo Malaysia Teams Up with Pin Prestige In An Exclusive Fashion Shoot Featuring The Vivo V15 Pro

6/15/2019 04:19:00 pm 4 Comments
Kuala Lumpur, 13 June 2019 – Vivo Malaysia has teamed up with leading Chinese luxury fashion and lifestyle magazine, Pin Prestige in an exclusive fashion shoot that features the Vivo V15 Pro. The shoot is in line with Vivo’s Light Up Your Night campaigns which focuses on the Vivo V15 Pro’s style and functionalities for capturing images on your stylish night out.

The shoot which was presented by Vivo Malaysia and created by the team at Pin Prestige, highlights the capabilities of the Vivo V15 Pro namely the World’s First 32MP Elevating Front Camera, and how Vivo has successfully combined style and technology to produce the ultimate fashionista’s smartphone.

“Vivo continues to break barriers and to be in tune with the consumer’s lifestyle needs. We constantly innovate ourselves to give our consumers the best in form and function, and in this case with the V15 Pro, you get the best of technology combined with style and fashion”, Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Malaysia, Mike Xu quoted.

Users can easily capture professional-grade photos with the V15 Pro, thanks to the 48 Million Quad Pixel Sensor[1], 8MP AI Super Wide-Angle Camera, and 5MP Depth Camera. The “four-in-one pixel” technology in the main rear camera combines four pixels into one large pixel to deliver high-quality photos even in the dark. The AI Super Wide-Angle Camera can expand up to 120 degrees[2], capturing more people and fuller landscape shots.

This powerful hardware is complemented with AI to make professional photo-taking a breeze. Borrowing from V11, V15Pro is equipped with AI photography features including AI Face Beauty and AI Portrait Framing. The all-new AI Super Night Mode makes shaky night shots a thing of the past, as consumers can now capture amazing night scenery without a tripod or a DSLR camera.

AI Super Night Mode can instantly take multiple photos at different exposures. It then brilliantly combines them to greatly improve brightness and clarity, meaning night scenes can now be captured with a high level of detail and stability.

The Ultra FullViewTM Display of the V15 pro comes at 6.39 inches and the 19.5:9 Super AMOLED display produces awe-inspiring visual design, utterly seamless from end-to end. With the earpiece, light and proximity sensors all concealed from view, the side and top bezels are reduced to just 1.75mm and 2.22mm respectively, resulting in a maximized screen-to-body ratio of 91.64%.

The Vivo V15 Pro with 6GB RAM retails at RM 1,699 while 8GB RAM model goes for RM1,899.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Clear Launches #KeepAClearHead Tackles Social Anxiety

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SINGAPORE -  Media OutReach  - 13 June 2019 - Clear, a global anti-dandruff hair care brand of Unilever, today announces the launch of a global campaign - #KeepAClearHead - aimed at equipping young people with the support and tools they need to become more resilient in the face of rising social anxiety.   To help highlight the issue, the brand has released 'The Long Walk', a film starring celebrity ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo which gives viewers an insight into the journey he takes in preparing for a match.   In the film, Ronaldo urges young people to keep a clear head as they go through their own Long Walk, encouraging them to be more resilient in the face of life's challenges.  

In The Long Walk, Ronaldo explains: "I have taken this walk a thousand times and still the first step is the hardest. I can hear my heart beating in my head, but I give each beat a name: Spirit, courage, greatness. As the noise rises around me, a roar rises in my throat. Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable."

Clear believes that everyone should be able to perform at their best. However, social anxiety, defined by the 'fear of being judged', can stop people from performing at their full potential. Globally, over 284 million individuals suffer from anxiety disorders[1], a quarter of whom are between the ages of 10 and 24[2]. While anxiety disorders often develop during adolescence and early adulthood[3], social anxiety tends to have an earlier onset - between the age of 5-10 on average[4], and can have consequences that prevents individuals from reaching their best potential. Social anxiety has become a major problem for many young people around the world as more and more expectations are placed on them to succeed.   Now more than ever before, as a consequence of our 'always on' culture and lives lived in full view through social media, young people find themselves under intense scrutiny and pressure to perform.

To develop a world-leading approach to helping young people build resilience and prevent social anxiety, CLEAR is working in partnership with the Resilience Research Centre (RRC) at Dalhousie University and Dr. Michael Ungar, Director of the RRC at Dalhousie University and author of Change Your World: The Science of Resilience and the True Path to Success. Ungar, is one of the world's leading social scientists whose work is raising awareness of the growing issue of social anxiety and the need to shift our focus to equipping young people with the supports they need to achieve both ruggedness AND resourcefulness to be able to tackle life's many challenges.  

"To understand social anxiety, one has to distinguish between a social anxiety disorder, which is the most severe form of the problem and debilitating in more than one area of a person's life, and what is called "non-clinical" social anxiety which is far more common. More serious social anxiety has long-term negative consequences for young people so it's important to recognise the early signs of the disorder and prevent even mild social anxiety before it gets worse," said Ungar.

Together with Clear, Ungar and his team of researchers are showing that one's ability to overcome social anxiety and challenging problems in life depends on both how rugged we are as individuals, and how resourced and supported we are by our families, friends, co-workers and communities. Ungar explains why Cristiano Ronaldo is the true personification of resilience: "His life teaches us that to be successful and resilient, two things are important. First, we need to be a rugged individual, which means taking full advantage of our talents and being positive about our future. Second, we need to be a resourced individual, with people who believe in us and the opportunities to put our talents to good use. Ronaldo has both strengths -- he knows how to use his incredible talent, and his many supports, including the love of his fans, to realise his full potential. When we are both rugged and resourced, we are far more likely to become our very best selves."

Clear is committed to enabling people to perform at their best, driving a positive change both by addressing the global issue of social anxiety and working with the RRC to develop programs and resources designed to build resilience, so that young people can better cope with social anxiety. #KeepAClearHead will see the brand working in partnership with Michael Ungar and his team to develop a curriculum and resources hub which will be rolled out globally and will help young people assess their levels of ruggedness and resourcefulness and how to develop new strategies to find and use the resources they need to better tackle social anxiety. The brand will also leverage pop culture through a partnership with Marvel to create a series of thought-provoking superhero short films and inspiring edutainment content to help young people understand the importance of building resilience and recognising the resources around them to better cope with self-doubt and social anxiety.

"Clear helps people to defy judgement and perform at their best. As an anti-dandruff shampoo, we want people to look and feel their best by clearing dandruff, which can be a cause of social anxiety. However, we believe we can play a bigger role in tackling the need to build resilience in young people to help them deal with every facet of social anxiety. Working in partnership, we want to build a generation of resilient youths who are able to perform at their best, despite increasing social pressures," said Tri Tran-Tue, Global Brand Vice President, Clear, Unilever.

To learn more about #KeepAClearHead and to watch The Long Walk, visit