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Friday, 30 June 2017

Pengumuman Pemenang Segmen 24 Jam Bloglist #26

6/30/2017 11:43:00 pm 12 Comments

Mia dah pun selesai blogwalking ke semua blog peserta segmen ini. Senarai peserta ada di SINI.

Pemenang segmen ini yang dipilih oleh random integer set... jatuh kepada peserta bernombor....

5, 7, 8, 10, 12, 15, 17, 29, 30 dan 31

Diucapkan tahniah pada semua pemenang di atas. Diharap dapat memasukkan blog Mia ke dalam bloglist anda selewatnya 5 Jun 2017.

** senarai bloglist baru...

Menu Kari Ayam Hari Ini

6/30/2017 08:20:00 pm 4 Comments

Wah.... hari ini Mia masak menu kari ayam. Ayam bandar. Tak sempat nak bawa balik ayam kampung ke Johor Bahru.

Kali ini Mia masukkan kentang dan lobak sebagai penyeri. Mia guna rempah kari Adabi.

Menu tengahari dan malam. Satu lauk saja. Orang kat rumah ni tak ramai mana.

** sweet kari for all....

11 Habits Of Successful Women

6/30/2017 04:27:00 pm 6 Comments

11 Habits Of Successful Women

  1. She makes time for herself
  2. She challenges herself
  3. She educates herself
  4. She understands guilt, acknowledges it and moves on
  5. She knows healthy doesn't always mean going to gym
  6. She is financially savvy
  7. She smiles
  8. She can step away from her job and have a life outside of the workplace
  9. She sets herself goals and methods for keeping track of them
  10. She celebrates wins, both big and small
  11. She helps others through selfless acts of kindness
** should start now..  in order to succeed for tomorrow...

Oreo Cheese Cake

6/30/2017 02:09:00 pm 6 Comments

Projek Adik Mia, Nabilah dengan Sofea. Buat oreo cheese cake sebelum balik kampung untuk raya.

Senyap-senyap kat dapur... ni lah kerjanya. Jom tengok..

Dapat 3 bekas. Disejukkan dalam peti ais. Bila dimakan sedap juga.

Suka Sofea.. projek buat oreo cheese cake berjaya dengan makciknya dan dinikmati bersama atuk neneknya.. pakcik-pakcik dan makcik-makcik di kampung...

** kek sebelum raya...

Quote Of The Day (410)

6/30/2017 06:09:00 am 2 Comments

Single Mom, And Amazing!

No, it may not have been your goal to be a single mother, but it is your destiny to be the greatest mother that you can be. I know that it's tough at times. Some mornings you may wake up, and feel like a failure, but to your child, you have a cape on your back! I'll never count out a single mother, because she can do amazing things with little love. If you think her hands are full, wait until you take a look at her heart. She's amazing.

** be strong.. be positive.. be great..

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Change Your Diet For Better Skin

6/29/2017 07:31:00 pm 6 Comments

Change Your Diet For Better Skin

  1. Cut out sugar and pastries and eat more berries and lemons
  2. Make half of your plate fresh or steamed vegetables
  3. Say bye to milk and cheese
  4. Eat more seeds and nuts
  5. Eat less meat, more fatty fish
  6. Start your day with lemon water, not coffee
  7. Replace refined grains with whole grains
  8. Add more pulses to your diet
** for better and healthier skin...

Secret Recipe Time...

6/29/2017 11:06:00 am 8 Comments

Kisah makan-makan di Secret Recipe Parit Raja Batu Pahat pada hari raya ketiga. Sambungan dari entri SINI.

Sukanya Sofea dapat makan dan minum yang dia order sendiri. Pakcik Udin dan Pakcik Acip dok melayan karenah Sofea.

Jom tengok gambar...

Alhamdulillah... kenyang. Sesekali makan sedap-sedap... best rasanya.

** sayang Sofea...

How Sitting Too Long Affects The Body

6/29/2017 06:37:00 am 2 Comments

How Sitting Too Long Affects The Body

Blood clots that form after sitting too rigidly can travel to the brain, causing strokes.

Fluids retained in the legs during the day moves to the neck at night and contributes to obstructive sleep apnea.

In individuals who experience heart failure, fluid first backs up in the lungs.

A sedentary lifestyle contributes to cardiovascular disease. In people who suffer heart failure and obstructive sleep apnea, fluids collect in the lungs and neck at night.

Physical activities reduces the risk of hypertension, or high blood pressure.

Sitting too much contributes to obesity and colon cancer. Enzymes in the blood vessels of muscles responsible for burning fat get shut off, and the body's method of metabolizing fuels such as glucose and lipids gets disturbed.

Fluids collects in the legs during sitting. Walking helps pump it out because it causes problem.

** have a break for a while.. don't sit for too long...

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Selfie Hari Raya Ketiga 2017

6/27/2017 08:09:00 pm 12 Comments

Hari raya ketiga baru pakai baju raya yang kedua. Tak nak cakap banyak. Nak tempek gambar selfie Mia dan Sofea berdua... zasss...

Lokasi di Secret Recipe, Parit Raja. Pakcik-pakcik Sofea nak belanja Sofea kat sini. Dapat nombor 4 dalam kelas. Sokongan moral untuk Sofea belajar lebih rajin lepas ni. Yeahh..

Bersambung ke entri SINI.

** selfie time...

Makan Jagung Rebus

6/27/2017 02:01:00 pm 8 Comments

Bila dah kumpul ramai-ramai masa raya ni.. makan apa saja pun terasa berselera betul walaupun hanya makan jagung rebus. Faveret keluarga Mia ni jagung manis rebus. Sekali hadap je terus licin. 

Banyak khasiat jagung ni. Kandungan serat yang tinggi memudahkan sistem penghadaman. Boleh mencegah kekurangan darah dan sebagai menu diet.

Kenyang makan jagung ni...

** Sofea suka makan jagung rebus yang disalut dengan mayonaise...

Benefits Of Olive Oil

6/27/2017 09:43:00 am 2 Comments

Benefits Of Olive Oil

Type II Diabetes
Olive oil diet is rich in monosaturated fats which helps protect against Type II diabetes

Olive oil can make it easier to control or lose weight due to its high nutrient value

Heart Health
Helps slow down heart aging proces, antioxidants may offer protection against red blood cells damage

Blood Pressure
Taking olibe oil on a daily basis can help reduce hypertension

Keeps Bones Healthy
Help prevent the loss of calcium related to developing osteoporosis during later years

Relieving Earache
Olive oil is known as being a natural remedy for aerache and for dealing with excess ear wax

People who follow a Mediterranean style diet that is rich in olive oil may be at a lower risk of depression

Damaged Hair
Olive oil has the ability to moisturize hair that has become frizzy or dry

Colon Cancer
Research by Spanish scientists has shown including olive oil in the diet lowers the risk of this cancer

Skin Health
It's used in skincare products as it's full of antooxidants and vitamin A and E

Skin Cancer
Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, and may help lower the risk of malignant melanomas

Helps to give a feeling of fullness, and the contents of the stomach are digested more slowly

** my parents used to drink a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning.... 

Quote Of The Day (408)

6/27/2017 01:40:00 am 2 Comments

Be alone.

Eat alone, take yourself on dates, sleep alone. In the midst of this you will learn about yourself. You will grow, you will figure out what inspires you, you will create your own dreams, your own beliefs, your own stunnimg clarity and when you do meet the person who makes your cells dance, you will be sure of it, because you are sure of yourself.

** you... 

Monday, 26 June 2017

10 Ways To Know If You Have Adrenal Fatigue

6/26/2017 05:41:00 pm 5 Comments
10 Ways To Know If You Have Adrenal Fatigue

I think most of us never realize that sometimes we do have signs having adrenal fatigue. The most noticeable part is when we cannot sleep at night and always feeling tired. Although it may not be serious but we need to take urgent attention before it becomes worst.

Let's read...

What is adrenal fatigue?
Very simply put, adrenal fatigue occurs when your body experiences more stress than it’s able to handle. The adrenals get over-taxed and then tired, and slowly function deteriorates.

So how do you know if you have adrenal fatigue?
The sad truth is that in our day and age, most people have some level of adrenal fatigue. Most of the stressors we’re dealing with on a daily basis are brand new (relatively speaking) in the human experience such as unhealthy diet, environmental toxins, chronic stress of daily life, and chronic degenerative disease. Furthermore, these are what we call the “sit and stew” kinds of stressors: long-term chronic stressors where stress hormones are released, but not really used. This is much more damaging to the body than the traditional “fight and flight”: you know, the running from a woolly mammoth kind of thing, where you’d get the adrenaline rush and then USE it by running like hell.

The best way to know if you have adrenal fatigue and at what stage (there are four stages), is to work with a holistic practitioner who can order testing to determine your cortisol levels at various points throughout the day. In the absence of that, here are 10 indicators that you have some degree of adrenal fatigue:

  1. You’re a “night person” (you have trouble getting up in the morning and you have trouble falling asleep at night)
  2. Your blood pressure is either above 120/80 or below 105/70
  3. You get a headache after exercising
  4. You clench or grind your teeth
  5. You get dizzy when you stand up quickly
  6. You crave salty foods
  7. You perspire easily
  8. You’re always tired
  9. You need to wear sunglasses outside during the day
  10. You don’t stay asleep at night

If two or more of these describe you, you most likely have some degree of adrenal fatigue.

** as a precaution...

Sayang Blog.. Update Blog...

6/26/2017 01:48:00 pm 10 Comments

Nak buat macam mana. Dah memang Mia sayangkan blog ini. Tak sampai hati nak biarkan ianya tidak berupdate. Walaupun sekarang tengah sibuk beraya, Mia tetap maintain update blog untuk kekalkan prestasi momentum berblog yang konsisten. Tidak mengapa kalau trafik blog berkurangan di musim raya ini. Memang dah biasa macam ni tiap-tiap kali raya. Kebanyakkannya Mia buat entri di awal pagi dan set autopublish mengikut masa yang Mia nak ianya publish.

Mia belum berkesempatan nak blogwalking raya ke blog rakan-rakan blogger. Akan cuba luangkan masa untuk itu nanti.

Apa-apa pun, masih dalam mood raya kan... rayalah puas-puas dan enjoy bersama keluarga tercinta. Raya cuma setahun sekali.

** blog tetap dihati....

Bila Raya Jangan Lupa Bakar Kalori Yang Diambil

6/26/2017 10:51:00 am 2 Comments
Bila Raya Jangan Lupa Bakar Kalori Yang Diambil

Sekarang ini tengah musim raya, memang ke sana ke mari beraya sakan. Makan juadah raya.. kuih raya dan macam-macam. Tetapi jangan lupa bakar kalori yang diambil.

Jom kita tengok...

Almond London (sebiji)
50 kalori
Aktiviti membakar 50 kalori :
- berjalan kaki = 15 minit
- jogging = 6 minit
- mengayuh basikal = 8 minit

Tart Nanas (sebiji)
50 kalori
Aktiviti membakar 50 kalori :
- berjalan kaki = 15 minit
- jogging = 6 minit
- mengayuh basikal = 8 minit

Dodol (sepotong)
70 kalori
Aktiviti membakar 70 kalori :
- berjalan kaki = 20 minit
- jogging = 8 minit
- mengayuh basikal = 10 minit

Rendang daging (2 ketul kecil)
130 kalori
Aktiviti membakar 130 kalori :
- berjalan kaki = 35 minit
- jogging = 15 minit
- mengayuh basikal = 20 minit

Kerepek pisang (3 keping)
40 kalori
Aktiviti membakar 40 kalori :
- berjalan kaki = 10 minit
- jogging = 5 minit
- mengayuh basikal = 5 minit

Lemang (sepotong)
100 kalori
Aktiviti membakar 100 kalori :
- berjalan kaki = 30 minit
- jogging = 15 minit
- mengayuh basikal = 10 minit

Rendang ayam (2 ketul kecil)
100 kalori
Aktiviti membakar 100 kalori :
- berjalan kaki = 30 minit
- jogging = 15 minit
- mengayuh basikal = 10 minit

Lontong dan sayur lodeh (semangkuk)
260 kalori
Aktiviti membakar 260 kalori :
- berjalan kaki = 70 minit
- jogging = 30 minit
- mengayuh basikal = 40 minit

Ketupat (8 kiub kecil)
80 kalori
Aktiviti membakar 80 kalori :
- berjalan kaki = 20 minit
- jogging = 10 minit
- mengayuh basikal = 15 minit

Adui... agak-agak berapa banyak kalori yang kita dah ambil eh? Sungguh tak terkira. Uwaaaa...

** buat-buat pejam mata... raya je dulu.. lepas raya kita jogging ramai-ramai... yeahhh... (positif)

Quote Of The Day (407)

6/26/2017 07:58:00 am 2 Comments

Seriously, be strong and know when enough is enough. Take your stand, speak up and refuse to let others hurt you. Throughout your lifetime some people will discredit you, disrespect you and treat you poorly for no apparent reason at all. Don't consume yourself with trying to change them or win their approval. And don't make any space in your heart to hate them. You don't have control over what others think about you, but you do have control over how you decide to internalize their opinions. Leave them to their own judgements. Let people love you who they want you to be. Or let them walk away if they choose. They can't harm you either way; it's their understanding that is faulty, not yours.

** be strong and move on...

Legs Up The Wall

6/26/2017 05:09:00 am 2 Comments

Sometimes we need to rest and relax by doing this exercise. Do try it and enjoy the moment.

This powerful yet incredibly restorative pose is beneficial to the health of your heart. It gives your heart a rest so it doesn't have to pump as hard, and helps to slow down your heart rate, leaving you feel relaxed with more calm mind. Spend 5 minutes here noticing the natural rhythm of your breath and see what happens. Enjoy.

** do spend time for yourself....