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Monday, 30 November 2020

Friday, 27 November 2020

AirAsia’s Teleport Ready To Deliver COVID-19 Vaccines

11/27/2020 12:50:00 pm 4 Comments
Kuala Lumpur, 26 November 2020 - Leveraging on AirAsia’s largest network in Southeast Asia covering 125 cities, Teleport, the logistics venture of AirAsia Digital is ready and committed to focusing its operations to support the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines in the region.

Since the start of the pandemic early this year, Teleport was among the first to charter cargo-only flights to deliver medical aid and protective equipment to hospitals and frontliners in major cities even when international borders were closed for travellers and AirAsia’s flight went into hibernation.

Teleport CEO Pete Chareonwongsak said, “Distributing vaccines is a global imperative that can bring back a global economic recovery as well as the revival of demand in the aviation and travel industry.

That’s why we’re focused on putting together our collective resources, technology and infrastructure for regional supply chains and essential services. We will work closely with the governments and our partners to ensure that the vaccines reach our healthcare frontliners who are braving the pandemic.”

As a technology logistics company, Teleport has also developed robust technology (API) integration, digital issuance of AWBs, integrated technologies with cargo terminals at its partner’s Ground Team Red (GTR), a joint venture between AirAsia and SATS hubs in major markets and first mile and last mile technology applications.

Teleport is able to fulfill 24 hours door-to-door delivery services which include air freight, customs declaration, and first and last-mile delivery in ASEAN and the Asia-Pacific region. Teleport has accomplished this consistently and this is a continuation of its emphasis on supporting essential healthcare services.

Thursday, 26 November 2020

Human Body Facts

11/26/2020 10:37:00 pm 3 Comments
01. A sneeze can travel up to 99 miles per hour.

02. The human body is made up of 0.2 milligrams of gold

03. Babies are born without kneecaps.

04. Your nose can remember 50,000 different scents.

05. The average human beings swallow on litre of saliva a day.

06. There's a protein in the body called Pikachu Rim.

07. Every person on the planet has an individual smell.

Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Monday, 23 November 2020

AirAsia’s Teleport Expands to 70 New Cities in Southeast Asia

11/23/2020 10:31:00 pm 2 Comments
Kuala Lumpur, 23 November 2020 - Teleport, the logistics venture of AirAsia Digital has completed the accelerated rollout of its delivery services in 70 cities across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines over the last 30 days. 

Businesses in any of these 70 cities can now partner with Teleport to have items instantly delivered to their customers within one hour. Teleport can deliver almost anything, from food, groceries, documents, flowers and even laundry! 

Pete Chareonwongsak, CEO of Teleport said, “Our mission is to make delivery simple, fast and affordable for everyone. With a one hour delivery promise, we hope that all local merchants and businesses will benefit. Soon, businesses can experience 24 hour express deliveries between cities as well as cross-border delivered to you by Teleport.

The goal is by next year, with a click of a button, you can send almost anything instantly to anywhere AirAsia flies to.” 

In Malaysia, Teleport is now present in Klang Valley, Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau, Labuan, Kuching, Miri, Bintulu, Sibu, Alor Setar, Ipoh, Johor Bahru, Kuala Terengganu, Kota Bahru, Langkawi, Penang and Melaka.

Interested to sign up with Teleport? Visit, or get in touch with for further assistance.

Sunday, 22 November 2020

Saturday, 21 November 2020

Gaya Hidup Yang Sihat 80% & 20%

11/21/2020 11:56:00 am 4 Comments


01. Bawa bekal sihat

02. Makan ikut portion

03. Minum air putih

04. Buah sebagai snacking

05. Kurangkan minyak

06. Pilih makanan sihat di luar


01. Aktif seharian

02. Bersenam

03. Kardio

04. Bodyweight workout

05. Jogging

06. Brisk walk

07. Berenang

08. Main badminton

09. Lompat tali

Friday, 20 November 2020

East Coast Retail Powerhouse TMG Mart is now on Shopee

11/20/2020 11:56:00 pm 2 Comments
KUANTAN, NOVEMBER 2020 – Shopee users can revel in the choice and variety increase of essentials and household products as TMG Mart is now exclusively on Shopee. The Malaysian-owned hypermarket aims to reach the growing proportion of online-first customers in the country after having successfully built a strong offline presence in the East Coast region. 

The decision to embark on this digital journey rides on the acceleration of e-commerce adoption as seen in recent months. Malaysians are placing greater reliance on e-commerce to get their daily essentials, groceries and other necessities.

Chin Poh Ling, Head of Marketing of Tunas Manja Sdn Bhd said that the company is excited to be venturing into the digital market as they transform their business model to diversify trade channels. “Online shopping is now part of the landscape in the Malaysian retail scene. If we want to continue thriving in this competitive environment, we have to digitize. We are happy that through our collaboration with Shopee, TMG Mart is now able to service our customers better online.”

TMG Mart today has more than 61 outlets in Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan, Johor, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan. The hypermarket’s most recent offer – TMG Plus @ Andorra Peak in Kuantan, aims to rejuvenate the retail scene and improve the shopping experience of grocery shoppers in the East Coast.

Opening a store on Shopee allows TMG Mart to offer online-first customers the same attractive deals and offerings as those who visit the hypermarket chain’s physical stores. Consumers across the country can enjoy low prices on a wide assortment of over 2,000 items such as food staples, cooking ingredients, household supplies, personal care and baby products.

Chin added that the move to join Shopee is part of the company’s ambitious plans to keep growing and expanding their brand. “We are constantly looking to scale greater heights. Seeing that our online store also allows us to reach out to more customers across Malaysia, we are excited for this opportunity to have more Malaysians to get to know us better.”

To celebrate its official launch on Shopee, TMG Mart is offering a plethora of great deals for users to enjoy: discounts up to 90% as well as 7% off with a minimum spend of RM40 (capped at RM3) and 10% off with a minimum spend of RM60 (capped at RM6) in-store vouchers. TMG Mart will also be bringing attractive bargains to customers in the upcoming Shopee 12.12 Birthday Sale.

To find out what products TMG Mart offers, head over to

Thursday, 19 November 2020

Monday, 16 November 2020

How To Give Bad News

11/16/2020 08:42:00 am 6 Comments

01. Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

02. Please accept my apologies. I know this isn't what you wanted to hear.

03. Please accept my apologies. I wish that the situation were different.

04. I can appreciate why you feel that way.

05. I can appreciate your feeling on this. I know it isn't what you hoped for.


Sunday, 15 November 2020

Saturday, 14 November 2020

Bunga Cina Yang Pertama

11/14/2020 11:34:00 pm 7 Comments
Riang ria di hati ini apabila pada pagi tadi sekuntum bunga cina pertama Mia telah berkembang mekar dan mewangi di depan pintu rumah. Bunganya berwarna putih dan berbentuk seperti bunga ros atau mawar.

Nama Saintifik : Gardenia Augusta
Famili : Rubiaceae
Nama Biasa : Bunga Cina / Melur Cina
Nama lain : Kacapiring, Gardenia

Jom tengok....

Alhamdulillah.... menjadi pula pokok bunga cina baka Thailand Mia ini. Tumbuh dengan sihatnya dan telah menghasilkan bunga yang pertama. Syukur sangat.... 

 ** sweet moment of my small garden.....

Chatime Pula

11/14/2020 02:48:00 pm 4 Comments
Hari ini hari Sabtu. Mood nak ber Chatime pula. Jom layan selera tekak yang craving sangat ni...

Menu minuman yang dipilih sememangnya menjadi kegemaran ramai iaitu Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea dan Dalgona Chocolate Hazelnut. Sedap tau...

** family hour...

Tips Turun Berat Badan

11/14/2020 08:08:00 am 3 Comments
01. Elakkan makanan berproses.

02. Pastikan setiap hidangan mengandungi protein, karbo, mineral dan fiber.

03. Makan perlahan-lahan.

04. Minum lebih air putih.

05. Sebaiknya masakan sendiri.

06. Kurangkan garam, gula dan perisa.

07. Pilih snack sihat.

08. Makan berjadual.

09. Fahami 80% pemakanan, 20% gaya hidup sihat dan 100% mindset

Friday, 13 November 2020

Thursday, 12 November 2020

Menu Lunch @ Cupchai Uda Business Centre Johor Bahru

11/12/2020 08:35:00 pm 6 Comments
Menu tengahari selera tekak ala-ala Italy kononnya. Berpastalah kita tengahari tadi. Lokasi makan lunch di Cupchai Uda Business Centre Johor Bahru. Jom layan....
Salted Egg Pasta

Fetucine Carbonara


Alhamdulillah..... nampak macam simple menu lunch ini tetapi mengenyangkan. Minuman cold chocolate dan cold lemon tea tidak menghampakan.

** sweet lunch...

Wednesday, 11 November 2020


11/11/2020 09:06:00 pm 9 Comments
KUALA LUMPUR, 10 NOVEMBER 2020 – With just one more day to 11 November, over 1,200 brands and retailers, as well as 800,000 sellers on Shopee are ramping up their offers and bringing Malaysians the biggest bargains and kick-ass deals during the e-commerce platform’s 11.11 Big Sale. 

With over 100 million items to choose from and many going on sale at 99% off with price tags from as low as 11 sen during Shocking Sale; free shipping with minimum spend of RM11, and additional 50% off vouchers on top of product discounts, Malaysians will be thrilled to know that the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale gets even more exciting. Why?

Malaysians can enjoy an adrenaline rush of amazing discounts on electronics during Shopee’s 11.11 Electronics Big Sale happening from 12AM to 2AM on 11 November. Also, check out the Bose Wireless Bluetooth headphones, realme 7 and SONY WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphone that are going for just RM1,111. 

If that is not massive enough, Shopee has a question for you - all-new Proton X50, you One Or Not as Shopee gives it to 1 lucky buyer for just RM1? Malaysians also stand the chance to be a proud owner of Samsung Galaxy Note20, sound bars, watches, jewellery sets and more for only RM1. Best part of this game is that if users are not selected, their RM1 will be fully refunded. 

Shopee gamers can also have a ball playing their way to win a Nintendo Switch and up to 11 million Shopee Coins from Shopee Shake, Shopee Farm, Shopee Bubble, Shopee Poly, Shopee Claw, Shopee Candy, and Shopee Lucky Prize. 

As e-commerce is reshaping the way consumers shop in this region, Shopee is also bringing Malaysians entertainment all day. Featuring a star-studded line-up, Malaysians will want to block off these dates: 

Shopee Live: The e-commerce platform is bringing back everyone’s favourite yellow-boot contractor Phua Chu Kang in a special live stream show on 10 November from 8PM-9PM. Malaysians will get a chance to interact with him while also being treated to 11.11 deals, vouchers and Shopee Coins when they watch the stream. 

That’s not all - catch local celebrities such as Zoey Rahman (10 November at 5PM), Fynn Jamal and Tyra Kamaruzzaman (both on 11 November at 12PM) as they run their own Shopee Live streams showcasing their products, offering limited time deals and vouchers whilst interacting with their fans. 

Shopee 11.11 Big Show: Malaysians can look forward to two hours of non-stop entertainment which will be aired on 11 November from 9PM-11PM on Shopee Live, TV3, Tonton and Youtube. Hosted by Awal Ashaari and Sherry Alhadad, viewers will be entertained with performances by local celebrities including Anuar Zain, Ella, Shila Amzah, Floor 88, Wany Hasrita, Dolla and Azzam Sham. 

Viewers will also have the opportunity to participate in Shopee Catch and Shopee Shake and win up to 11,111,111 Shopee Coins and attractive prizes like the Honda Vario motorbikes, gold bars, Samsung 65” televisions and Dyson vacuum cleaners. Personalities Dato’ Seri Vida, Datin Diana Danielle, Farahanim, Fahrin Ahmad, Mark Adam and Siti Saleha will be joining in the fun too. 

The 11.11 Big Show is sponsored by Nestle, L'Oréal, adidas, Kimberly-Clark, P&G and Y.O.U. 

On top of all that, Shopee is deepening its commitment in uplifting local communities through its 11.11 Big Charity, its first regional charity drive. In Malaysia, it will partner charity organisations like the Malaysian AIDS Foundation (MAF) in raising awareness and donations for people living with HIV including underprivileged children. MAF and its hotel partners are also looking to send 2 lucky donors on an unforgettable 3D2N stay in Langkawi. For a chance to win exclusive hotel vouchers, users can simply donate any amount to the ‘MAF fund’ during 11.11. 

Hacks for the best - to ensure smoother and quicker transactions on 11 November, remember to: 

  • Put the items into the shopping cart to avoid sellouts at 12AM 
  • Remember to claim and save those free shipping vouchers and other discount vouchers ahead of time 
  • Ensure there is sufficient amount in your ShopeePay wallet to avoid last-minute top-ups. If that is not enough of a reminder, this should do the trick - users stand to win up to 11,111 Shopee Coins when they top up RM50 in their ShopeePay account on 10 November. 

Additionally, first-time ShopeePay users will receive an RM8 voucher when they complete their first transaction with a minimum spend of RM25. 

What are you waiting for? Head over to

To Anybody Reading This

11/11/2020 10:44:00 am 8 Comments

Life might be painful right now,
But remember pain is temporary.

Life might be confusing right now,
But remember it's worked out before.

Everytime you've been worried in the past,
it's now a memory.

Don't stress,
everything will be fine.

You've got this,

Tuesday, 10 November 2020

The Aroma of Good Times Awaits Malaysians this 11.11 with OLDTOWN White Coffee

11/10/2020 02:13:00 pm 4 Comments
The Perfect Sip Crafted through mouth-watering online deals, prizes and exclusive flavours 

KUALA LUMPUR, 9 November 2020 - To some, coffee is more than just a drink. It is a form of gastronomical necessity that needs to be consumed daily. A morning without it may seem rather incomplete. 

OLDTOWN White Coffee is all set to making the morning brighter than ever, especially for Malaysians that are currently working from home. The country’s largest halal-certified white coffee cafe chain brings attractive deals, exciting contests and games plus sumptuous coffee flavours online on its official store on Shopee, in conjunction with the e-commerce platform’s 11.11 Big Sale running now till 11 November. 

Products like the OLDTOWN White Coffee Hazelnut RTD Can will go on Shocking Sale, its original price slashed to RM0.11 on 11 November from 12AM to 2AM! Exclusive 11.11 discounts also include up to 30% off on Malaysian favourites like the OLDTOWN White Coffee 3 in 1 Classic and the OLDTOWN Nan Yang White KOPI O. 

Adding to the excitement, from now till 11 December, users stand a chance to win weekly vouchers and exciting prizes when taking part in games. Shopee Mobile App users can play the Spin and Win game brought to you by the OLDTOWN White Coffee Shopee Flagship Store and win eye-catching voucher prizes worth up to RM50. All Shopee users earn one free token to spin every day. This token is refreshed at 12AM daily. Share the game to earn an extra chance to spin, with up to three extra chances per day! Shoppers can look for the Spin & Win game by scrolling to the ‘Shop’ tab when visiting the OLDTOWN White Coffee store on Shopee. 

The OLDTOWN Kopi Catch meanwhile is a fun mini game where shoppers can race to collect the most coffee beans, caramel bits or hazelnuts within 30 seconds. The top 10 players with the highest cumulative points after four weeks will be taking home a RM50 Shopee voucher each!

OLDTOWN fans can also look forward to enjoying the deliciously dark and creamy, online exclusive OLDTOWN White Coffee Dark Roast which can be purchased on the brand’s Shopee store. Available in Original and Hazelnut variants, it is made from dark coffee beans roasted at high temperature; it is less acidic and sweet with a smoky bittersweet note at the first sip. Simply satisfying.

The OLDTOWN store on Shopee is home to an extensive list of flavours from the brand’s line of instant coffee and milk tea mix. This includes the rich OLDTOWN White Coffee Classic, the uniquely local OLDTOWN Milk Tea Teh Tarik and also the perfectly balanced OLDTOWN Nan Yang White KOPI O.

For smoother checkouts throughout the campaign, users should top up their ShopeePay accounts so they do not miss OLDTOWN’s limited time deals or products in fast sellouts.

Has it been mentioned that there is an Ultimate ASMR White Coffee Experience video by OLDTOWN on YouTube? Don’t worry, we will not spoil it for you if you have not seen it yet. Watch it here - You’re welcome!

Enjoy the The Perfect Sip Crafted by OLDTOWN White Coffee on Shopee by visiting

Monday, 9 November 2020

Kudapan Buah Epal

11/09/2020 05:38:00 pm 6 Comments
Perkongsian kisah di pejabat hari ini. Menu kudapan atau snacking sambil-menyambil buat kerja... menunya buah epal merah. Mia potong kecil-kecil supaya senang dimakan.
Buat alas perut di kala menunggu waktu makan tengahari dan juga kudapan petang. Jadilah kan... yang penting perut kita happy....

** office hour....

Koleksi Bedak Sejuk

11/09/2020 10:56:00 am 8 Comments
Hmmm.. baru je Mia restock bedak-bedak sejuk yang Mia sekeluarga guna. Beli online kat Shopee dan poskan ke rumah family Mia di Parit Raja. Sampai hari Jumaat lepas.
Koleksi bedak sejuk kami sekeluarga. Bedak sejuk homemade yang jenis biasa, aloe vera dan vitamin C. Yang selalu pakai.. bedak sejuk Flower tu jenis biasa.

Suka sangat dengan aktiviti tepek kat muka berjemaah dengan adik-adik. Selalu buat waktu petang atau malam bila Mia balik kampung di hujung minggu. Rasa sejuk dan tenang.

** family hour...