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Friday, 30 July 2010

Follower Bertuah Yang Ke 999

7/30/2010 10:35:00 am 10 Comments

Hmmm... mari kita tengok siapa yang kena!!! Follower Mia yang ke 999 jatuh kepada Mikro Kokus. Tahniah Mia ucapkan.

Mia telah pun menghubungi Kokus bagi penghantaran hadiah. Alhamdulillah, beliau sudi memberikan butiran maklumat yang diperlukan serta bersetuju akan menghantar gambar serta hadiah yang bakal diterima kepada Mia.

Kepada follower-follower yang lain, Mia nak ucapkan jutaan terima kasih kerana sudi nak follow blog Mia yang tak seberapa ini. Mana tahu... anda juga akan bernasib baik di masa-masa yang akan datang.

Apa-apa pun senyum-senyumlah selalu ketika melayari blog ini.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Final Exam For Semester May 2010

7/28/2010 12:00:00 pm 12 Comments
Oh.. dear. how suddenly August will going to appear next week. Thinking on how am I going to struggle for my study. Final exam sounds scary to me. Concentrate in study is important to me right now. Previously what I did, I just read the book/notes without any sense of feeling. 

For this semester I had 4 subjects for final exam. Not really prepare for it but have to face it.

Subject Operating System is a repeat subject. Hopefully I can improve the grade. Just attend the final exam only. Last time on September 2009 semester, I couldn't concentrate on this subject after gave birth to Sofea. I got B- for this subject while the other 2 subjects got A (Data Structure) and A- (System Analysis & Design).

To be noted that this semester is very challenging to me. My work a bit busy nowadays. Plus Sofea now learning to walk and talk. Hopefully I can manage my time to study. Although time is limited but still I have to make it enough for me to do everything. Think and be positive. Motivate myself for any problem I faced.

Exam Dates :
Sunday 15 August 2010
Monday 16 August 2010
Monday 23 August 2010
Tuesday 24 August 2010

My schedule right now change to exam mode. Everyday I should spend 2 hours for study. Anything.. could be reading, understanding, memorizing, making short notes, surf information in the net, watch English movie and news and so on.

As you can see, the most big challenge for adult learners like me is time. Followed by family and work matters. That is why some of us could possibly will not finish our study. So, for full time students, I hope you should not waste your time and please make full use of it by studying smart for your own benefit in the future.

p/s: Don't simply look down on adult learners. I really respect them as they can manage their responsibility properly. For others, good luck for your final exam. Don't be stressed.

Monday, 26 July 2010

South Afrikan Delegates Visit Tour After 7th International Pineapple Symposium 2010 - Part 3

7/26/2010 11:37:00 pm 8 Comments

Final entry for this marvelous visit tour. Continue from previous entry - Part 2

After filled in our stomach, we continued our tour to Simpang Renggam. Along the way, we dropped by at fruit stall since the delegates insisted to eat the King of Fruit, Durian. They tasted the Durian and said the taste was same like Custard Apple from their country. We suggested them to drink plain water after that ... if not would become .. hot.. hot... hot... Hope they will remember this moment!

Finally, we arrived at our last destination... Peninsula Plantation Sdn Bhd at Simpang Renggam Pineapple Estate which covers about 2666.9 hectares. The delegates were so excited to be there.

Hmmm...oh dear. We didn't realize how suddenly we have to end our visit tour. We will be missing you. Hope you will never forget the precious moment that we had spent together. Do keep in touch... Waka waka. Come and visit us again here...

p/s: Thanks for the South Afrikan Songs CD. The songs are so unique and pleasant to be listened.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

South Afrikan Delegates Visit Tour After 7th International Pineapple Symposium 2010 - Part 2

7/24/2010 08:24:00 pm 11 Comments
Continue from previous entry - Part 1

So, what do you think where we go after that? For sure, we went to see the history of pineapple in Malaysia at Pineapple Museum. Nice place to bring tourist. Located at Jalan Johor, Pontian.

Here, the staff of museum did some demonstration on how to get the pineapple fiber. The South Afrikan Delegates had a look at it and feel the strong fiber. Can make rope too, do you know that?

Opppss! Stomach now aching. So need to find nice place for our beloved delegates to have their lunch. So.... we had our lunch at Tanjung Piai Resort located at the southernmost tip of Peninsula Malaysia. Builts on stilts, a reminescent of old fishing village and surrounded by one of the largest mangrove swampland. The place was so nice.

Not too worry... will be continued - Part 3

Thursday, 22 July 2010

South Afrikan Delegates Visit Tour After 7th International Pineapple Symposium 2010 - Part 1

7/22/2010 05:21:00 pm 12 Comments

Friday, 16 July 2010. Early in the morning I arrived at the office. 2 vans waiting for us. One Toyota Hiace and another one Nissan Serena. Hmmmm... what a lovely day, that day. All of us were 6 people from different department were selected to escort and translate for this 6 South Afrikan Delegates. Me, Hajar, Diana, Kak Haini, En. Nazri and En Khalid having this great task for the whole day.

At first, we went to Tropical Inn Hotel to fetch them and headed to NS Food manufacturing and Trading, an entrepreneur under LPNM located at JB Industrial Park, Skudai, Johor Bahru. Puan Noraini, the owner, gave her warm welcome to us. She was so proud to have us. Apart from that the delegates had been explained and given information about her involvement in pineapple sauce maker commercially. We had a nice spaghetti for our breakfast and other dish using pineapple sauce. So delicious...

Next destination, we went to the House of Pine located at Taman Pulai Perdana, Skudai, Johor Bahru. An outlet that sell all types of pineapple products. We been served pineapple coffee, pineapple chocolate and pineapple juice drink plus pineapple fiber biscuit for our refreshment. I love to drink pineapple chocolate the most. So sweet. The owner, Hj Amir shared his experience in pineapple products industry.

Hmmm lots of thing to let you know.... Opppss! Still not finish yet. Will be continued in Part 2.

p/s: So precious memory... Really love it...