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Saturday, 30 May 2020

The Function of Vitamins and Minerals

5/30/2020 09:05:00 pm 3 Comments

Vitamin A
Good for eyes, teeth and skin

Vitamin B
Good for immune function, iron absorption and energy production

Vitamin C
Good for strengthening blood vessels, skin elasticity, anti-oxidant function and iron absorption

Vitamin D
Good for strong, healthy bones

Vitamin E
Good protection from free radicals and improves blood circulation

Vitamin K
Good for blood coagulation

Folic Acid
Good for cell renewal and preventing birth defects in pregnancy

Good for healthy teeth and bones

Builds muscle naturally and maintains healthy blood

Good for fertility, immunity and growth

Good for glucose function and sustained energy

Quote Of The Day (849)

5/30/2020 12:34:00 pm 2 Comments

When people make you feel unwanted, don't leave to make them feel sad or guilty, they won't. Leave because you no longer have a reason to stay.

Sometimes you have to be strong for yourself.

What is meant to be will end up good and what is not - won't.

Love is worth fighting for, but sometimes you can't be the only one fighting.

At times, people need to fight for you.

If they don't you just have to move on and realize what you gave them was more than they were willing to give you.

Friday, 29 May 2020

You Cannot Move On Until You Accept This

5/29/2020 06:06:00 pm 2 Comments

01. You will not receive closure in every situation, but you can create it for yourself

02. Most of what other people do is about them, not you

03. Some things cannot be explained

04. Some people won't apologize because they can't

05. You cannot change people, no matter how much you think they need to change. People change themselves.

Thursday, 28 May 2020

Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Segmen Hari Raya by Ummi

5/26/2020 01:32:00 pm 7 Comments

Mia join segmen raya ini. Nak jemput blogger-blogger lain untuk join sama.

Hadiahnya sangat menarik.  Jom tengok... zasss...

1 x pemenang
Duit raya RM5 + Produk kopi 3 in 1 haco swiss

2 x pemenang
Duit raya RM5 + Produk Caramel Latte Starbucks

3 x pemenang
Duit raya RM5

Segmen berlangsung sehingga 9 Jun 2020.

** sesi support rakan blogger...

Monday, 25 May 2020

10 Petua Ceria oleh Dato' Dr. Hj. Mohd Fadzilah Kamsah

5/25/2020 02:44:00 pm 2 Comments

01. Dirikan solat dan banyakkan berdoa

02. Programkan minda dan cuci minda setiap hari

03. Selawat ke atas Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. paling minima 100 kali sebelum tidur

04. Selalu mengerjakan solat sunat taubat

05. Selalu mengamalkan membaca Al-Quran

06. Bermaaf-maafan sesama rakan setiap hari

07. Bisikan kepada diri perkara yang positif

08. Cuba melakukan puasa sunat

09. Sering ingat kematian itu boleh berlkau pada bila-bila sahaja

10. Jaga pancaindera dari mendengar, melihat atau bercakap perkara yang tidak bermanfaat

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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Olay Celebrates The Launch Of Olay Retinol24 With Its First Virtual Event

5/19/2020 03:33:00 pm 1 Comments
The brand marks a significant milestone into transformative skincare with a live Instagram event, in conversation with leading Olay scientist

Malaysia, 19 May 2020 – Leading skincare brand Olay paves the way to transformative skincare with its inaugural virtual event taking place on 27 May at 8 pm on Instagram Live - Olay Retinol24 in conversation with David Khoo and Alexis Sue-Ann. Hosted by Olay Principal Scientist David Khoo and emcee, model and Miss World Malaysia 2019 Alexis Sue-Ann, the 45-minute session is in celebration of the brand’s newly launched revolutionary collection Olay Retinol24. Offering an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek, consumers will discover science secrets and tips on how to amp up their night-time skincare regime to achieve plumper, younger-looking skin– perfect for those sleepless nights.

According to a national sleep survey done by Nielsen Malaysia in 2019, 9 out of 10 Malaysians suffer from one or more sleep problems and 47 per cent believe that lack of sleep can cause beauty or skin problems. Stress was the main reason keeping people up at night, while other factors include sleeping environment, distraction from entertainment such as television and social media, health conditions or drinking caffeinated drinks close to bedtime.

With this in mind, Olay understands to rising concerns of looking fatigued. Developed for the time-pressed millennial, Olay Retinol24’s innovative proprietary Retinoid complex keeps skin hydrated for 24 hours and gives visible skin transformation in 28 days. The best part? It does not need to be layered in a regimen, ideal those prone to staying up late while having absolute assurance in looking radiant.

In partnership with Watsons Malaysia, the live stream event will offer consumers an exclusive behind-the-scenes peek into the Olay Retinol24 range. Conversation touchpoints include; science skincare secrets and tips, an educational insider look into an Olay Retinol24 skincare routine and discover how to achieve inner and outer confidence by addressing tired skin from sleepless nights. The session will end with a live Q&A to answer all of your burning skincare questions. Olay Retinol24’s virtual event will also feature two other guest speakers – Josephine Yap and Nadiyah Shabah.

“Gone are days of complex 10-step regimens, it has become clear that millennials are looking for quick and effective solutions in their skincare, and Olay Retinol24 aims to help them streamline their night-time routine. Retinol products have gained a reputation for being harsh on the skin, but that is simply a blanket answer that does not apply to every formula. With this live-stream, we hope to educate consumers about Olay Retinol24’s unique blend that sets it apart from other products as its active ingredients and bioavailability culminate in better absorption, for a speedy and potent night-time regime,” says Mr David Khoo, Principal Scientist and Global Scientific Communications Leader for Olay.  

Alexis added, “We hope to give women the Olay Retinol24 tools and secrets during the live-stream event to help them feel empowered every day. Confidence is the ability to understand your weaknesses and work towards changing them, while embracing your strengths – without comparing yourself to others whenever you walk into a room.”


To commemorate its first virtual event, Olay will be offering three lucky attendees the chance to win one full set of the Olay Retinol24 range (UP:MYR329.70) for them to start their restorative journey to plump and bouncy skin. On top of that, customers will be able to get RM5 discount on any Olay Retinol24 products purchased on by using “OLAYFORME” (MAY 22nd – June 14th 2020). Limited to first 1000 redemptions.

Product Factsheet – Olay Retinol24

Product Prices:
  • Olay Regenerist 24 Night Serum (RRP MYR109.90)
  • Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Moisturiser (RRP MYR109.90)
  • Olay Regenerist Retinol24 Night Eye Cream (RRP MYR109.90)

All Watsons outlets and online, Shopee

Monday, 18 May 2020

Tips For Dealing With A Messy Bedroom

5/18/2020 10:11:00 am 1 Comments

01. Start With Your Bed

Making the bed is the easiest thing you can do first and makes your room notably tidier.

02. Tidy Your Surfaces

Conquering your room surface by surface will feel less overwhelming.

03. Organize Your Laundry
Getting rid of what needs washed will take a load off your mind and your 

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Saturday, 16 May 2020

Kata-Kata Madah (378)

5/16/2020 09:32:00 pm 3 Comments

Andai bahagia boleh dibeli
sudah pasti orang kaya
yang paling bahagia

Andai bahagia itu datang dari
banyaknya ilmu, sudah pasti
cikgu-cikgu yang paling bahagia

Tapi hakikatnya
bahagia itu datang dari hati
yang sejahtera dan syukur

Friday, 15 May 2020

WCT Malls offers ‘Purchase & Pick-Up’ service at Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya & Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru

5/15/2020 03:21:00 pm 0 Comments
Johor Bahru, 15 May 2020 – Shoppers of Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya (PMPJ) and Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru (PMJB) can now shop in comfort and convenience as WCT Malls introduces the ‘Purchase & Pick-Up’ service that allows customers to purchase essential and non-essential items online and then later pick them up from designated spots within the Malls.

WCT Malls ‘Purchase & Pick-Up’ service aims to enhance customer experience through integrated online-to-offline shopping as well as provide shoppers with an easy and convenient alternative to collect their purchases, while practicing social distancing and avoiding queues in view of the current conditional movement control order (CMCO).

Selena Chua, Chief Executive Officer of WCT Malls Management said, “We are delighted to launch the ‘Purchase & Pick-Up’ service at WCT Malls. Through introducing this service, we can facilitate social distancing while able to meet our shoppers’ needs. The rise of online-to-offline retailing is rapidly changing the current retail landscape, and at WCT Malls, we are constantly exploring new ways to provide enhanced and seamless shopping experiences for our shoppers and for our retailer partners to increase their consumer touchpoints.”

How the Purchase & Pick-Up Service Works?

Step 1- Browse the page:  Customers can browse through the PMPJ’s and PMJB’s Facebook pages to check the names of the participating stores.

Step 2- Place your order: Shoppers can click on the links, which will direct them to the selected retailer/brand website or Facebook page. Customers can communicate directly with the selected retailer/brand on the items to purchase, payment terms and date/time of collection.

Step 3- Collect your purchase: Shoppers will have to drive-through the designated pick-up points at the scheduled date and time to collect their items from the store representative. A ten-minute grace period will be provided to shoppers to pick-up the items, post that the customer will have to collect their purchase directly from the respective shops within the malls.

The pickup services are available seven days a week from 12:00 PM-5:00 PM and the designated pick-up points for Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya is the Level G entrance near Starbucks, while for Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru is the Level G entrance near Uniqlo.

Besides the ‘Purchase & Pick-Up’ service, WCT Malls is also offering parking promotions for their loyal shoppers.

Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya

Time: 11:00 AM- 9:00PM

Promotion date: 15th May- 31st August, 2020

Mall visitors can park their vehicles for free for the first hour on weekdays (Monday- Friday) followed by a minimum charge of RM1 for every subsequent hour, whereas on weekends (Saturday – Sunday, including Public Holiday) there will be a flat parking fee of RM1. *Terms & conditions apply

Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru

Time: 9:00 AM- 8:00 PM

Promotion date: 4th May- 9th June, 2020

Shoppers can enjoy free parking for three hours on weekdays (Monday-Thursday) with a minimum spend of RM10 and on weekends (Friday to Sunday, including public holiday) with a minimum spend of RM60. WCT Buddy members only need to spend RM30 to enjoy the offer. *Terms & conditions apply

In conjunction with the Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations, WCT Malls is offering exclusive rewards to WCT Buddy Members.

Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru, Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya & gateway@klia2

Campaign Name: Give Me 5, It’s Raya Time

Promotion date: 15th May- 28th May 2020

WCT Buddy members will be rewarded 5x WCT Buddy points for purchases made at PMPJ, PMJB and gateway@klia2. *Terms & conditions apply

Additionally, all F&B establishments in PMPJ, PMJB, gateway@klia2 and SkyPark Terminal will be opened to customers for dine-in, adhering strictly with the SOPs set by the authorities under the CMCO. All F&B outlets will follow the guidelines imposed, including ensuring table distancing of two-metre as well as registration of customer contacts to enable contact tracing.

For more information about the activities and promotions, kindly visit the malls:


Paradigm PJ:

Paradigm JB:


SkyPark Terminal:

Thursday, 14 May 2020

F&NHB Bantu 10,000 Keluarga, Barisan Hadapan & Golongan Kurang Bernasib Baik Ramadan Ini

5/14/2020 05:54:00 pm 0 Comments
Kuala Lumpur - Ramadan adalah simbolik bulan penuh kebaikan, mengejar pahala dan melakukan amal kebaijkan. Oleh itu Fraser & Neave Holdings Bhd (F&NHB), menerusi jenama ikoniknya 100PLUS - minuman isotonik No. 1 di Malaysia, akan menyumbangkan satu juta barangan produk dan barangan keperluan kepada barisan hadapan negarakeluarga dan individu yang kurang bernasib baik melalui kempen 'Tabahkan Hatimu, Sinarkan Ramadanmu'. F&NHB juga akan memberi bantuan kepada 10,000 keluarga daripada golongan B40 di seluruh Malaysia termasuk Sabah dan Sarawak sepanjang bulan mulia ini.

Melalui program ini, lebih 500,000 produk F&N termasuk minuman 100PLUS dan kotak makanan khas disalurkan kepada barisan hadapan di hospital, balai polis dan balai bomba untuk mereka berbuka puasa bagi memastikan mereka kekal hidrat dan bertenaga semasa melaksanakan tugas mereka. F&NHB telah bekerjasama dengan usahawan makanan tempatan bagi memastikan mereka mendapat sokongan bagi menjana pendapatan dan seterusnya mengekalkan perniagaan mereka di saat getir ini.

F&NHB juga akan mengedarkan bantuan makanan kering seperti beras, minyak masak, tepung, gandum berserta produknya seperti minuman isotonik 100PLUS, Teh dan Susu Soya F&N SEASONS, Susu UHT F&N Magnolia dan Tin Susu F&N kepada lebih 10,000 keluarga termasuk mereka yang tiada tempat tinggal, rumah jagaan anak yatim dan orang tua. Selain daripada itu, F&NHB juga akan mengedarkan keperluan penting yang lain seperti topeng muka, cecair sanitasi tangan dan lampin dewasa kepada yang memerlukan.

Pengerusi F&NHB, Tengku Syed Badarudin Jamalullail berkata, “Tahun ini, kita harus tabah dan kuat menyambut Ramadan dalam situasi yang diuji virus COVID-19 yang melanda seluruh negara dan juga dunia. Program “Tabahkan Hatimu, Sinarkan Ramadanmu” mensasarkan untuk berkongsi rezeki, kegembiraan dan keberkatan Ramadan bersama komuniti yang kurang bernasib baik dan juga wira dan wirawati negara yang berpenat lelah setiap masa dalam memastikan keselamatan negara ketika krisis ini.

“Kami juga ingin memberi penghargaan kepada wira dan wirawati barisan hadapan di atas usaha keras, dedikasi dan pengorbanan mereka bagi melawan COVID-19 demi keselamatan dan kesejahteraan negara. Kami berharap sumbangan kami dapat meringankan beban dan serba sedikit mereka dapat merasai nikmat juadah panas ketika berbuka puasa,” kata Tengku Syed Badarudin.

Memandangkan sambutan Ramadan dan Hari Raya tahun ini berbeza daripada sebelumnya, F&NHB menawarkan pakej khas rangkaian produknya di F&N Life, kedai dalam talian yang memberikan lebih faedah kepada rakyat Malaysia. Kini, mereka boleh masak sajian kegemaran yang dulunya boleh dibeli di Bazaar Ramadan dan menikmatinya dengan selesa di rumah sendiri.

Tambah Tengku Syed Badarudin lagi, “F&NHB ingin menyebarkan mesej kebaikan kepada rakyat Malaysia, agar di bulan ini kita dapat bangkit dengan penuh ketabahan, harapan dan kegembiraan dalam menangani krisis ini bersama.”

Sejak tercetusnya wabak COVID-19 di Malaysia, F&NHB telah menyumbangkan lebih 200,000 barangan produk bagi menyokong komuniti yang terkesan akibat krisis ini dan memastikan barisan hadapan negara sentiasa hidrat dan bertenaga – di Semenanjung dan Malaysia Timur.

F&N amat sinonim dengan musim perayaan di Malaysia kerana produknya bukan sahaja popular dengan jamuan dan keraian sepanjang tahun, tetapi ia juga mengembalikan nostalgia. Program 'Tabahkan Hatimu, Sinarkan Ramadanmu' adalah sebahagian daripada inisiatif tahunan F&NHB semasa bulan Ramadan yang telah dilaksanakan sejak tahun 2004.

Usaha murni ini bertujuan untuk membantu golongan kurang bernasib baik agar mereka dapat merasai kenikmatan Ramadan dan dalam masa yang sama mengeratkan ikatan silaturrahim rakyat Malaysia dari pelbagai budaya dan peringkat masyarakat.

Tuesday, 12 May 2020

Lama Tak Pergi Gym

5/12/2020 04:01:00 pm 2 Comments
Sejak musim PKP dan PKPB sekarang ini, terasa dah lama Mia tak pergi gym untuk aktiviti riadah dan exercise. Gym ditutup. Rindunya.

Duduk di rumah, ada juga buat exercise zumba dan senaman ringan. Asalkan keluar peluh, jadi lah. 

Bukan apa. Rasa risau... kesihatan perlu dijaga dengan usia yang bukan semakin muda ini.

** kekal sihat dan cergas di rumah...

Monday, 11 May 2020

Things That Can Worsen Your Anxiety

5/11/2020 12:32:00 pm 1 Comments

01. Irregular sleep

02. Repressing your anxiety

03. Reading a lot of negative news

04. Stress and conflict

05. Caffeine

06. Isolating yourself

07. Eating too much sugar

08. Saying YES to too many things

09. Drugs, alcohol and smoking

10. Skipping meals

11. Too much social media

Sunday, 10 May 2020

Saturday, 9 May 2020


5/09/2020 04:11:00 am 10 Comments

Pagi ini baru nak join Segmen dari blogger Ejulz. Wah... ramai sponsor. Tahniah. Sesiapa yang nak join, sila klik banner di atas.

Di kesempatan ini Mia nak sampaikan jutaan terima kasih buat semua frontliners Covid-19 di Malaysia ini yang bekerja bertungkus-lumus menangani wabak Covid-19 tanpa mengira tenaga dan pengorbanan yang disumbangkan bagi memastikan negara kita bebas dari Covid-19. Terima kasih buat semua hero frontliners kita. Moga mereka semua selamat dan sihat semasa menjalankan tugas. Amin....

Segmen tutup pada 31 Mei 2020.

** sesi support rakan blogger....

Friday, 8 May 2020

Antabax Ganding Bahu Bersama MYDIN Kutip Dana Amal

5/08/2020 10:00:00 pm 3 Comments
Shah Alam, 8 Mei 2020 – Antabax, jenama produk penjagaan diri antibakteria Halal No. 1 di Malaysia, akan menyertai program Tanggungjawab Sosial Korporat MYDIN, MYDIN Prihatin: Zahirkan Kesyukuran, Semarakkan Keriangan 2020.

Dalam kutipan dana yang berlangsung dari 13 April hingga 21 Jun 2020 ini, sebanyak RM0.10 daripada setiap hasil jualan semua produk Antabax dari setiap cawangan MYDIN di seluruh negara akan disalurkan kepada penyediaan keperluan asas bagi golongan asnaf (kumpulan penerima zakat) serta rumah anak yatim yang berdaftar dengan Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat.

Antabax merupakan antara 5 jenama yang mengambil bahagian dalam edisi kedua program amal pengumpulan dana MYDIN Prihatin. Sempena ulangtahun ke-63 MYDIN pada bulan Ogos ini, serta musim persediaan Kembali ke Sekolah pada bulan Disember, hasil kutipan dana tahun ini akan didermakan kepada golongan keluarga kurang bernasib baik, rumah anak yatim dan rumah jagaan orang tua.

Wabak Covid-19 nyata telah menjejaskan ekonomi di seluruh dunia. Antara yang paling terkesan adalah mereka yang berisiko tinggi terutamanya golongan kurang bernasib baik.

Dalam mengekang penularan, orang ramai disarankan agar kerap mencuci tangan menggunakan sabun dan air, menggunakan cecair disinfektan serta mandi sebaik pulang dari kawasan yang sesak. Produk Antabax seperti krim mandian, sabun tangan, sabun mandi, penyembur dan gel disinfektan, serta tisu lembap antibakteria yang menawarkan perlindungan 24 jam daripada 99.9% kuman berbahaya, boleh didapati di cawangan MYDIN di seluruh negara. Semua produk Antabax disahkan Halal dan boleh digunakan dengan yakin oleh pengguna Muslim.

“Wabak Covid-19 telah menyaksikan peningkatan permintaan produk Antabax ekoran saranan pencucian tangan dan permukaan serta mandian yang kerap bagi mengekang penularan. Sebagai warga korporat yang prihatin, kami ingin membantu komuniti yang memerlukan ketika ini,” jelas Francis Ng, Pengurus Besar Kanan Antabax.

“Sebagai satu jenama kebanggaan Malaysia, Antabax memahami cabaran yang dihadapi masyarakat tempatan. Dalam waktu yang sukar ini, kita perlu menghayati semangat #KitaJagaKita dan menghulurkan bantuan. Kami berbangga dapat bekerjasama dengan MYDIN dalam usaha membantu mereka yang lebih memerlukan,” tambah beliau.

Melalui program MYDIN Prihatin yang pertama pada tahun 2019, Antabax telah menyumbang sekitar RM18,000 kepada 14 buah rumah kebajikan di seluruh negara.

“Kami amat menghargai sokongan Antabax dalam menyertai usaha yang mulia ini bagi membantu golongan kurang bernasib baik. Usaha MYDIN Prihatin yang sebelum ini telah berjaya mengumpul lebih daripada RM150,000 untuk amal jariah. Kami berharap agar dapat mendatangkan lebih kegembiraan tahun ini, terutamanya pada waktu yang sukar ini,” jelas Datuk Wira (Dr.) Hj Ameer Ali Mydin, Pengarah Urusan Mydin Mohamed Holdings Berhad.

“Sumbangan berbentuk tunai serta barangan kini jauh berkurangan sejak bermulanya wabak Covid-19 berikutan kesukaran yang dihadapi semua orang. Kami menghargai usaha MYDIN Prihatin dan sokongan yang kami terima dari Antabax. Bagi kami sumbangan ini sangat membantu, dan kami berasa bersyukur,” ujar seorang wakil pertubuhan bukan kerajaan (NGO).

Sertai komuniti Antabax dan ketahui lebih lanjut mengenai kempen dan inisiatif terkini dengan melayari laman Facebook rasmi Antabax di atau @antabax di Instagram.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

4 Simple Ideas To Stay Active & Keep Your Car Ready For The Road In The New Normal

5/06/2020 04:04:00 pm 4 Comments
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia – We’re now coming to about two months of staying at and working from home. This means that we have been spending a lot more time being home with commutes out of the house being kept to a minimal. 

By being at home more, it is also easy for us to fall into sedentary habits. Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Malaysia (Bosch AA) shares four simple ideas to make the best use of our time at home by staying active while maintaining our cars in the best condition possible and clean to ensure that our cars are safe to make essential trips during this time as well as be ready for the road when we start commuting freely in the new normal. 

Exercise by washing your car inside-out 
Being confined at home doesn’t mean you don’t get any physical activity in. Get some exercise by giving your car a good wash inside and out by cleaning, vacuuming and disinfecting. 

Remember that we use our cars to get our essentials and it is easy to overlook that cars receive the most human contact. Hence, it is even more important now to wash and clean it to protect ourselves and our loved ones. 

It is highly recommended to use disinfectant wipes or solutions to wipe down the interior especially the door handles, steering wheel, radio, AC buttons; places you are in constant contact with.

Staying at home = flattening the curve + (maybe) a flat car battery 
Minimizing human contact and practicing social distancing by being at home has not only successfully flattened the curve in Malaysia but may have also caused a flat car battery due to the reduced need and use of our cars. However, letting your car battery go idle, can potentially shorten its lifespan.  

Fret not, Bosch C7 battery charger comes in handy when you have an exhausted car battery. It keeps your car battery active and helps maintain your battery at ready-for-the-road condition so you have one less thing to worry about your car when the situation goes back to the new normal and we start commuting with our cars a lot more. If you’re unsure on whether your car battery is weak, check out this video to learn the signs. 

Exercise peace of mind with shopping therapy 
Staying home for an extended period of time can be a tough endeavor for most people. For shopaholics, it’s a bigger pain. At times like these, perhaps what you need is some retail therapy. Thanks to e-commerce, shopping can be done online and the goods delivered right to your doorstep! 

Take this opportunity to check on the wear and tear of your car parts and shop for new ones if they are worn out. With the on-going rainy season, we suggest shopping for a reliable pair of wipers as clear visibility is crucial when driving in the rain. Besides having a clear vision, a good cabin filter is equally important to ensure clean air in your car cabin as well as prevent your windshield and windows from fogging up inside the car. You can easily get them on Shopee -

Disinfect your baby car seat
Since our cars receive the most human contact from essential trips, remember to disinfect the baby car seat and ensure that it is clean and sanitized. 

Use warm water and mild soap that is baby-friendly to wipe down the harness, frame and buckles. Then, with a clean cloth remove any soap residue followed by a disinfectant wipe. Wash the covers if they are washing machine friendly but avoid using a dryer as it can compromise the shape of the covers! 

You can check out this video on some simple How-Tos in maintaining and cleaning a child car seat done by Bosch AA in collaboration with Sweet Heart Paris. 

Let’s make good use of our time at home by being more productive and by doing our part in keeping our cars clean and well maintained. This is so when we are able to freely drive on our roads, our cars will give us a safe and smooth drive.

Tuesday, 5 May 2020

WCT Malls Reopens All Its Malls In Malaysia From 4 May 2020

5/05/2020 09:42:00 pm 3 Comments
Johor Bahru, 4 May 2020 – In light of the Prime Minister’s announcement on May 1, 2020, concerning the implementation of a conditional movement control order (“MCO”), WCT Malls, the property investment and management division of WCT Holdings Berhad will resume operations for the malls under its management, namely Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya (PMPJ), Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru (PMJB), gateway@klia2 and Skypark Terminal, daily from May 4, 2020. 

In line with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) issued by the relevant local authorities, visitors visiting WCT Malls will undergo a mandatory screening process that examines their temperatures. Shoppers are also required to wear face masks and maintain social distancing of at least one metre apart to help preserve public health.

Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya

The Malls have also undertaken several precautionary measures to ensure the health and safety of the shoppers, tenants, vendors and staff. High-touch areas such as food court tables, escalators, doorknobs and electronic directories will be sanitised every two hours. Shoppers will also have access to hand sanitisers that are made available at all concierge counters and other locations throughout the malls. 

Selena Chua, Chief Executive Officer of WCT Malls Management said, “We look forward to welcoming our shoppers in our malls. We are keen to serve our patrons again and provide them with the necessary services while enforcing social distancing. The safety and well-being of our patrons are of paramount importance. We at WCT Malls will continue to practice good hygiene and maintain daily sanitation among other proactive health measures to ensure a safe environment for our shoppers, tenants, vendors and staff.”

Additionally, all stores within WCT Malls will be open at 30 percent capacity and will limit the number of visitors allowed inside the respective retail shops.

Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru

Only F&B establishments in Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru will be open to customers for dine-in, adhering strictly with the SOPs set by the authorities under the conditional MCO. These SOPs include ensuring table distancing of two-metre as well as registration of customer contacts to enable contact tracing.

However, all WCT Malls will continue offering take-away and food-delivery services.

Shoppers are also encouraged to use cashless payments such as e-wallets, credit and debit cards to further minimise human contact.

As a gesture to welcome our shoppers, PMPJ will be running a ‘Welcome Back Gift Giveaway’ campaign from May 4-21, 2020. Shoppers who spend RM200 and above in a maximum combination of three receipts will be able to redeem a cash voucher worth RM20.*Terms & conditions apply, first come first serve basis.

The Paradigm Mall Petaling Jaya will be open to shoppers from 11:00 AM – 8:00 PM, Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru will be functional from 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM, gateway@klia2 will be open to the public between 10:00 AM- 10:00 PM, while Skypark Terminal will be operational from 8:00 AM- 8:00 PM.

Gyms, cinemas, prayer rooms, public seating areas, and other entertainment venues across WCT Malls will continue to remain closed.


Paradigm PJ:
Paradigm JB:
Skypark Terminal:

Monday, 4 May 2020