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Segmen Bloglist 2020 by Cik Miela

4/29/2020 10:06:00 am 12 Comments

Mia join segmen Cik Miela hari ini. Pada yang berminat nak join, sila klik banner di atas.

10 x bloglist selama 3 BULAN (dipilih secara random)

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(dipilih peserta paling aktif)

Segmen berlangsung sehingga 15/5/2020

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Keeping Spirits And Creativity High During MCO With Aku Takut Rona

4/29/2020 04:08:00 am 3 Comments
While the world and we Malaysians are under lockdown to fight the pandemic we are facing, some Malaysian resort to numerous activity to keep their heads held high to endure the Movement Control Order. Some try their hands in cooking, baking, up keeping or starting a fit and healthy lifestyle and some to creating positive vibe through music. 

Thrillhoodz Rydahz, a Malaysian Hip-hop Rap group, created Aku Takut Rona, not just to pass the time, but to emphasize the importance of fighting the COVID-19 by wearing a mask, social distancing and staying at home. Inspired by all the ‘struggles’ of staying at home, the song is also a tribute to all our heroic front liners who are referred to in the song as our very own Marvel Avengers. Harivarmaa Perumal@ Hust, 31 and Muhammad Shafie Othman@ Young Caddy, 34 have been producing music together since 2015 and aim to make music that relates to everyone as well as to channel positivity. Aku Takut Rona started when Shafie  sent an instrumental with a hook out of boredom to Harivarmaa while scrolling through quarantine memes.

Their songs Tell Me Somethin’ and now Aku Takut Rona appeal to the younger generation with the objectives of entertaining their fans and getting social messages to the masses. The ‘Aku Takut Rona’ music video was launched on 18.4.2020 via  and Spotify (  and Youtube (  shared in Facebook ( and Instagram (@thrillhoodzrydahz) and since have gotten encouraging engagement in the social media platforms and people at home started their own challenges showing their creativity/talent such as dancing, drawing and even parody as the song played in the background. 

Do remember to check out Aku Takut Rona and support local music. For more information contact Harivarmaa aka Hust via or 010 2178331. 

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

How Exercise Affects Our Mental Health

4/28/2020 11:11:00 am 5 Comments
While much of the country and the world remains under quarantine or even a lockdown, there is an increasing emphasis on the importance of remaining physically active

In the United States, the stay-at-home orders are less strict than other parts of the world, and often still allow for exercising outdoors. 

Even if you can’t exercise outdoors, finding some physical activity you can do in your home is so important. Physical activity helps your immune system and can also help you combat some of the underlying conditions that tend to lead to more severe outcomes with covid-19, such as hypertension and obesity. 

If you’re not active, it can increase the likelihood of diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and it can also increase muscle stiffness or chronic pain. 

Physical activity is also critical for improving your mental health and well being. 

At a time when we’re all feeling unprecedented levels of stress, the importance of maintaining our mental health can’t be overstated.

The following are some things to know as far as how exercise affects our mental health. 


There are some studies that have found exercising can be as effective as a treatment for mild to moderate depression as some antidepressant medications. 

For example, a team at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found running 15 minutes a day or walking for an hour lowered the risk of major depression by 26%

If you are struggling to maintain your sobriety, which may be especially challenging right now, exercise can help in that area too.

When you exercise, it can reduce the inflammation in your brain and create new patterns of activity that help you feel calm and boost your sense of well-being. 

Exercise also releases endorphins that make you feel good. 

If you’re struggling with spending so much time at home right now, exercise can also create a sense of structure in your day and help you break out from a cycle of negative thoughts. 


Anxiety is an incredibly common condition among Americans.

Exercise can help you through the release of endorphins, and it can give you a boost of energy, mentally and physically. 

You can also integrate mindfulness into your exercise routine, which can help you combat your anxiety in two ways.

Other Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

Even if you don’t deal with a specific mental health condition like anxiety or depression, exercise can promote a better overall sense of well-being.

Some of the potential mental health benefits of exercise include:

  • Getting regular physical activity can help you fall asleep faster and also get more quality sleep. Sleep is vital to all areas of your health, and it can give your immune system a boost. 
  • When you have an exercise routine, it can improve your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. You’ll feel better about not just your outward appearance when you’re physically active and fit, but about your ability to achieve goals. 
  • Exercise can help to improve your cognitive abilities and your memory. This is because physical activity can stimulate your brain to make new cells and it can also prevent declines related to aging. 
  • If you find yourself struggling with physical and mental fatigue, try exercising more because it may help boost your energy. 

Something Is Better Than Nothing

Sometimes when it comes to working out, we can become burdened by the idea that if we’re not going all out then our efforts aren’t worth it, and that’s not true. Even exercising for short bursts of 5 to 10 minutes at a moderate intensity can do wonders for your mental and physical health. 

If you can start short and easy, it makes it mentally easier to begin a new routine. Then you can gradually work your way up as you’re ready. 

If you can find a way to exercise that you enjoy, it will also help you stick with it. Maybe that means that you do at-home workouts, or perhaps you find that you like walking or running outside. 

If you aren’t disciplined, make yourself accountable by involving other people. This might mean joining a group exercise class or boot camp or hiring a trainer. 

You can even find online group classes or personal training online right now, during the coronavirus pandemic. 

If you do one thing for yourself today or this week, try to make it incorporating physical activity into your daily routine. Your body and your mind will see benefits from doing so. 

Monday, 27 April 2020

Top 4 Easy To Use YouTube To Mp4 Converters

4/27/2020 07:50:00 am 6 Comments
YouTube provides us the plenty of videos of songs, movies, or any other field. People like to watch videos of their interest and this is the reason YouTube is the most famous site in the world, which people use for watching videos. But sometimes, people also want to download various videos from because they want to see them while being offline. YouTube to mp4 makes it easy for people to watch their favorite videos within no time and without the internet. The following are the four easiest converters, which people can use for downloading videos.

1) Any video converter:

This YouTube downloader is easy to use plus downloads videos efficiently. It not only downloads the videos from YouTube but also the other platforms like Face book, live leak, and Vimeo. You only have to download this converter and after that, the procedure of downloading the video is very simple. You have to paste the URL of the video in it, and then have to download the video. The design of this YouTube converter is also very user friendly.

2) A tube catcher:

This is a very authentic and one of the old YouTube mp4 downloader. This is also very easy to download and helps people in downloading and saving their required videos. Users also have the opportunity of selecting their desired format from this converter. Available formats on this converter are the following one, which are FLV (flash video), MPG and AVI. People can select the format of their choice.

3) 4k video downloader:

This converter also converts the videos from YouTube to mp4. The unique thing which makes it more likable from the rest of the converts is the absence of any ad in it. Plus this YouTube to mp4 converter also holds the capacity of downloading the long list of videos from the playlist; these videos can be up to the 24. But this converter when converts the video from YouTube to the format of mp4, then it provides few of the conversion types. After downloading, the video can be saved as MP4, MKV, and 3GP. And the audio becomes available in the format of the MP3, M4A, and OGG, and one can select the format of his choice. 

4) YTD video converter:

This YouTube mp4 converter also converts the videos from YouTube, Face book, daily motion, and various other platforms. This saves the video from YouTube to mp4. Its speed and quality of the videos make it the popular converter from YouTube to mp4. This video converter makes people download their needed video quickly and efficiently. Users have to download the web discover browser for the sake of downloading this converter. This is the only thing that may seem difficult for people, who want to use this converter, but the efficiency of it compensates for it. YouTube is a pool of the videos, but the availability of videos, without the internet is also a big facility for the people in the times when they do not have the facility of the internet.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Rendang : Cita Rasa Masakan Ibu di Rumah!

4/26/2020 03:30:00 pm 7 Comments
1 Syawal bakal tiba dan rendang sudah pasti akan menjadi antara juadah utama di hari raya nanti. Dimakan bersama nasi, ketupat, lemang atau roti, rendang merupakan hidangan daging bersantan yang kaya dengan rempah ratus. Ia dimasak perlahan dan dihidang sama ada dengan kuah pekat atau boleh juga dikeringkan. Bagi ramai rakyat Malaysia, rendang suatu juadah istimewa setara dengan masakan ibu di rumah.

Kepelbagaian Rasa dan Tekstur Rendang

Setiap negeri di Malaysia mempunyai versi rendangnya sendiri, umpamanya Perak dengan Rendang Tok, Kelantan dengan Kerutuk, Pahang dengan Opor dan Johor dengan Rendang Ayam Johor. Bukan itu sahaja, setiap keluarga juga mempunyai resipi istimewa masing-masing dalam membuat rendang.

Rendang Bagi Yang Baru Mencuba

Bagi yang baru hendak mencuba memasak rendang, apakah kaedah yang boleh anda gunakan untuk menghasilkan rendang yang pasti digemari keluarga dan rakan taulan?

Sebenarnya, apa yang membuatkan sesuatu rendang itu enak adalah empat komponen iaitu rempah ratus, pes, daging dan bahan asasnya iaitu santan kelapa berkrim.

Bagi membantu anda menghasilkan juadah yang setara dengan masakan ibu dan mencipta tradisi rendang anda sendiri, Ayam Brand™ telah menghasilkan satu resipi rendang khas bagi yang baru mencuba. Resipi ini boleh anda ubah sesuai dengan peningkatan skill anda membuat rendang. Jadikan resipi anda unik dengan mencuba gabungan rempah ratus, ramuan pes dan daging kegemaran (daging lembu, ayam, itik, kambing) yang berbeza. Juga jangan lupa menggunakan santan kelapa yang terbaik.

Bagi kami, sudah pastilah kami menggunakan Santan Kelapa Ayam Brand. Ketulenan dan kualitinya yang kaya berkrim benar-benar membuatkan kerja kami menjadi mudah. Produk Ayam Brand ini dijual dalam tiga pilihan iaitu Coconut Milk, Coconut Milk Trim (45% kurang lemak) dan Coconut Milk Super Light (75% kurang lemak berbanding Ayam Brand Coconut Milk). Dapatkan lebih banyak lagi resipi Ramadan dan Hari Raya Ayam Brand™ di

Rendang Daging
Tempoh memasak: 2 jam
Hidangan: 8



3 bunga cengkih

3 bunga lawang

3 buah pelaga

2 asam jawa

5 daun limau purut dihiris halus

8 sudu besar kerisik (kelapa goreng yang dikeringkan)

1 batang kayu manis

1 sudu besar gula melaka secukup rasa

Garam secukup rasa

Pes (kisar halus)

2.5cm lengkuas, dihiris

3 batang serai, akar sahaja, dihiris

7 ulas bawang putih, dihiris

6 bawang merah, dihiris

2.5cm halia, dihiris

12 cili kering, dibuang biji dan dihiris


1kg daging lembu, dipotong kiub

Santan Kelapa

1 liter Santan Kelapa Ayam Brand pilihan anda

Minyak untuk menggoreng

1 cawan air

  1. Kisar bahan pes menggunakan blender.
  2. Panaskan minyak dalam kuali atau periuk besar. Tumis pes rempah, kayu manis, cengkih, bunga lawang dan buah pelaga sehingga naik bau.
  3. Masukkan daging dan gaul rata dengan adunan pes dan rempah sehingga berwarna keperangan dan daging menyerap rasa pes dan rempah.
  4. Tuang santan dan kacau dengan perlahan sehingga hampir mendidih.
  5. Kecilkan api sehingga sederhana. Masukkan air asam jawa dan air, dan teruskan mengacau supaya daging tidak melekat pada kuali.
  6. Apabila daging sudah separuh masak, masukkan daun limau purut dan gula melaka.
  7. Tuang kerisik dan tambah garam secukup rasa. Kacau dengan sempurna sehingga daging bersalut sepenuhnya dan dilitupi kuah.
  8. Kecilkan api dan tutup dengan penutup. Biarkan rendang mereneh selama lebih kurang sejam sehingga daging menjadi lembut atau kuah rendang kering.
  9. Hidang serta-merta atau biarkan sejuk dahulu sebelum disimpan.

Apakah Resipi Istimewa Rendang Anda

Hadiah-hadiah menarik menanti anda! Masak rendang menggunakan mana-mana produk Ayam Brand dan buat kiriman Instagram atau Facebook. Tag @ayambrandmy di Instagram atau @ayambrandmalaysia di Facebook dan gunakan hashtag #beRAYAmbrand dan biar semua tahu ‘Apa Rahsia Rendang Anda’. Peraduan ini bermula pada 5 April dan berakhir pada 14 Jun dengan 16 hadiah mingguan dan dua hadiah utama untuk dimenangi!

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Salam Ramadhan 1441H / 2020

4/24/2020 08:04:00 am 22 Comments
Hari ini 1 Ramadhan 1441H /2020. Hari pertama kita menjalani ibadah berpuasa di tahun 2020. Di kesempatan ini Mia, Sofea dan Adik Mia ingin memohon ampun dan maaf seandainya ada kekurangan, kelemahan dan kesilapan antara kita.

Semoga Allah mempermudahkan ibadat puasa kita tahun ini di samping keluarga tercinta di kala musim PKP ini.

Salam Ramadhan Al-Mubarak..

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Resepi Chocolate Mousse

4/23/2020 12:34:00 pm 18 Comments
Resepi Chocolate Mousse | Hmmm.. kegemaran Sofea dan Adik Mia. Kalau buat ni memang mereka berdua di dapur. Sofea pula yang decorate dengan nestum, yogood crunchy muesli dan koko krunch. Ikut suka dia.

Senang nak buatnya. Mudah dan cepat. Bahan yang diperlukan tidak banyak.

Resepi dan cara-cara membuatnya : 

  1. 200g dark chocolate  dicairkan dengan cara double boiling.
  2. 600ml whipping cream, dipukul sehingga gebu barulah digaul perlahan sambil masukkan dark chocolate yang telah cair tadi.
  3. Tuang ke bekas-bekas kecil dan hias dengan nestum, koko krunch dan lain-lain supaya lebih menarik.
  4. Masukkan ke dalam peti sejuk dan biarkan 2 hingga 3 jam.
  5. Selepas itu, telah siap untuk dimakan.

Selamat mencubanya di rumah.... (^_^)

Hilton Hotels in Malaysia Presents 'Chup! Makan Dulu' Takeaway Menu

4/23/2020 07:29:00 am 2 Comments
Hilton Hotels in Malaysia presents 'Chup! Makan Dulu', a take-home menu to take guests on an exciting culinary journey in the comforts of their home. The menu comprises all-time favourite dishes across the hotels' restaurants.

The 'Chup! Makan Dulu' promotion uses the casual and playful connotation of 'Chup!', a Malaysian slang synonymous with the word 'pause' and is used to interject or remind someone in a friendly manner. This promotion invites guests and to sit back, relax and enjoy a hearty meal and appreciate the time spent with loved ones.

Starting from RM30 to RM1650 for selections of the set menu, the promotion runs from 23rd April – 23rd May 2020. Participating restaurants include Makan Kitchen, Vasco’s, Paya Serai, Garden Grille, Urban Kitchen and Waterfront Cafe, serving an array of traditional 'Kampung' style dishes, and a variety of cuisine such as Malay, Chinese and Indian, featuring unique Malaysian spices.

“The abundance of fresh and dry spices from lemongrass to turmeric is what makes Malaysian cuisine diverse yet unique. When it comes to flavours, there is so much to explore. The take-home 'Chup! Makan Dulu' menu is our way of sharing this with our guests”, said Chef Kazi, Executive Chef of Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

Indulge in your favourite dishes from Hilton Hotels in Malaysia at home such as 'Nasi Lemak' – coconut-flavoured rice served with fried chicken, prawn sambal, hardboiled egg, anchovies, peanuts & acar, 'Bubur Lambuk Pak Pander' – a porridge of chicken meat with cumin, ginger, lemongrass, coconut milk with fried shallots and spring onion, 'Sup Berempah Pak Deli'– beef rib, beef tail, beef lung, beef strips, beef tongue and lamb served with sambal kicap, sambal merah utara, spring onion and fried shallots, 'Daging Masak Hitam Berempah' – braised beef in soy sauce, star anise, cinnamon, cumin, fennel and poppy seed, as well as many other local dishes.

A meal is not complete without dessert. Treat yourself to Assorted Kuih Melayu, Pengat Durian Sago, Durian Tempura and other mouth-watering local desserts. To accompany your meal, enjoy Bandung Laici and Kurma Drinks, and more.

All menus are available on the TABLEAPP delivery page.

The 'Chup! Makan Dulu' menu is available for pick-up and delivery from 8am – 8pm daily.

To place your orders and find out more, visit:

Hilton Kuala Lumpur:

Hilton Petaling Jaya:

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Kuala Lumpur:

Hilton Kota Kinabalu:

Hilton Kuching:

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Melaka:

DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang:

DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Johor Bahru:

Hilton Garden Inn Puchong:

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Hospital Columbia Asia Terbesar Di Malaysia Dibuka Di Tebrau Johor

4/20/2020 09:20:00 pm 5 Comments
Columbia Asia telah memenuhi keperluan penjagaan kesihatan warga Malaysia selama lebih dari 20 tahun. Setelah berjaya melancarkan salah sebuah hospital utama kami, Columbia Asia Hospital - Iskandar Puteri, pada tahun 2010, kami sukacita memperkenalkan hospital kedua kami di Johor iaitu Columbia Asia Hospital – Tebrau.

Columbia Asia Hospital – Tebrau mula beroperasi pada 27hb November, 2019. Ia merupakan hospital Columbia Asia yang ke-13 di Malaysia dan ke-19 di Asia Tenggara. Bangunan setinggi empat tingkat ini merupakan yang terbesar antara semua hospital Columbia Asia di Malaysia.

Terletak di hab kediaman dengan kadar lalu lintas yang tinggi di Kota Southkey, hospital ini terletak hanya 7 km dari pusat bandar Johor Bahru serta dikelilingi oleh kawasan perumahan seperti Taman Sentosa, Taman Sri Tebrau, Kampung Melayu Majidee, Taman Pelangi, Taman Abad, Taman Kebun Teh, Taman Century, Taman Melodies, Taman Suria dan Taman Kota Southkey.  Hospital ini juga dilengkapi dengan lebih 200 tempat letak kereta bagi memenuhi keperluan masyarakat Tebrau yang semakin berkembang.

Selain daripada kemudahan moden dan kepakaran tinggi, Columbia Asia Hospital mempelopori trend penjagaan kesihatan swasta dengan rawatan perubatan yang terkini dan kurang invasif lantas memendekkan tempoh tinggal di hospital. Struktur penetapan harganya adalah telus dan lebih kompetitif berbanding model standard khidmat kesihatan swasta.

Program perubatan di Columbia Asia Hospital – Tebrau meliputi Kardiologi, Perubatan Dalaman, Telinga, Hidung & Tekak (ENT), Pembedahan Am, Obstetrik dan Ginekologi, Pediatrik, Ortopedik, Radiologi dan Anestesiologi.

Hospital ini juga menempatkan Makmal Pengkateteran Jantung (Cardiac Catheterization Lab), Bilik Litotripsi, Mamografi, Ultrabunyi, 128-slice CT Scan, 1.5 Tesla MRI, Farmasi, Makmal, Bilik Fisioterapi, Ruang Pengasingan, ICU, Bilik Bersalin dan lima Dewan Bedah berkemudahan lengkap.

"Keputusan untuk membina hospital Columbia Asia kedua di Johor berdasarkan kajian kami tentang kurangnya kemudahan khidmat kesihatan di kawasan sini. Tambahan lagi, penduduk Johor Bahru semakin ramai. Kerana itu, kami memberi pilihan kepada pesakit yang datang untuk mendapatkan rawatan perubatan," kata Pengurus Besar Serantau Columbia Asia Hospital – Tebrau dan Iskandar Puteri, Puan Rahani Yaacob.

Memandangkan kapasiti hospital Columbia Asia di Iskandar Puteri hampir penuh, Rahani menjelaskan bahawa inilah masa yang sesuai untuk memperluaskan lagi kumpulan hospital ini di Johor. Dengan pembukaan Columbia Asia Hospital – Tebrau, keperluan khidmat kesihatan di Johor Bahru akan dapat memenuhi permintaan yang tinggi.

"Columbia Asia Hospital – Tebrau adalah satu-satunya hospital dalam kumpulan kami yang mempunyai kapasiti 205 buah katil. Ini berbeza daripada struktur hospital biasa kami. Kemudahan perubatan lain mempunyai kapasiti tidak lebih daripada 100 buah katil setiap hospital. Dengan permintaan tinggi bagi khidmat kesihatan swasta di Johor, kami membuat keputusan untuk membina sebuah hospital Columbia Asia yang lebih besar di Tebrau untuk memenuhi keperluan kesihatan masyarakat di sini," tambah Rahani.

Memandangkan peningkatan bilangan pesakit warga asing yang meningkat di Malaysia, Columbia Asia Hospital – Tebrau bersedia untuk memenuhi permintaan yang semakin meningkat, termasuk permintaan dari Singapura dan Indonesia.

"Selain menyediakan akses penjagaan kesihatan swasta yang berkualiti kepada penduduk Johor, hospital baharu ini turut mewujudkan peluang pekerjaan. Bukan itu sahaja. Kami mempunyai pelbagai kempen menarik yang telah dirancang, untuk menggalakkan gaya hidup sihat di kalangan penduduk tempatan," kata Rahani.

Dalam bulan Disember tahun lalu, kempen 'AyuhSihat!' telah diadakan sempena pembukaan hospital di Tebrau. Kempen yang terbuka kepada orang awam ini merupakan hari yang menyeronokkan dengan pelbagai aktiviti yang sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur, pemeriksaan kesihatan dan tawaran istimewa untuk pakej yang ditawarkan oleh hospital kami. Acara itu bertujuan untuk mendorong para hadirin untuk mengamalkan gaya hidup sihat. Hasil jualan tiket Ayuh Sihat diserahkan kepada Yayasan Kanser Laksamana Johor.

Ingin ketahui lebih lanjut tentang Columbia Asia Hospital – Tebrau, atau menerima berita tentang program dan pakej perubatannya? Log masuk ke laman web Columbia  Asia Hospital di atau 'like’ laman Facebook 'Columbia Asia Malaysia' di atau hubungi 07-272 999 untuk pertanyaan lanjut.

Columbia Asia Hospital – Tebrau terletak di Persiaran Southkey 5, Kota Southkey, 80150 Johor Bahru, Johor Darul Takzim.

Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Sunway Property Extends Aid To Local Councils And Public Healthcare Institutions

4/15/2020 11:11:00 am 5 Comments
Sunway Iskandar, 14 April 2020 - Following Sunway Group’s commitment of RM 34 million in aid which will reach 40,000 beneficiaries nationwide including COVID-19 patients who have lost their jobs, public hospitals and their healthcare frontliners, affected non-essential tenants in Sunway’s malls, and contributions to B40 communities, Sunway Property’s regional teams has worked to extend additional aid to state and city councils, the police force and local public healthcare institutions who are working to combat COVID-19 within local communities in support of their tireless fight to end the spread of the pandemic. 

On April 7, Sunway Berhad Executive Director and Property Division Managing Director, Sarena Cheah had handed over Sunway Berhad’s RM 1 million donation to Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin for the national COVID-19 fund. 

“Today we stand in solidarity with the communities we serve against the largest challenge faced by humanity in recent history. While we are all doing our part by staying at home, our hearts go out to all the selfless heroes and frontliners who are fighting for us during these trying times,” said Sunway Property. 

To date, Sunway Property’s additional initiatives has benefitted another 3,500 beneficiaries in various communities nationwide. 

In the Klang Valley, Sunway Property has worked with the Petaling Jaya City Council (Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya, MBPJ) to distribute food to communities in need and frontliners as well as the Kota Damansara Legislative Assembly to distribute hand sanitisers to frontliners. The aid to MBPJ had benefited the PJ City Food Bank which had distributed food to the urban poor, orphanages, organisations for the differently-abled, senior citizen homes and single mothers throughout the city as well as food to the frontliners in University Malaya Medical Centre. The Kota Damansara Legislative Assembly had distributed hand sanitisers to frontliners around Kota Damansara including Neighbourhood Watch groups (Rukun Tetangga), Residents Associations, Village Chiefs (Ketua Kampung) and private security personnel in residential areas who are on patrol duties. 

In Johor, Sunway Property has extended support to the Iskandar Puteri District Police Headquarters and the Sultanah Aminah Hospital to supply items needed for ongoing security and healthcare operations. The private security personnel and law enforcement personnel received face masks and sanitisers while the Sultanah Aminah Hospital received face masks, hand sanitisers and infrared forehead thermometers. 

Harvest from Sunway Property’s organic farms in Ipoh is now committed to serving healthcare professionals and patients in the Raja Permaisuri Bainun Hospital. The twice weekly deliveries will benefit the patients’ with specific nutritional needs as well as the healthcare professionals until April 14, which has been set as the end of the second phase of Movement Control Order. Currently about 750 patients and healthcare workers are benefiting from the deliveries which are carried out twice a week. More than 130 kgs of vegetables have been delivered so far. 

In Penang, Sunway Property is working with the Mutiara Food Bank under the Penang State Welfare Department to contribute groceries to the underserved community and families which need them the most. Sunway Property Penang also contributed face masks to the Majlis Bandaraya Pulau Pinang council for distribution to the frontliners. 

Sunway Property’s staff are also donating to the #Sunwayforgood Fund which has been established by Sunway employees. The Fund intends to provide Sunway’s frontliners with additional support as well as well benefit even more B40 families around Sunway’s communities. 

For more information on Sunway Property’s initiatives and useful family tips, please follow Sunway Property’s Facebook

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Carta Pengkomen Tegar Mac 2020

4/13/2020 08:31:00 pm 8 Comments

Carta Pengkomen Tegar Mac 2020

No 1 - Umi Nazrah dengan 20 komen

No 2 - Sunah Sakura dengan 19 komen

No 3 - Shuhaida dengan 10 komen

No 4 - Ejulz dengan 8 komen

No 5 - Tiara Sapphire dengan 8 komen

No 6 - Cuya dengan 6 komen

No 7 - Cik Nor dengan 6 komen

No 8 - Elly Matin dengan 6 komen

No 9 - FaizzahAmir dengan 5 komen

No 10 - Muhammad Naim Abdullah dengan 5 komen

No 11 - Cik Cappuccino Latte dengan 5 komen

Carta Pengkomen Tegar Februari 2020

4/13/2020 03:56:00 pm 6 Comments

Carta Pengkomen Tegar Februari 2020

No 1 - Sunah Sakura dengan 22 komen

No 2 - AizaMia3 dengan 22 komen

No 3 - Umi Nazrah dengan 17 komen

No 4 - FaizzahAmir dengan 10 komen

No 5 - Tiara Sapphire dengan 10 komen

No 6 - Adianiez Aida dengan 10 komen

No 7 - Muhammad Naim Abdullah dengan 8 komen

No 8 - Nona Sani dengan 8 komen

No 9 - Anum dengan 7 komen

No 10 - Nurul Aqidah Azahar dengan 6 komen

No 11 - Ejulz dengan 6 komen

No 12 - Sis Lin dengan 6 komen

No 13 - Warisan Petani dengan 6 komen

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Friday, 10 April 2020