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Tuesday, 18 June 2019

5 Tips for Potent Logo Design

6/18/2019 10:43:00 am 2 Comments
A company’s logo designs can make or break its business odds in the ever-competitive market. An excellently created business logo is, for the most part, capable of building a great bond or rapport with the target audience of a company.

On the other hand, a poorly designed business logo fails to relay a business message and, more often than not, destroys the business of an organization. Keep in mind that businesses today rely a lot on establishing effective communication with their audience.

A logo isn’t just a business symbol today to discern a company, and its services or products instead helps in establishing a powerful brand identity. An excellently designed business logo is capable of converting your target audience into loyal consumers. For a little help, here are five tips for effective logo design.

Have Deep Knowledge Of the Brand
First things first, before you even start designing your logo, be sure that you know the brand entirely. By that we mean, having a deep understanding of the brand. Remember that the logo should reach a certain group of people, which is, for the most part, the target customers and target market.

Thus, research what your organization, market, and brand are all about. We recommend you write it all down. Look for what inspirations it carries for the future and what the brand ideology is. 

Furthermore, understand and discern the brand personality as well. Is it a tough brand or a softer brand with regards to its tone? How would you want the brand to project itself amid its customers and the market? All of these details should be, for the most part, prepared beforehand. These pieces of information will act as your guide to make your logo design. 

Shows The Nature of Your Business
Ensure that your business logo is entirely capable of displaying or showcasing your business. The images and colors applied in your logo must, more often than not, affiliated with the business you operate and the services or products your offer. 

When a logo affiliates with your business, it is when you create or establish a brand identity for your organization in the ever-competitive market. Furthermore, the targeted consumers will, for the most part, receive your message when the logo design shows the attributes and values of your business. 

For the most part, the design of your logo must make a long-lasting, significant impression on the customers and the market. Just a peek at your business logo should mesmerize and amaze the people. 

The logo plays a significant role in an organization by attracting the people again and again, or continually once they get an excellent impression of the logo design. To establish a lasting impression, ensure that your design is unlike anything else, meaning that your logo must be based on a fresh concept.

By doing so, your logo will, without a doubt, stand out in the sea of logos in the ever-competitive market. 

Apply Colors Carefully
Another element that plays a massive role in establishing the message of a brand is color. For instance, if you apply red as your logo’s main color, it will, for the most part, relay the message of the brand is energetic, passionate, and aggressive. Also, it could mean that you are targeting young audiences. 

On the other hand, if blue is the main color, it’ll summon or invoke the feelings of togetherness and intelligence. And this is the rationale or grounds that most social media platforms like Facebook have, for the most part, logos in blue. 

So, if you intend to make a social media page, consider blue as its chief color in its entire design. Moreover, apply bold and bright colors to grab the attention of the people. However, these hues must convey the personality of your brand too. 

Keep in mind that every hue stimulates an emotion. And it becomes part of the message for the customers or viewers. What’s more, there’s science behind using colors, which most graphic designers, such as in, effectively use.

A lot of logo designers don’t pay attention to choosing typefaces, and rather, they tend to pick them randomly. However, keep in mind that typefaces or fonts reflect much about a brand’s personality. 

For instance, a font applied for a toy business’s logo will most probably be a handwritten font. It is because your target audiences are kids, and you need to make your brand as a child-friendly organization.

Steer clear from using eye-catching novelty typefaces. Use your own unique typefaces if possible. Moreover, don’t forget to use the right colors. 

To make effective logo design, ensure that you are knowledgeable enough about the brand inside out. It should be unlike anything else but has a simple and straightforward design that relays your brand message distinctly. Also, the use of colors and fonts should be clearly defined to the brand personality. 

Author’s bio:
Rebecca Nelson is a blogger and writer. She writes about technology, business, marketing, health and lifestyle, and real estate. In her free time, Rebecca either spends time with her family or play sports with her colleagues.

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Vivo Malaysia Teams Up with Pin Prestige In An Exclusive Fashion Shoot Featuring The Vivo V15 Pro

6/15/2019 04:19:00 pm 4 Comments
Kuala Lumpur, 13 June 2019 – Vivo Malaysia has teamed up with leading Chinese luxury fashion and lifestyle magazine, Pin Prestige in an exclusive fashion shoot that features the Vivo V15 Pro. The shoot is in line with Vivo’s Light Up Your Night campaigns which focuses on the Vivo V15 Pro’s style and functionalities for capturing images on your stylish night out.

The shoot which was presented by Vivo Malaysia and created by the team at Pin Prestige, highlights the capabilities of the Vivo V15 Pro namely the World’s First 32MP Elevating Front Camera, and how Vivo has successfully combined style and technology to produce the ultimate fashionista’s smartphone.

“Vivo continues to break barriers and to be in tune with the consumer’s lifestyle needs. We constantly innovate ourselves to give our consumers the best in form and function, and in this case with the V15 Pro, you get the best of technology combined with style and fashion”, Chief Executive Officer of Vivo Malaysia, Mike Xu quoted.

Users can easily capture professional-grade photos with the V15 Pro, thanks to the 48 Million Quad Pixel Sensor[1], 8MP AI Super Wide-Angle Camera, and 5MP Depth Camera. The “four-in-one pixel” technology in the main rear camera combines four pixels into one large pixel to deliver high-quality photos even in the dark. The AI Super Wide-Angle Camera can expand up to 120 degrees[2], capturing more people and fuller landscape shots.

This powerful hardware is complemented with AI to make professional photo-taking a breeze. Borrowing from V11, V15Pro is equipped with AI photography features including AI Face Beauty and AI Portrait Framing. The all-new AI Super Night Mode makes shaky night shots a thing of the past, as consumers can now capture amazing night scenery without a tripod or a DSLR camera.

AI Super Night Mode can instantly take multiple photos at different exposures. It then brilliantly combines them to greatly improve brightness and clarity, meaning night scenes can now be captured with a high level of detail and stability.

The Ultra FullViewTM Display of the V15 pro comes at 6.39 inches and the 19.5:9 Super AMOLED display produces awe-inspiring visual design, utterly seamless from end-to end. With the earpiece, light and proximity sensors all concealed from view, the side and top bezels are reduced to just 1.75mm and 2.22mm respectively, resulting in a maximized screen-to-body ratio of 91.64%.

The Vivo V15 Pro with 6GB RAM retails at RM 1,699 while 8GB RAM model goes for RM1,899.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Clear Launches #KeepAClearHead Tackles Social Anxiety

6/14/2019 12:14:00 pm 1 Comments
SINGAPORE -  Media OutReach  - 13 June 2019 - Clear, a global anti-dandruff hair care brand of Unilever, today announces the launch of a global campaign - #KeepAClearHead - aimed at equipping young people with the support and tools they need to become more resilient in the face of rising social anxiety.   To help highlight the issue, the brand has released 'The Long Walk', a film starring celebrity ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo which gives viewers an insight into the journey he takes in preparing for a match.   In the film, Ronaldo urges young people to keep a clear head as they go through their own Long Walk, encouraging them to be more resilient in the face of life's challenges.  

In The Long Walk, Ronaldo explains: "I have taken this walk a thousand times and still the first step is the hardest. I can hear my heart beating in my head, but I give each beat a name: Spirit, courage, greatness. As the noise rises around me, a roar rises in my throat. Your love makes me strong, your hate makes me unstoppable."

Clear believes that everyone should be able to perform at their best. However, social anxiety, defined by the 'fear of being judged', can stop people from performing at their full potential. Globally, over 284 million individuals suffer from anxiety disorders[1], a quarter of whom are between the ages of 10 and 24[2]. While anxiety disorders often develop during adolescence and early adulthood[3], social anxiety tends to have an earlier onset - between the age of 5-10 on average[4], and can have consequences that prevents individuals from reaching their best potential. Social anxiety has become a major problem for many young people around the world as more and more expectations are placed on them to succeed.   Now more than ever before, as a consequence of our 'always on' culture and lives lived in full view through social media, young people find themselves under intense scrutiny and pressure to perform.

To develop a world-leading approach to helping young people build resilience and prevent social anxiety, CLEAR is working in partnership with the Resilience Research Centre (RRC) at Dalhousie University and Dr. Michael Ungar, Director of the RRC at Dalhousie University and author of Change Your World: The Science of Resilience and the True Path to Success. Ungar, is one of the world's leading social scientists whose work is raising awareness of the growing issue of social anxiety and the need to shift our focus to equipping young people with the supports they need to achieve both ruggedness AND resourcefulness to be able to tackle life's many challenges.  

"To understand social anxiety, one has to distinguish between a social anxiety disorder, which is the most severe form of the problem and debilitating in more than one area of a person's life, and what is called "non-clinical" social anxiety which is far more common. More serious social anxiety has long-term negative consequences for young people so it's important to recognise the early signs of the disorder and prevent even mild social anxiety before it gets worse," said Ungar.

Together with Clear, Ungar and his team of researchers are showing that one's ability to overcome social anxiety and challenging problems in life depends on both how rugged we are as individuals, and how resourced and supported we are by our families, friends, co-workers and communities. Ungar explains why Cristiano Ronaldo is the true personification of resilience: "His life teaches us that to be successful and resilient, two things are important. First, we need to be a rugged individual, which means taking full advantage of our talents and being positive about our future. Second, we need to be a resourced individual, with people who believe in us and the opportunities to put our talents to good use. Ronaldo has both strengths -- he knows how to use his incredible talent, and his many supports, including the love of his fans, to realise his full potential. When we are both rugged and resourced, we are far more likely to become our very best selves."

Clear is committed to enabling people to perform at their best, driving a positive change both by addressing the global issue of social anxiety and working with the RRC to develop programs and resources designed to build resilience, so that young people can better cope with social anxiety. #KeepAClearHead will see the brand working in partnership with Michael Ungar and his team to develop a curriculum and resources hub which will be rolled out globally and will help young people assess their levels of ruggedness and resourcefulness and how to develop new strategies to find and use the resources they need to better tackle social anxiety. The brand will also leverage pop culture through a partnership with Marvel to create a series of thought-provoking superhero short films and inspiring edutainment content to help young people understand the importance of building resilience and recognising the resources around them to better cope with self-doubt and social anxiety.

"Clear helps people to defy judgement and perform at their best. As an anti-dandruff shampoo, we want people to look and feel their best by clearing dandruff, which can be a cause of social anxiety. However, we believe we can play a bigger role in tackling the need to build resilience in young people to help them deal with every facet of social anxiety. Working in partnership, we want to build a generation of resilient youths who are able to perform at their best, despite increasing social pressures," said Tri Tran-Tue, Global Brand Vice President, Clear, Unilever.

To learn more about #KeepAClearHead and to watch The Long Walk, visit

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur Organises Iftar with Orphans and Underprivileged Children

6/13/2019 02:23:00 pm 4 Comments
KUALA LUMPUR, 13 JUNE 2019 – Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur organised Iftar with 60 orphans and underprivileged children from Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera (Rumah Nur Syaheera) and Pusat Jagaan Kebajikan Budimas Orion (Rumah Orion) recently.

“It has long been a tradition of Hard Rock Cafe to be active in the community and contribute positively to people especially so during Ramadan. Each year we invite children from different homes for Iftar to spread some cheer and this year we invited Rumah Nur Syaheera and Rumah Orion to Iftar with orphans and underprivileged children,” said Nor Esah Abdul Ghani, Marketing Manager of Hard Rock Cafe Kuala Lumpur.

Rumah Orion is a home for underprivileged children and orphans. A brainchild of Tunku Dato’ Yaacob Khyra, Chairman of the The Budimas Charitable Foundation, it has been operating since 2 June 2015.

Rumah Bakti Nur Syaheera is a home in Taman Jaya Baru, Cheras sheltering orphans and underprivileged children aged four and 16 founded by husband and wife, Johari Basri and Suzana Jaafar.

Hard Rock International

With venues in 75 countries, including 185 cafes, 27 hotels and 12 casinos, Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the most globally recognised companies. Beginning with an Eric Clapton guitar, Hard Rock owns the world's most valuable collection of music memorabilia, which is displayed at its locations around the globe. Hard Rock is also known for its collectible fashion and music-related merchandise available in Rock Shops and online at HRI owns the global trademark for all Hard Rock brands including Hard Rock Live performance venues. The company owns, operates and franchises Cafes in iconic cities including London, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Dubai. HRI also owns, licenses and/or manages hotel/casino properties worldwide. Destinations include the company’s two most successful Hotel and Casino properties in Tampa and Hollywood, FL., both owned and operated by HRI parent entity The Seminole Tribe of Florida, as well as other exciting locations including Atlantic City, Bali, Cancun, Daytona Beach, Desaru Coast, Ibiza, Orlando, Shenzhen and San Diego. Upcoming new Hard Rock Cafe locations include Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street in the United Kingdom, Djerba, Tunisia, Gran Canaria, Spain, and Chandigarh, India. New Hard Rock Hotel, Casino or Hotel & Casino projects include Amsterdam, Berlin, Budapest, Dublin, London, Los Cabos, Madrid, Maldives, New York City, Ottawa, Sacramento, Dalian and Haikou in China. In 2018, Hard Rock International was recognized as a Forbes Magazine Top Employer for Women and Land Operator of the Year at the Global Gaming Awards. For more information on Hard Rock International visit

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Win A Vivo V15 Pro By Taking Part In Tune Talk’s Facebook Contest

6/12/2019 03:47:00 pm 1 Comments
Kuala Lumpur, 12 June 2019 – Vivo Malaysia has paired up with Tune Talk in conjunction with Tune Talk’s 10th Anniversary in a contest that will let you stand a chance to grab the latest Vivo V15 Pro.

The contest is organized by Tune Talk Malaysia in partnership with Vivo, and there are 10 Vivo V15 Pro to be given away. The contest mechanics involves following Tune Talk’s Facebook account, share a post pinned to the top, tag 10 of your Facebook friends and include the hashtag #TuneTalkTurns10 in a public Facebook post.

10 lucky winners will be chosen at random by Tune Talk and the contest will be going on from 10th June – 30th June 2019.

The V15 Pro is the newest V series smartphone that Vivo has launched in Malaysia. It is equipped with the World’s First 32MP Elevating Front Camera, Ultra FullViewTM Display, 48MP AI Triple Camera and In-Display Fingerprint Scanning Technology.

The Ultra FullViewTM Display of the V15 pro comes at 6.39 inches and the 19.5:9 Super AMOLED display produces awe-inspiring visual design, utterly seamless from end-to end. With the earpiece, light and proximity sensors all concealed from view, the side and top bezels are reduced to just 1.75mm and 2.22mm respectively, resulting in a maximized screen-to-body ratio of 91.64%.

The Ultra FullViewTM  experience of The Vivo V15Pro comes courtesy of a radical breakthrough in technology - the Elevating Front Camera. The 32MP Elevating Front Camera captures selfies with unrivalled clarity. The Vivo V15 Pro’s AI Triple Camera also brings you an upgraded experience of taking professional photography with just a single click.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Grab Your Vivo Y91C for RM99 with Celcom Xpax

6/11/2019 06:23:00 pm 1 Comments
Celcom Xpax is offering Vivo’s latest smartphone, the Vivo Y91C, for RM99 when you sign up with XP60 postpaid plan. You can enjoy the best HD video streaming experience with XP60 postpaid plan as it offers 10GB high-speed internet and unlimited calls to all networks for only RM60 monthly.

The Y91C features a wide, 6.22” with a water drop notch design, offering one of the widest viewing areas in its price range, with a screen-to-body ratio up to 88.6%. The device is also designed with an elegant colour gradient, plus a glossy finish and 3D curved edges, allowing it to wow from the back as well as the front.

With the Vivo Y91C, you’ll be able to stay connected all day long, thanks to the high-capacity 4030 mAh battery. You’ll also get 2GB RAM and an octa-core processor, allowing you to multitask or switch between different apps with ease. Best of all, the built in 32GB ROM is expandable up to 256GB, so you can store more photographs, videos, or whatever you like.

Capture pictures effortlessly with the built-in AI algorithms of the Vivo Y91C. The device automatically beautifies your images according to subject and lighting conditions, making sure that you can snap the best pictures without having to manually adjust photography settings.

For more information on Celcom Xpax offerings, please visit or visit Vivo Malaysia on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

Monday, 10 June 2019

Switch To RedOne And Get A Vivo Y91C For Free

6/10/2019 10:21:00 pm 3 Comments
Kuala Lumpur, 10 June 2019 – redONE Network Sdn Bhd (redONE) has launched an exciting promotion using the Mobile Number Portability (MNP) port-in service together with Vivo. This service allows interested users, who currently have a mobile Postpaid or Prepaid plan to switch to redONE new plan while retaining their current phone number.

For a limited time only, redONE is offering a Postpaid plan and smartphone bundle to new MNP port-in users. Those who sign up for redONE Postpaid SMART68 plan will get a free Vivo Y91C worth RM499.

RedONE Postpaid SMART68 plan offers 15GB of 4G LTE data quota, 5GB Basic Internet, unlimited calls to all networks and redVIDEO – a Value-Added Service (VAS) that enables users to watch online videos in high definition, anytime of the day. redVIDEO covers 16 video channels including YouTube, Neflix, iflix, dimsum, tonton, viu, and many more. With redVIDEO, users no longer have to worry about their monthly data quota being deducted when consuming online videos as redVIDEO comes with its own exclusive 10GB 4G LTE data, an additional data quota on top of the monthly data quota given.

At only RM68 per month (excluding Service Tax), those who subscribe to redONE Postpaid SMART68 plan with the Vivo phone bundle will be contracted for 24 months. There will also be an advance payment of 3 months amounting to RM220 (inclusive of 6% Service Tax) that will be used to offset the first 3 months’ bills. SMART68 Postpaid plan is only open to users, who wish to port-in from other telcos except for Celcom and other Celcom MVNOs.

This promotion runs from 29 May to 31 August 2019. To subscribe, visit the nearest redONE Premier Shops or redONE Branches while stock lasts. For more information on redONE Postpaid SMART68 plan, logon to or redONE’s Facebook page at

Di Sebalik Kejayaan Rempah Ratus Mak Siti

6/10/2019 02:22:00 pm 8 Comments
Rempah Ratus Mak Siti. Satu nama yang tidak asing lagi bagi para wanita di masa kini. Apa tidaknya. Produk Mak Siti senang didapati dan amat memudahkan urusan memasak di dapur.

Pada awalnya Mak Siti ditubuhkan untuk menyara keluarga pada ketika itu secara kecil-kecilan untuk menampung kehidupan sekeluarga. Berkat usaha dan pengedaran yang pada masa itu dibuat di kampung-kampung dan bandar-bandar kecil akhirnya Mak Siti dikenali.

40 tahun dalam pasaran, Rempah Mak Siti memang sangat terkenal di Johor Bharu. Produk yang ‘wajib’ ada didalam dapur rumah ini menjadi kesukaan ramai kerana kelainan rasanya yang bebas dari penggunaan perasa, pewarna dan juga pengawet.

Kemunculan resepi turun temurun yang asli ini sebenarnya ada jalan cerita, pahit manis buat  Puan Siti Khawa Jannah dan suaminya Tuan Mohd Hafizan Yusoff yang menyambung legasi perniagaan keluarganya.

Setiap orang yang berjaya pasti ada permulaan yang hebat, cabaran yang besar dan semangat yang kuat yang ada dalam diri mereka. Menjadi pengasas produk atau jenama terkenal adalah idaman ramai orang.

Tapi ramai yang tidak pasti apakah langkah pertama yang mereka perlu ambil, apakah cabaran yang akan dihadapi dan bagaimana mereka lalui semua cabaran dan halangan sehingga menjadikan mereka terkenal.

Orang kata menjadi anak founder adalah satu anugerah! Di saat orang lain bergelut nak mulakan perniagaan tapi bagi mereka, lahir-lahir saja bisnes dah ada untuk mereka. Tapi ramai yang tak tahu betapa mereka terpaksa bergelut untuk mengembangkan bisnes milik keluarga mereka ini.

Puan Siti dulu selalu tertekan kerana di bahunya terpikul harapan dan beban untuk memajukan bisnes keluarga sedangkan beliau tidak mempunyai pengalaman. Selepas beliau habis belajar dan terjun dalam dunia bisnes keluarga, keadaan bisnesnya adalah tidak tentu arah. Berlaku penyelewengan di kalangan pekerja dan ramai pekerja yang tidak percaya kemampuannya.

Terdetik dalam fikirannya, kenapa Rempah Mak Siti tidak mampu untuk bersaing dengan jenama-jenama lain yang berada di pasaran Malaysia dan antarabangsa. Meneruskan bisnes yang dah bertapak sejak turun temurun bukan satu tugas yang mudah lagi-lagi nak pastikan perniagaannya akan terus bertahan dan menjadi legasi satu hari nanti.

Sampai satu tahap beliau rasakan yang sales dah stagnant, tidak ada perubahan dan beliau anggap pasaran dah mula tepu dan tiada lagi masa depan untuk perniagaannya di Malaysia.

Puan Siti Khawa Jannah Nasuha yang merupakan Pengurus Besar Syarikat Nasuha Enterprise Sdn Bhd telah membuat pembaharuan serta penjenamaan baru rempah ratus MAK SITI daripada paket biasa sehingga sekarang diperkenalkan rempah ratus di dalam botol.

Rempah Mak Siti adalah produk yang semulajadi, tidak mengandungi pewarna dan perasa tiruan dan sesuai bagi vegetarians. Produk utama adalah Serbuk rempah Kari Daging, Serbuk Rempah Kari Ikan, Serbuk Rempah Sup, Serbuk Rempah Sup Soto, Serbuk Rempah Rendang, Sup Tulang, Sup Punjut, Sup Soto dan Raja Sup. Kini produk rempah ratus Mak Siti ada dijual di kedai-kedai runcit, Pasaraya dan Hypermarket (TESCO, Giant, Aeon Big, JUSCO dan Mydin).

Syarikat kini mempelbagaikan lagi jenis produk dengan menghasilkan produk rempah dalam botol seperti Emping Cili (Chili Flakes), Serbuk Cili, Daun Limau Purut, Serbuk Daun Limau Purut, Serbuk Kayu Manis, Serbuk Halia, Serbuk Lada Putih, Serbuk Lada Hitam dan Serbuk Kunyit. Produk-produk ini telah mula diperkenalkan semasa Expo MIHAS 2017 baru-baru ini dan  mendapat sambutan yang amat menggalakkan.

Sebelum meneruskan legasi keluarga, Siti Khawa menimba pengalaman kerja daripada bawah. Siti Khawa pernah menimba pengalaman bekerja sebagai pelayan restoran, juga sebagai kerani di sebuah firma audit dan perakaunan. Setelah itu, Siti Khawa diberi mandat oleh keluarganya untuk meneruskan legasi keluarga.. Minat yang mendalam Siti Khawa dalam perniagaan sebenarnya timbul sejak kecil lagi. Semasa berumur sekitar 8-10 tahun, Siti Khawa telah mulakan perniagaan secara kecil-kecilan. Siti Khawa tidak perasan akan minat tersebut sehinggalah pada masa itu, Siti Khawa berniaga air dan jajan di Kawasan perumahan beliau. Perasaan berniaga pada masa itu hanyalah sekadar suka-suka. Perniagaan kedua yang diceburi adalah apabila beliau cuba berniaga keronsang dan rantai tangan dan leher yang dibuat sendiri daripada manik yang dipelajari oleh seorang kenalan. Dan perniagaan ketiga adalah apabila beliau mengambil inisiatif untuk memulakan perniagaan sebagai seorang pustakawan kerana terdapat terlalu banyak buku yang dibaca beliau kemudian dipinjamkan kepada kawan-kawannya dimana pinjaman buku tersebut memerlukan deposit. Ketiga-tiga pernigaan tersebut dilalui semasa beliau di zaman sekolah rendah lagi.

Sewaktu mula-mula bekerja dengan Mak Siti adalah antara detik mencabar ketika itu. Beberapa situasi dimana pada ketika itu Siti Khawa masih muda dan mentah dalam selok belok ilmu perkilangan sehinggalah pengedaran. Antara cabaran lain pada ketika itu adalah untuk menjaga team yang rata-rata nya lebih matang daripada Siti Khawa pada ketika itu.

Antara pengalaman yang tidak dapat dilupakan termasuklah penyelewengan oleh pekerja yang lebih matang daripada siti Khawa pada ketika itu yang melibatkan sejumlah amaun ratusan ribu ringgit. Walaubagaiamanapun, pengalaman- pengalaman ini yang mendewasakan siti Khawa. Atas sebab itu, siti Khawa bertekad untuk benar-benar mempelajari ilmu dan selok- belok perniagaan walau apa pun terjadi.

Persaingan produk bukanlah perkara utama Siti Khawa. Siti Khawa akan hanya fokus kepada pesaingan yang melibatkan diri sendiri iaitu “ adakah tahun ini kita buat lebih baik daripada tahun sebelumnya”.

Setiap kali apabila merasa mahu putus asa, sebenarnya di saat itulah saat yang kita patut bangkit dan melawan perasaan itu. Siti Khawa juga tidak gemar melayan perasaan sedih terlalu lama. “Sekiranya ada sesuatu cabaran berlaku, Siti Khawa yakin itu adalah proses pembelajaran untuk ke peringkat yang lebih baik dan seterusnya”, ujarnya.

Perancangan mereka untuk 2019 adalah untuk memperluaskan lagi jenama Rempah Mak Siti ke seluruh negeri dan juga untuk memberi pendedahan kepada pengguna Mak Siti yang kini, mereka boleh peroleh produk Mak Siti di dalam botol setaraf dengan jenama antarabangsa.

Tonggak utama Puan Siti khawa semestilah ibu dan bapanya,Ibu dan bapanya adalah seorang yang amat kuat bekerja dan berusaha dalam memperbaiki kehidupan. Ini adalah kerana pada asalnya keluarga ini bukanlah daripada kalangan keluarga orang berada. Tidak asing lagi bila diperkatakan perniagaan rempah ratus yang terkenal iaitu MAK SITI . Lebih 35 Tahun perniagaan rempah ratus ini diusahakan oleh Pengasas Syarikat Nasuha Enterprise Sdn Bhd iaitu Tuan Haji Nasuha Kasin (Pengarah Urusan) dan Puan Hajah Hajir Salleh (Pengarah).

Pernah juga ibu bapa di kutuk dan dihina kerana pada masa dahulu kononnya bekerja di dalam sektor kerajaan adalah amat dihormati berbanding dengan berniaga “hanya rempah sahaja”. Ketika itu, perniagaan rempah ini diambil enteng kerana belum nampak lagi “buah dan isinya”.

Ternyata, itu semua bukanlah satu pengakhiran. Ianya merupakan pembakar semangat keluarga ini untuk terus berusaha menjadi yang lebih berjaya.

Kilang Mak Siti pada awalnya diusahakan di 2 lot rumah kedai sahaja. Diatas lot kedai tersebut dimana keluarga kecil ini meneruskan kehidupan sebagai peniaga. Tidak kenal erti siang dan malam kerana disulah perusahaan rempah dan disitulah juga tempat tinggal.

Pada tahun 2000, keluarga ini mengambil keputusan untuk berpindah ke Muar, Johor apabila perniagaan mereka semakin berkembang. Disana sana mereka beroperasi di atas tanah seluas 3200 ekar. Di Muar tersebut pelbagai aktiviti dijalankan antaranya perladangan, pemprosesan rempah ratus sehinggalan pengedaran rempah ratus. Ladang ini juga penah dinobatkan sebagai Malaysian Guiness Book of Record 2014 sebagai ladang herba terbesar di Malaysia yang mempunyai hampir lebih kurang 6000 species rempah ratus dan herba.

Ladang dan kilang   terletak di Batu 12, Jalan Muar-Pagoh, Muar, Johor  yang merangkumi  kawasan seluas 3,200 ekar. Ladang ini juga telah mendapat pengiktirafan sebagai “ The Largest Herbs & Spices Plantation’ oleh The Malaysia Book of Records (MBR).

Selain daripada mengusahakan ladang Rempah Ratus Puan Hajah Hajir Salleh (Pengarah) atau lebih dikenali sebagai Mak siti juga mengusahakan sebuah restoran . “Melayu sememangnya terkenal dengan nilai dan elemen tradisional yang diwarisi dari zaman ke zaman. Bahan-bahan masakan yang sering digunakan seperti cili, serai, ketumbar, santan kelapa dan rempah ratus dilihat terus kekal hingga hari ini dan membuatkan rasa serta keenakannya tidak banyak berubah”, ujar Mak Siti

Walau apa cara sekali pun, masakan Melayu tetap dilihat sebagai antara masakan yang unik dan enak dengan gabungan rasa manis, pedas, masin dan masam. Jika ditanya rahsia keenakan masakan Melayu sudah tentu disebabkan rempah asli atau bahan asas yang segar.

Bagi Mak Siti, keistimewaan hidangan yang ditawarkan pihaknya terletak pada konsep masakan ibu yang disediakan oleh beliau sendiri.

Misalnya, kesemua hidangan yang disajikan di sini menghidangkan masakan Melayu tradisional yang pastinya berpatutan dengan harga yang ditawarkan.

“Kami menawarkan lebih kurang 40 jenis masakan Melayu asli tanpa masakan gabungan (fusion Food) seperti yang ditawarkan di mana-mana restoran lain yang terdapat di sekitar Kuala Lumpur.

“Sebab terlalu banyak restoran menyediakan masakan gabungan, saya ingin berikan suatu kelainan terhadap sentuhan masakan asli yang pastinya lebih kena dengan selera orang tempatan,” jelasnya.

Dari pelbagai variasi lauk-pauk seperti gulai sayur nangka, ikan bakar, pecal, sayur lodeh, daging masak lada hitam dan ulam pastinya membangkitkan selera mereka yang menggemari masakan Melayu asli.

Mak Siti berkata, restorannya ini mempunyai penggemarnya tersendiri. Bukan setakat orang Melayu, Cina malah pelancong asing juga berminat dan gemar pada masakan Melayu .

Seperkara lagi yang menarik tentang restoran ini ialah masakannya tidak menggunakan perasa tiruan seperti MSG. Sebaliknya, Mak Siti memilih untuk mempelbagaikan rempah dan herba Melayu asli daripada Rempah Ratus Mak Siti serta memastikan pemilihan bahan mentah seperti sayur, ikan, ayam, daging segar supaya kualiti keenakan masakan sentiasa terjamin.

Bahan-bahan yang digunakan dalam rempah ini terdiri daripada bahan yang segar dan bebas daripada sebarang bahan awet serta ejen pewarna. Dengan adanya rempah ratus yang dihasilkan menggunakan bahan segar dan dikisar menurut standard kualiti cukup tinggi, pastinya mudah untuk sesiapa menyediakan pelbagai resipi kegemaran di rumah tanpa perlu risau rasa masakan berubah daripada kebiasaan.

“Di sini, kami mengutamakan kualiti berbanding kuantiti. Pelanggan boleh memilih menu daripada pembuka selera, salad, sup, masakan laut dengan harga berpatutan. Kami juga menyediakan menu percubaan, iaitu hidangan dalam kuantiti kecil untuk tujuan rasa.

Dengan cara ini tetamu kami dapat merasa lebih keistimewaan dan membuat pilihan yang sesuai dengan cita rasa mereka,” ujar anak kelahiran Perak ini.

Instagram :
Whatsapp : 017-330 9330

** senang-senang cubalah rempah ratus Mak Siti ya....

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

Salam Aidilfitri 2019

6/05/2019 08:11:00 pm 10 Comments

Sebulan sudah kita berpuasa. 1 Syawal menjelang tiba. Raya disambut dengan meriahnya. Alhamdulillah....

Dikesempatan ini Mia dan Sofea nak ucapkan "Selamat Hari Raya... Maaf Zahir & Batin" buat semua pengunjung blog ini yang beragama Islam.

** sempat siap jahit sepasang baju raya ini... lagi sepasang belum siap lagi.... (^_^)

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Kasut Raya 2019

6/04/2019 04:11:00 pm 5 Comments
Tadi Mia shopping kasut raya tahun ini di Aeon Big Batu Pahat. Asalnya nak beli kasut bertutup penuh macam tahun  lepas punya di SINI. Tapi Sofea nak yang sarung dan tak bertutup.

Makanya pilihan pada kasut Bata Comfit supaya senang nak jalan-jalan di hari raya. Simple... tinggal sarung ke kaki.

Alhamdulillah.... yang penting selesa bila dipakai. Kasut Sofea saiz 7 dan kasut Mia saiz 8. Sekali pandang... lebih kurang sama je.

** penjagaan kaki....

Monday, 3 June 2019

Vivo Malaysia Expands To Penang & Kedah With Special Deals & Discounts For Hari Raya Aidilfitri

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  • New Vivo Concept Stores in Queensbay Mall, Penang and Aman Central, Alor Setar gives Malaysians easier access to brand
  • 50% discount on smartphone accessories
  • Free gifts, lucky draw and deals for public at both grand openings

Kuala Lumpur, 3 June 2018 – Vivo Malaysia is celebrating Hari Raya Aidilfitri with the grand opening of two new Vivo Concept Stores at Queensbay Mall, Penang and Aman Central, Alor Setar, Kedah increasing the the public’s access to its brand in the Northern Region of Malaysia.

The Grand Opening of the Vivo Concept Stores at Queensbay Mall and Aman Central will be held at 12:00 p.m. on 5 June 2019 and 6 June 2019 respectively.

Vivo invites Malaysians to their respective grand openings where lots of deals will be on offer for this Hari Raya such as 50% discounts on smartphone accessories.

Free gifts will be given to the first 300 customers who queue up at the respective concept stores while special freebies will be given away.

A lucky draw will run from 6:30 p.m. onwards for those who purchase any Vivo smartphone on the respective dates.

For more information, please visit Vivo Malaysia on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube.

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Things You Should Know Before Travelling Montreal

6/02/2019 05:06:00 pm 2 Comments
Montreal is one of the most exciting places to visit in the entire world, mainly because of the mix of Old World charm and youthful energy it possesses. It is located at the confluence of the Saint Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers. The presence of the capital Quebec City just to the north, it enables Montreal to enjoy warm, pleasant summers and snowy winters.

If anyone is wondering what to do in Montreal, then it is discussed below. However, there are a few things that should be taken into consideration before visiting there. 

Things to keep in mind
First and foremost, the currency they use is the Canadian dollar. It is necessary that one checks out the exchange rate with his/her local currency. This is because it is very much problematic and embarrassing if the traveler later finds out that his trip just began, but he is now almost out of money as he did not properly check for the exchange rates.

Second is the weather. I am emphasizing on this issue because Montreal’s climate varies a lot with January being the coldest month and July being the hottest. Hence, to enjoy a peaceful trip without the fear of falling ill because of weather and climatic conditions at the time of the visit. This will make one’s journey much more joyous and luxurious. 

One must always be prepared to have their bills adjusted with sales tax. The reason behind this is Canada adds a federal sales tax to all goods and services.

Furthermore, most provinces also have their own tax. Hence, the bills may vary depending on where you are residing in Canada, and your bill could vary and sum up to about 15% taxes.

Thus the price shown by the price tag is not the final amount you have to pay when you buy something in a store. These taxes to be added to your restaurant bills and hotel bills as well. Thus be aware.

Below is a list of some of the most interesting places to focus during the trip.

•    The Plateau neighborhood
There are many brightly colored doors and frightening steep stairways present in here. This makes the spot highly demandable for those people who have immense love in clicking and posing pictures. There is a rich tradition of people eating and drinking in the Plateau neighborhood. There is a plethora of the city’s street art and notable coffee shops. Several different vintage stores are also present there.

•    Jardin Botanique
There are thirty themed gardens along with ten exhibition greenhouses. Here diverse plants are grown. Hence a wide range of climates are represented. There are also several outdoor gardens which include the beautiful Japanese and Chinese gardens containing stunning rose displays. Soaring greenhouses contain a tropical rain forest, ferns, orchids, bonsai, bromeliads, and penjings which meansminiature Chinese trees. 

Stated above are all of the crucial points one must keep in mind before traveling to Montreal. In addition to that, some of the must visit areas are also stated. All of these efforts are made so that one can have the true joy of traveling to Montreal.

Saturday, 1 June 2019

Program CSR Hong Leong Bank Menyemai Impian Kanak-Kanak Yang Kurang Bernasib Baik

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HLB akan membuka akaun simpanan pertama untuk kanak-kanak rumah kebajikan dan seterusnya akan menyalurkan sumbangan untuk membolehkan mereka memulakan perjalanan celik kewangan dengan setiap transaksi ASB dan pendaftaran DuitNow oleh pelanggan dari 20 Mei – 23 Jun 2019

Kuala Lumpur, 31 Mei 2019 –Sempena musim Hari Raya, Hong Leong Bank dan Hong Leong Islamic Bank (‘HLB’ atau pihak ‘Bank’) telah melancarkan kempen musim perayaan ‘Menyemai Impian’ untuk menarik perhatian kepada amalan menyemai impian ahli masyarakat yang kurang bernasib baik dengan cara yang lebih mampan dan bermakna. Melalui program CSR ini, HLB berikhtiar untuk memulakan perjalanan celik kewangan bagi kanak-kanak rumah kebajikan di serata negara, dengan membuka akaun simpanan pertama mereka dan menyalurkan sumbangan untuk memulakan simpanan apabila pelanggan menjalankan transaksi ASB serta mendaftar dengan DuitNow dari 20 Mei – 23 Jun 2019.

Menurut kisah yang dikongsi oleh sejumlah rumah kebajikan kanak-kanak, bilangan lawatan dan jumlah wang tunai yang didermakan meningkat dengan ketara pada bulan Ramadan dan Syawal tetapi peningkatan mendadak dalam amalan kebajikan ini hanya sementara dan kurang meninggalkan impak jangka masa panjang. Wang yang didermakan serta duit raya yang diberi kepada kanak-kanak ini selalunya dibelanjakan serta-merta, dan tidak disimpan untuk memupuk amalan menyimpan bagi menyemai impian dan aspirasi masa depan mereka. 

“Seiring dengan pemahaman dan komitmen kami terhadap pengurusan kewangan pelanggan dan peluang-peluang pembinaan kekayaan, kami melihat suatu peluang yang baik untuk bergabung tenaga bersama para pelanggan kami. Dengan membuka akaun-akaun simpanan untuk membantu kanak-kanak rumah kebajikan, kami dapat menyemai masa depan dan membantu mencapai impian mereka. Kami berharap dengan memiliki akaun simpanan mereka sendiri, ianya dapat menjadi pengenalan awal kepada konsep celik kewangan yang memberikan mereka semangat berdikari, serta menjadi permulaan yang baik ke arah memupuk amalan menyimpan bagi masa depan kewangan yang lebih kukuh,” kata Domenic Fuda, Pengarah Urusan Kumpulan dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif HLB. 

“Amalan kebajikan terutama untuk membantu golongan yang kurang bernasib baik adalah kelaziman pada musim perayaan ini dan kami berterima kasih atas sokongan berterusan daripada pelanggan kami, khususnya untuk Unit Amanah Saham ASB dan ASNB yang membolehkan kami sedikit sebanyak menyalurkan bantuan kepada mereka yang memerlukannya. Bagi mencapai hasrat ini, HLB telah mengenalpasti 200 penerima dari rumah-rumah kebajikan yang telah memenuhi syarat-syarat pemilihan dan akan membantu dalam membuka akaun simpanan mereka yang pertama selepas tamatnya tempoh kempen ini,” kata Jasani Abdullah, Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Hong Leong Islamic Bank.

Melalui video musim perayaan HLB, ‘Kasih Tak Berwajah,’pesanan agar menyemai impian jangkamasa panjang golongan ini dihidupkan dalam kisah manis dari perspektif seorang kanak-kanak lelaki yang berkongsi dengan bangga kisah dan aspirasi kakak-kakaknya. Rupa-rupanya ‘kakak-kakak’ tersebut ialah anak-anak tajaan ibu bapanya dari sebuah rumah kebajikan, yang menerima bantuan pasangan itu sepanjang tahun dalam bentuk deposit simpanan. 

“Menyemai impian orang tersayang memanglah penting, namun lebih bermakna jika kita juga dapat membantu secara mampan orang lain yang mungkin tidak mendapat peluang-peluang yang sama. Bantuan kecil seperti membuka akaun untuk kanak-kanak rumah-rumah kebajikan ini diharapkan akan memberi inspirasi kepada mereka untuk menyimpan demi masa depan, dan merupakan hadiah yang dapat meninggalkan impak yang berterusan ke atas mereka. Ini tidak berbeza daripada apa yang kami hasratkan untuk pelanggan kami – agar mereka dilengkapi dengan peralatan kewangan yang betul untuk menyokong aspirasi mereka,” kata Zalman Zainal, Ketua Pegawai Pemasaran dan Komunikasi HLB. 

Selain daripada program CSR ini, HLB turut menawarkan berbagai promosi penggunasepanjang musim Hari Raya, termasuk peluang memenangi hadiah wang tunai berjumlah RM35,000 apabila pelanggan memberi duit raya secara digital melalui e-Duit Rayadan DuitNow dengan menggunakan aplikasi Hong Leong Connect, seiring dengan perkembangan pesat ke arah menjadi masyarakat nirtunai. 

Untuk menonton ‘Kasih Tak Berwajah,’ sila klik di sini :

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