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Other Ways To Say AND

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01. Therefor

02. Moreover

03. Besides

04. Also

05. Next

06. Another

07. Further

08. As well ss

09. In addition (to)

10. Equally important

11. Not only - but also

12. In the second place

13. Likewise

14. Similarly

15. As well

16. Even more

17. Additionally

18. What is more

19. In the same way

20. On top of that

21. Over and above that

22. By the same token

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Players’ Paradise: Be Rewarded with Up to RM25 Vouchers with Purchase of PlayStation® Store Gift Cards

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Sony PlayStation® gamers rejoice! A jaw-dropping exclusive deal has hit 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

From now until 31 October 2021, a 7-Eleven cash voucher worth RM10 will be awarded with any purchase of PlayStation® Store RM100 gift card; whereas a RM25 cash voucher will be awarded with any purchase of the RM250 gift card.

The RM10 and RM25 cash vouchers will be automatically generated and printed at the bottom of the receipt upon purchase of the eligible PlayStation® Store gift cards. The vouchers can then be used to purchase all items at 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven Malaysia’s General Manager of Marketing, Chin Hor Wai, said: “At 7-Eleven, we know what our customers want and we do all we can to make it available where they are. Through this exclusive promotion, our loyal customers gain access to games, memberships and other exciting things in the PlayStation® Store while being rewarded with cash vouchers to shop in our stores,” added Chin. For more information on this limited-time-only promotion, kindly visit or follow 7-Eleven Malaysia’s official social media pages at 7ElevenMalaysia.

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10 mouth-watering ShopeePay deals at this 10.10 Brands Festival!

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 The Shopee 10.10 Brands Festival that culminates on 10 October not only brings shoppers a wide selection of products but also mouth-watering ShopeePay deals from participating brands and partners. 

Here are 10 irresistible deals that you can enjoy via ShopeePay Vouchers. Hurry! Better grab them before they run out.  

  1. Mydin

Photo credit: Google image

Get your daily necessities and groceries at Malaysia’s largest homegrown Halal-certified hypermarket! Accessible nationwide, Malaysians can shop for fresh food such as chicken, beef, fruits & vegetables as well as other daily necessities such as toiletries, clothes and many more at MYDIN. Get the MYDIN ShopeePay Voucher to enjoy a RM5 discount with a minimum spend of RM50.

  1. Gong cha

Photo credit: Gong cha website

Gong cha is celebrating their 10th Anniversary by introducing a new flavour to their mango series drinks - Gong cha Hong Kong Style Mango Pomelo. Inspired by the classic Hong Kong Style Mango drinks, the creamy drink is infused with smooth coconut milk, mango chunks and pieces of pomelo which makes this delightful drink a luxurious experience at every sip. Get this drink at only RM5 (Original Price: RM11) when you purchase the Gong cha ShopeePay Voucher on 10.10.

  1. myNEWS

Photo credit: myNEWS  website

Be it coffee or a quick fix for lunch, myNEWS is bound to surprise you with all the things they have to offer across its more than 530 outlets nationwide. Head over to myNEWS and enjoy RM4 cashback with a minimum spend of RM15 with ShopeePay Voucher. 

  1. Secret Recipe

Photo credit: Secret Recipe website

Founded in 1997 in Kuala Lumpur, we all recall growing up with birthday cakes from Secret Recipe. Be it a savoury meal, a dessert stop or a whole cake for a special celebration, you can find it all at one of Malaysia’s most-loved cafes. Get cakes and meals at any Secret Recipe and enjoy a discount of RM10 with a min spend of RM50 when you use ShopeePay Voucher at the outlet.

  1. Nando’s

Photo credit: Nando’s website

Nothing beats having a dessert right after a hearty meal. Head over to Nando’s and try the Nando’s Choc-A-Lot Muffin, a double chocolate muffin infused with rich melted chocolate for only RM1.90 (Original Price: RM7.90) with ShopeePay Voucher. 

  1. Häagen-Dazs

Photo credit: Google image

According to Häagen-Dazs, their most popular flavours of 2020 were Vanilla, Coffee, Strawberry, Vanilla Milk Chocolate Almond Bar and Butter Pecan. (Can’t believe Cookies & Cream did not make it into the list!) Nevertheless, nothing can stop us from having a creamy scoop of Cookies & Cream on a hot sunny day. Enjoy a RM5 discount with a min spend of RM20 by redeeming the Häagen-Dazs ShopeePay Voucher at participating stores.

  1. Marrybrown

Photo credit: Marrybrown website

Did you know that Marrybrown originates from Johor Bahru? Famous for their fried chicken and burgers, the chain now has outlets nationwide. One of their popular menu items includes Cheesy Chicken. Cheese lovers should try it out if you haven't because the oozing cheese sauce and fried chicken make just the perfect combination! Head over to Marrybrown to enjoy a sumptuous chicken meal!  Enjoy RM5 cashback with a min spend of RM15 when you redeem the ShopeePay Voucher at any Marrybrown stores. 

  1. Rotiboy

Photo credit: Rotiboy website

Rotiboy, a Malaysian bakery chain which started off in Bukit Mertajam, Penang did us proud as they now have more than 100 outlets in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, South Korea, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. If you start getting a whiff of that delicious coffee bun scent, you know Rotiboy is not far from you. Enjoy any 2 Signature Buns (Rotiboy Original, Mocha Boy, Buttermilk Boy or Kari Boy) of your choice at RM3.00 - RM3.30 with ShopeePay Voucher.

  1. BHPetrol

Photo credit: Google image

If you’re going out, don’t forget to check your car’s fuel tank. BHPetrol is offering exclusive ShopeePay Vouchers only on 10 October, where you can enjoy 10% off (capped at RM4) when you visit the BHPetrol station to fuel up!

  1. Family Mart

Photo credit: FamilyMart Facebook page

If you’re drooling over Korean delicacies that you’ve seen on K-dramas, try ’em out at FamilyMart! If you haven’t tried the Korean Cheese Ramen, you’re definitely missing out. Get 50% off (capped at RM4) the Korean Cheese Ramen series at FamilyMart when you use the ShopeePay Voucher at the store. The voucher is applicable for Odeng Korean Cheese Ramen, Korean Cheese Ramen and Dry Cheesy Korean Ramen with/without Cocktail Sausage.

*Remember to read the terms and conditions of the vouchers! 

To get these special deals and more, just follow three simple steps:

  1. On 10 October, open your Shopee App, click on the ‘Deals Near Me’ icon

  2. Check out the ShopeePay Vouchers available near you

  3. Purchase them for as low as 1 sen and head over to the outlet to redeem the voucher and pay with ShopeePay

While you’re savouring all these, remember to also check out other deals from brands this 10.10 Brands Festival at

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Cuti Umum Kelepasan Am Johor Tahun 2022

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Di sini Mia nak kongsikan maklumat penting tarikh cuti umum dan kelepasan am bagi negeri Johor pada tahun 2022. Semoga kita dapat buat perancangan percutian dan bajet perbelanjaan secara berhemah nanti.

Hari Thaipusam
18 Januari 2022 (Selasa)

Tahun Baru Cina
1 dan 2 Februari 2022 (Selasa dan Rabu)

Hari Keputeraan Rasmi DYMM Sultan Johor
23 Mac 2022 (Rabu)

Awal Ramadhan
3 April 2022 (Ahad)

Hari Pekerja
1 Mei 2022 (Ahad)

Hari Raya Puasa
3 dan 4 Mei 2022 (Selasa dan Rabu)

Hari Wesak
15 Mei 2022 (Ahad)

Hari Keputeraan Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong
6 Jun 2022 (Isnin)

Hari Raya Qurban
10 Julai 2022 (Ahad)

Awal Muharram (Maal Hijrah)
30 Julai 2022 (Sabtu)

Hari Kebangsaan
31 Ogos 2022 (Rabu)

Hari Hol Almarhum Sultan Iskandar
3 September 2022 (Sabtu)

Hari Malaysia
16 September 2022 (Jumaat)

Hari Keputeraan Nabi Muhammad S.A.W. (Maulidur Rasul)
9 Oktober 2022 (Ahad)

Hari Deepavali
24 Oktober 2022 (Isnin)

Hari Krismas
25 Disember 2022 (Ahad)

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Dari Pagi ke Malam: Rasai kelebihan sajian organik bersama Alce Nero!

10/07/2021 05:14:00 pm 1 Comments
Bulan Organik adalah satu kempen selama sebulan yang bertujuan meningkatkan kesedaran umum terhadap pelbagai manfaat makanan dan kelebihan pertanian organik termasuk makanan yang lebih bersih dan sihat serta kurang terdedah terhadap pestisid. Pengguna juga dapat mengetahui bahawa amalan pertanian yang lebih mampan ini turut membantu membanteras perubahan iklim serta memastikan biodiversiti terus terpelihara.

Alce Nero, jenama organik terkemuka di Itali, mencabar anda untuk Go Organic with Alce Nero selama sehari, seminggu atau sebulan untuk merasai pengalaman pemakanan organik dan kesannya terhadap kesihatan dan kesejahteraan diri. Bagi memudahkan penyesuaian diri dengan pengambilan makanan organik dalam diet seharian, Alce Nero telah membentuk satu siri resipi yang enak dan mudah disediakan bukan sahaja untuk sarapan, makan tengah hari, malah untuk snek dan juga pencuci mulut!

Jangan lepaskan peluang untuk mencuba rangkaian jem, sapuan dan madu Alce Nero, termasuk yang baru diperkenalkan di pasaran - Alce Nero Organic Blueberry Jam dan Alce Nero Organic Chestnut Spread yang dijual pada harga RM22.90 sebotol.

Alce Nero Organic Blueberry Jam diperbuat daripada lebih 100 gram buah-buahan bagi setiap 100 gram produk akhir. Ia tidak mengandungi pektin serta bahan perisa tiruan dan pewarna makanan. Beri biru yang ditanam dan dituai secara organik dimasak menggunakan kaedah pan vakum yang menggunakan suhu rendah dan tempoh masakan yang amat pendek bagi mengekalkan aroma, rasa dan memastikan nutrien buah-buahan terpelihara.

Sementara itu, Alce Nero Organic Chestnut Spread yang unik mempunyai rasa manis dan menyerlah serta kelikatan yang mudah untuk disapu. Hanya buah berangan yang ditanam di Itali digunakan untuk menghasilkan compote ini tanpa sebarang pektin tambahan.

Rangkaian meluas pasta, sos pasta, minyak zaitun dan cuka Alce Nero menambah lagi pilihan ramai dan membawakan kebaikan rasa organik yang semula jad dalam setiap hidangan.

Panduan Pro: Untuk merasai manfaat makan organik, cuba nikmati sajian organik sekurang-kurangnya sehari seminggu untuk merasai perbezaan rasa dan pengalaman. Gunakan ramuan organik berkualiti semasa tempoh ini. Kurangkan penggunaan bahan perasa tambahan untuk menikmati sajian yang sepatutnya. Jika ada dalam kalangan ahli keluarga anda yang berat hati untuk mencuba, hiasi hidangan anda untuk memberikan mereka pengalaman yang merangsang deria.

Sarapan: Apple Cinnamon Chestnut Spread Toast

Hidangan organik yang menggembirakan ini menyerlahkan suasana musim luruh dengan kehadiran epal, serbuk kayu manis dan buah berangan. Simfoni tekstur sapuan buah berangan, epal rangup dan roti bakar menjadikan hidangan ini satu kegemaran sepanjang masa.

Bakar roti bijirin penuh, kemudian sapukan Alce Nero Organic Chestnut Spread dan taburkan sedikit muesli hancur. Kemudian, susun beberapa hirisan epal untuk meliputi semua bahagian roti dan ditambah dengan taburan muesli di atasnya.

Lengkapkan hidangan dengan menabur sedikit serbuk kayu manis. Tuangkan sedikit madu sekiranya anda ingin sedikit kemanisan.

Makan Tengah Hari: Laksa Johor

Hidangan tempatan menjadi lebih enak apabila ia organik. Sebagai contoh, hidangan seimbang Laksa Johor ini menggunakan Alce Nero Organic Tricolore Pasta dan bukannya mi laksa yang biasa digunakan.

Rebus ikan seperti sardin segar. Buang tulang dan kisar. Simpan separuh daripada air rebusan ikan tadi.

Sediakan pasta mengikut arahan pada pek.

Kisar 2 batang serai, 5cm halia, 5cm lengkuas, 2 bawang besar, 3 cili kering dan 8 ekor udang kering. Tumis sehingga bau harum.

Kemudian, masukkan ikan yang telah dikisar, tambah serbuk kari ikan, santan dan air rebusan ikan yang telah diasingkan. Gaul sebati dan masak sehingga mendidih. Biarkan kuah sehingga pekat.

Untuk dihidangkan: Masukkan sedikit pasta Tricolore dalam mangkuk. Tuangkan kuah laksa yang telah dimasak dan taburkan hirisan timun, kacang panjang, bawang dan daun selasih, tauge yang dicelur serta potongan limau.

Keenakan rasa segar, pedas dan berempah yang dirasai adalah berbaloi dengan tempoh penyediaannya. Anda juga boleh menyediakan air rebusan ikan dengan lebih awal.

Snek atau Pencuci Mulut: Parfait Yogurt

Parfait Yogurt ini amat lazat, sihat, organik dan gambarnya sesuai dimuat naik di laman Instagram anda. Ia sesuai dijadikan sajian pilihan untuk sarapan, snek mahupun pencuci mulut, khasnya pada hari yang panas.

Dalam sebuah gelas atau bekas kaca, masukkan Alce Nero Organic Blueberry Jam mengikut keinginan anda, diikuti oleh yogurt Greek dan taburan granola rangup. Hiasi hidangan anda dengan buah-buahan pilihan - beri seperti strawberi yang bukan sahaja berkhasiat tetapi cantik dilihat. Tuangkan sedikit madu organik Alce Nero untuk kemanisan tambahan.

Ambil gambar dan muat naik ke laman sosial anda sebelum menikmatinya. Ada pihak yang gemar untuk mengacau lapisan-lapisan yang ada sehingga sebati, dan ada yang lebih suka menikmati setiap lapisan secara berasingan sehingga ke lapisan jem terakhir. Hidangan ini juga sesuai untuk majlis dan disediakan dengan lebih awal.


Makan malam: Penne Goreng Ayam

Penne goreng ayam organik ini adalah satu sajian yang memuaskan selera dan cepat dimasak. Ia adalah pilihan sempurna bagi hari-hari anda penat bekerja tetapi masih mahu mengekalkan pelan pemakanan organik dan sihat.

Masak Alce Nero Organic Penne sehingga al dente, tapis dan asingkan.

Dalam sebuah pan besar, tumis potongan bawang besar dan merah, hirisan tomato dan taufu sehingga harum.

Masukkan pes cili dan Sos Pasta Organik Alce Nero. Biarkan ia masak.

Kemudian, tambahkan ayam dan lobak merah yang telah dipotong dadu. Gaul sehingga ayam telah masak.

Masukkan penne yang telah dimasak, telur yang telah dipukul dan gaul sehingga telur sebati dengan ramuan-ramuan lain. Akhirnya, taburkan potongan daun bawang dan tauge.

Sebelum dihidang, taburkan sedikit hirisan cili.

Penne goreng ayam ini merupakan hidangan sihat yang enak dan mudah disediakan.

Dapatkan resipi penuh dan resipi-resipi lain di atau layari laman sosial Alce Nero di dan untuk Go Organic with Alce Nero. Produk organik Alce Nero boleh didapati di rangkaian AEON, Jaya Grocer, Village Grocer, Ben's Independent Grocer serta pasar raya terpilih di seluruh negara.

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Watsons Collaborates with Global Supplier Partners to Launch Over 1,600 Sustainable Choices

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Watsons is proud to announce the launch of over 1,600 Sustainable Choices products both in stores and online. The launch is the result of close collaboration with global supplier partners, including sector leaders Beiersdorf, GlaxoSmithKline, Johnson & Johnson, Kao, L'Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Reckitt, Shiseido and Unilever.

Malina Ngai, CEO of A.S. Watson (Asia & Europe), is delighted that the launch chimes with evolving consumer expectations, "Many customers started to rethink their priorities due to the pandemic and they're very much aware of the impact their choices have on the environment and society. We've been working closely with our strategic supplier partners to offer a wide range of Sustainable Choices products – everything from skincare to shampoo – making it easier for customers to make purchase decisions that contribute to a better world for all."

"We want to build a sustainable mindset and behaviour together with our customers in their daily personal care and beauty needs. It's the start of an exciting journey of a three-way partnership with our strategic supplier partners and our customers to make an impact," Ngai adds.

Watsons Goes Green

These products are easy to be identified at Watsons stores, and the Sustainable Choices section in the Watsons online store helps customers to quickly find the products that best suit their needs.

Ngai continues, "Watsons O+O (Offline plus Online) retail strategy enables us to draw on our scale and technology as we develop new initiatives. A Sustainable Choices section was soft launched earlier this year, the sales of some products have already soared by up to 300%. This indicates clearly that customers are looking for sustainable products, hence it's our mission to make them available and easy to browse for them."

"Sustainable Choices products can now be found with just a click. We hope that by making it easier to choose wisely, more customers will be motivated to do the right things, for themselves and for the planet. The initial customer response is hugely encouraging, and we're sure our customers will love our wider range of sustainable products."

The Power of Sustainable Partnerships

Watsons partnership with suppliers goes beyond the product range. In fact, we've been teaming up with them on a range of sustainability-related initiatives.

In Watsons Hong Kong, we've just launched "Plastic Reborn" campaign with P&G, a three-year commitment to reward customers with free gifts in return for bringing in empty personal care plastic bottles from any brand for recycling. Already, around 3,400kg of plastic has been recycled since February. "We look forward to Plastic Reborn becoming an integral part of Hong Kong's circular economy, and will build the programme so that each year, the difference we make gets bigger and bigger," says Yvette Fan, Managing Director and Vice President of Procter & Gamble Hong Kong.

Watsons China has teamed up with Unilever to promote the launch of the Dove Botanical skincare range, telling the story behind the products' ingredients both in stores and online to encourage take-up of Clean Beauty. The three promoted products have already been flying off the shelves, with over 40% year-on-year growth. "It's heartening to see customers enjoying these products, doing something great for themselves and the planet. We are very happy to collaborate with Watsons to promote Clean Beauty and sustainable business growth," says Arthur Li, Beauty Channel Director of Unilever.

Ngai reinforces, "The launch of Sustainable Choices reflects the strength of our collaboration with supplier partners and our connectivity with consumers. We understand that our responsibilities go beyond the health and beauty products we provide so we're committed to using our influence to inspire behavioural change that leads to a more sustainable world."

Tuesday, 5 October 2021

Too Hot to Handle: 8 Spicy Potato Chips at 7-Eleven Sure to Make You Sweat

10/05/2021 12:11:00 pm 4 Comments
Can you handle the heat? Those who “tahan pedas” will definitely enjoy the spicy potato chips range offered by 7-Eleven Malaysia, the largest stand-alone convenience store-chain nationwide.

Let’s not get too ambitious. First, we’ll start-off with Level 1. If you enjoy a little spice, you will love the exclusive Wise Cottage Fries New York Spicy Burger. With a mild spicy taste, you get to enjoy the full flavour this classic smoky grilled snack has to offer.

If Level 1 is a walk in the park for you, at level 2, we recommend the exclusive 7-Eleven Hot & Spicy Potato Chips! This limited-edition snack tastes slightly sweet and tangy with a spicy kick that does not overwhelm its other exquisite flavours.

At Level 3, we have a tie between two close contestants – the 7-Eleven Corn Snack (Hot & Spicy) and the 7-Eleven Wasabi Potato Chips. Both must-try chips deliver a perfect amount of crunch and will definitely work up a sweat. You’re guaranteed to be addicted to this exclusive power pair!

Up for something even spicier? Drumroll, please! The exclusive Herr’s Reaper is a strong crowd-pleaser rated at Level 4. This bag of tear-jerking flavours is sure to keep your brave tastebuds entertained with each crunch.

As far as we know, not many can take on the next terrifying trio. We don’t think you’ll ever make it to this stage, but if you insist, go ahead and burn your tongue with the Corntoz Spicy Buldak, Lay’s Max Ghost Pepper, and Samyang Extreme Buldak Zzaldduk Snack. Rated at Level 5, this freshly-introduced trio is sure to make you chug a chilled cup of Slurpee before you finish any one bag of chips. Once you begin to cry, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

While you’re checking out the spicy snacks at 7-Eleven, make sure you also keep an eye out on the spicy Fresh Food range that includes the 7-Eleven Flamin Mac & Cheese, 7-Eleven Sushi Spicy Salmon Mentai Inari, and 7-Eleven Sushi Wasabi Abalone Inari.

You can now grab these exclusive and new spicy delights at 7-Eleven stores in Peninsular Malaysia! Don’t wait, challenge a few friends to a fiery explosion with the 7-Eleven’s spicy offerings. For more information on the spicy potato chips range, visit 7-Eleven Malaysia’s official social media pages at 7ElevenMalaysia.

Monday, 4 October 2021

Penulen Udara SK magic Terbaharu Singkir 99.99% Virus Covid-19 dari Rumah

10/04/2021 04:02:00 pm 0 Comments
Dalam usaha melindungi rakyat Malaysia daripada Covid-19 secara berterusan, jenama kelengkapan rumah terkemuka dari Korea Selatan, SK magic, mengumumkan pelancaran penulen udara terbaharunya, All Clean Virus Fit, sekali gus mengembangkan rangkaian produk SK magic yang berteknologi canggih.

Inovasi terbaharu ini telah didaftarkan sebagai peralatan kesihatan dan perubatan oleh Pentadbiran Makanan dan Dadah AS (USFDA) dan mampu menyingkirkan 99.99% virus Covid-19 termasuk varian Delta. Ia juga mampu menyingkirkan bahan pencemar udara yang biasa ditemui dalam ruang tertutup seperti bakteria, virus, kulat dan habuk yang dapat mencetuskan masalah kesihatan.

Bagi menghadapi fasa endemik, langkah keselamatan dan kebersihan tetap menjadi keutamaan. Setakat ini, banyak perkara yang telah kita pelajari, dan kita sedar sistem imun amat penting dalam melawan Covid-19. Selain sanitasi kendiri, pemakaian pelitup muka dan penjarakan sosial di tempat awam, langkah berjaga-jaga di rumah seperti kualiti udara dalam rumah juga wajar dititikberatkan. Justeru, penting untuk kita membuat pilihan bijak bagi memastikan udara yang kita hirup di rumah adalah bersih dan segar.

“Di SK magic, kami sentiasa mencabar diri dan mencari penyelesaian inovatif bagi membudayakan gaya hidup yang sihat dan berkualiti menerusi produk kami. Sejak tercetusnya pandemik, kami giat membangkitkan kesedaran tentang kepentingan air dan udara yang bersih. Salah satunya melalui program CSR SKmagicCares baru-baru ini, kami turut menyumbang sebilangan penulen udara dan air ke pusat vaksin Covid-19, Hospital dan pusat beli-belah dengan tujuan memberi akses udara serta air yang bersih kepada rakyat Malaysia.

Bagi mencapai matlamat ini, kami berbesar hati memperkenalkan penulen udara All Clean Virus Fit bagi membebaskan kediaman rakyat Malaysia daripada virus Covid-19 termasuk varian Delta. Seperti semua produk kami, All Clean Virus Fit dilengkapi teknologi serba canggih dan reka bentuk yang sofistikated pada harga berpatutan bagi memenuhi keperluan dan keutamaan pelanggan kami,” kata Kim Kyung Won, Pengarah Urusan SK magic Malaysia.

All Clean Virus Fit SK magic bukan sahaja dapat menyingkirkan pelbagai bahan pencemar udara berbahaya dari kawasan tertutup, lebih penting, ia dapat menghilangkan 99.99% virus Covid-19 termasuk varian Delta, Koronavirus Manusia dan virus H1N1 menerusi fungsi pensterilan UV Arc Core yang terbukti, serta sistem penapisan lapan langkah yang menerapkan kecanggihan Penapis Habuk Gentian Tembaga Ultra Halus. Bagi menjamin perlindungan menyeluruh, All Clean Virus Fit juga dilengkapi ciri sedutan pintar 360° dari pelbagai arah.

Menyedari kepentingan penjarakan sosial, SK magic juga menawarkan pilihan perkhidmatan tanpa sentuh kepada pelanggan dengan menyediakan inovasi penyelenggaraan produk secara jarak jauh. All Clean Virus Fit mudah dibuka dengan ventilasi dan kipas yang boleh dicuci, sekali gus memudahkan kerja pembersihan dan penyelenggaraan.

Penulen udara All Clean Virus Fit berdaftar dengan Pentadbiran Makanan dan Dadah AS (USFDA) ini berkesan untuk pengguna yang mengalami masalah pernafasan atau alahan, sebagai peralatan kesihatan dan perubatan bagi membantu mereka bernafas lebih baik di tempat tertutup, di samping meningkatkan kesihatan dan kesejahteraan pengguna.

Penulen udara All Clean dapat disewa dengan harga pengenalan serendah RM79 setiap bulan, manakala All Clean Virus Fit boleh dinikmati pada hanya RM99 setiap bulan mulai 1 Oktober 2021. Untuk maklumat lebih lanjut, sila layari laman web rasmi SK magic Malaysia di atau laman Facebook di

Mengenai SK magic
SK magic diasaskan pada tahun 1985 dan merupakan perniagaan pertama di pasaran yang menghasilkan peralatan ketuhar gas dan pembasuh pinggan mangkuk. Sebagai salah satu subsidiari SK Group, SK magic telah berkembang menjadi perniagaan yang terkemuka dalam sektor peralatan rumah berasaskan teknologi canggih yang unik serta pengurusan kualiti yang optimum. Pada Disember 2018, SK magic Malaysia telah ditubuhkan dan ia merupakan cabang terulung di Asia Tenggara. SK magic telah dianugerahkan Innovasi CES 2020 untuk ‘Motion Air Purifier’ dalam kategori kelengkapan rumah pintar, serta ‘All-in-one JIKSOO RICH Ice Water Purifier’ dan ‘Triple Care Dishwasher’ dalam kategori peralatan rumah. SK magic memanfaatkan pengalaman selama lebih 30 tahun untuk meluaskan capaiannya dalam pasaran sewaan peralatan yang sedang berkembang pesat. Kumpulan SK merupakan syarikat kedua terbesar di Korea dengan anggaran pendapatan sebanyak USD107 bilion (RM450 bilion) pada tahun 2020.

Sunday, 3 October 2021

Quote Of The Day (913)

10/03/2021 01:58:00 pm 0 Comments
I'm trying.

I'm trying to get better.

I'm trying to be happy.

I'm trying to stay focused.

I'm trying not to get upset.

I'm trying not to over react.

I'm trying not to over think.

All I can do is try.

No one is perfect.

Don't expect me to be.

Saturday, 2 October 2021

7-Eleven Malaysia Provides Timely Support To Foundation In Commemoration Of World Alzheimer’s Month

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7-Eleven Malaysia, the largest 24-hour standalone convenience store operator in the country, recently carried out another CSR activity in collaboration with its partner, NGOHub by answering the call for support from Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM) with a generous contribution of essential supplies that will benefit their clients (persons with dementia), caretakers and volunteers.

Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia (ADFM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to advocate and raise awareness of dementia/alzheimer’s disease through public education, provide support, training and guidance to families and caregivers of persons diagnosed with it and facilitate the setting up of daycare and community centers nationwide. Established in 1997, ADFM is a member and the sole country representative of Alzheimer’s Disease International (ADI) in Malaysia and it receives full support from ADI’s Asia Pacific Regional Office.

7-Eleven Malaysia’s Corporate Communications GM, Ronan Lee, said: “It is part of our corporate values to always give back to the local community that we serve through various philanthropic activities and campaigns. With the current situation brought upon by the pandemic, plenty of NGO’s and other noble causes are badly impacted not only by reduced contributions be it monetary or in-kind, but also in terms of their respective outreach programs and volunteer participation. 7-Eleven is dedicated to not only providing material support but also hopes to raise more awareness on the initiative and efforts of the different causes it partners with regularly as we believe in enriching the lives of those that need support and knowing that every positive change we make for the community encourages us to increase our efforts of being Always There For You.”

He added, “In conjunction with World Alzheimer’s Month which is traditionally celebrated throughout September, we chose to put a spotlight on this often misunderstood condition and bring hope to anybody who is caring for a loved one diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or dementia that they are not alone and that they could seek support from the right channels.”

“In light of the pandemic, necessary precautions were taken at the handover with minimal personnel from both sides as well as minimal interaction with the supplies dropped off at the main entrance. We would like to encourage members of the public to strictly adhere to the relevant authorities’ guidelines and instructions and practice social distancing as everyone plays a vital role in overcoming the pandemic together,” he concluded.

Expressing their gratitude, Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia Project Director, Gan Chong Shyan, said, “We are comforted and humbled by the outpouring of generosity and support from 7-Eleven Malaysia for stepping up to support us during this period of need. We are ever thankful for this contribution and it definitely helps lighten our burden, as our foundation provide cares for our clients (persons with dementia) with our care workers and other support staff, during these trying times.”

“At Alzheimer’s Disease Foundation Malaysia, we are all about providing support to those diagnosed with the condition and to help provide ways to improve the quality of life of both the persons with dementia and their caregivers. Our staffs work tirelessly to raise awareness and remove any stigma often associated with this disease and they play a significant role in shaping as well as nurturing the attitudes the general public may have on Alzheimer’s and dementia,” he added.

To know more about 7-Eleven Malaysia’s latest initiatives or campaigns, follow us at 7ElevenMalaysia on our official social media channels. To discover a cause or two and be a volunteer, visit To better understand about Alzheimer’s and dementia, visit or contact their helpline at +603-79315850.

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EduCity | The Epilogue of H.A.P.P.Y. Clinic 2021: Embracing Mental Health Across Generations (10 Oct 2021)

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Bersempena sambutan Hari Kesihatan Mental Sedunia, EduCity Iskandar membawakan program bertajuk “The Epilogue of H.A.P.P.Y. Clinic 2021: Embracing Mental Health Across Generations’’ pada 10 Oktober 2021 (Ahad) dari jam 10 pagi hingga 3.30 petang.

Program berbentuk webinar ini akan menengahkan topik Kesihatan Mental dengan tiga (3) sesi berbeza untuk membincangkan isu-isu yang dihadapi oleh golongan Pekerja Profesional, Ibu Bapa dan Remaja.

Webinar ini akan menampilkan pakar di dalam setiap bidang, dan sesi akan lebih menarik lagi dengan moderator yang mempunyai pengalaman luas mengenai konteks perbincangan untuk mengupas penyelesaian isu-isu yang dibangkitkan dalam proses untuk memahami bagaimana untuk menjaga kesihatan mental.

Kami juga akan memperkenalkan pasukan EduCity Mental Health First Aider yang diiktiraf! Pada masa yang sama peserta program akan berpeluang untuk memenangi kit H.A.P.P.Y. yang eksklusif dari kami!

* H.A.P.P.Y. membawa maksud Healthy and Peaceful Practices for You

Butiran lanjut program ini ada seperti berikut, termasuk golongan penonton yang sesuai bergantung pada tajuk yang diketengahkan:

Tarikh: 10 Oktober 2021 (Ahad)

Masa: 10 pagi – 3.30 petang


Tajuk Sesi


Masa untuk Sesi




Working Through the Uncertainty of a Pandemic: How Can We Make This New Normal Work for Work?

P: Dr Nicholas Pang​, Deputy Director    

(Clinical) and Psychiatrist​, Hospital Universiti Malaysia Sabah​

M: Mr. Ijlal Nadzir​, Executive and Leadership Coach ​


10.15 pagi - 11.15 pagi

Kandungan program disyorkan pada  golongan Pekerja Profesional dan bahagian Sumber Manusia (HR).

Sesi ini akan menjelaskan cabaran yang dihadapi oleh golongan pekerja yang akan memulakan norma baharu dalam pengurusan  samaada di  dalam bentukhybrid   atau fizikal. Sesi ini juga akan membincangkan  untuk memastikan bahawa pengaturan kerja yang flexible dan selamat bagi menjamin kesihatan mental kakitangan.



Parents’ Roles in Promoting Teenagers’ Mental Health

P: Prof. Dr. Marhani Midin​, Consultant Psychiatrist, UKM

M: Mr. Yazan Shemmari, ​Head of Islamic and Disciplinary Department, Idrissi School​

12 tgh – 1 tgh

Kandungan sangat digalakkan untuk Ibu Bapa dengan anak berusia 7 tahun hingga 17 tahun.

Sesi ini akan mebincangkan masalah golongan remaja dan peranan Ibu Bapa dapat membantu dengan memahami masalah kesihatan mental mereka. Pelbagai tips akan dikongsi mengenai peranan Ibu Bapa dalam usaha membantu meningkatkan kesihatan mental remaja.



Back to University: Coping with Uncertainty & Reset of Mindset

P: Ms. Kesantini Athinarayananrao, Counsellor, Newcastle University Medicine Malaysia​

M: Ms. Azizah Khalid Merican​, EduCity Iskandar​

2.30 tgh – 3.30 petang

Kandungan sangat digalakkan untuk Belia, terutamanyaPelajar institusi pengajian tinggi, Ibu Bapa dan juga Kaunselor Universiti dan Sekolah.

Reset, Get Set and Go!


Sesi terakhir akan berkongsi tips-tips kepada pelajar institusi pendidikan tinggi untuk mengatur semula (reset) pemikiran mereka dan memunyai persediaan mental untuk menghadapi cabaran untuk kembali ke kampus, terutamanya apabila ada  banyak ketidakpastian dalam fasa endemik kini.