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Wednesday, 12 September 2007

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Check for fake coins used for parking

I would like to share with your readers about an incident today when I pay for my parking fee in Klang.

After I have parked my car, I walked to the self-service car park machine to pay for an hour's parking fee (50 sen in Klang, 60 sen in Petaling Jaya and 40 sen in Shah Alam for an hour). Everything seemed to be fine. The machine printed out a parking coupon and after displaying the coupon at the vehicle's dashboard, I went to perform my errands nearby.

When I was walking back towards my car, I saw a uniformed officer from the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) looking around at my car. He then acted as if he is going to issue a summon to my car. I ran towards him and asked him if everything is OK. I told him that I have paid for my parking and he can see the coupon clearly on the dashboard.

To my shock, the MPK officer said that he planned to issue a summon to me because the 50 sen coin that I had used to pay for the parking fee was a fake coin. The officer mentioned that if a person used a fake coin to pay for the parking fee, it means that no parking fee has been paid.

The MPK officer also showed to me how to read the parking coupon and spot if the coins used are fake or not (see the attached graphics - "TOKEN" means that the coins used are fake). Luckily, the officer understood my situation and decided not to issue any summon to me.

Having said that, I would like to share this experience and knowledge with your readers so that the unsuspected citizens can give special attention when paying for their parking fee at the self-service machines to avoid being innocently penalised.

-Source from a friend

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  1. nice info.. never mention it until today.

    some day, i will go to try 4 myself.