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Thursday, 4 May 2017

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LUPUS Awareness Month - May 2017

As an awareness to my readers, May is the LUPUS Awareness Month. As a blogger friend of Dayang Deno, I would love to support this campaign.

What is LUPUS? Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body's immune system becomes hyperactive and attacks normal and healthy tissue. This results in symptoms such as inflammations, swelling and damage to joints, skin, kidneys, blood, the heart and lungs. Under normal function, the immune system makes proteins called antibodies in order to protect and fight against antigen such as viruses and bacteria. Lupus makes the immune system unable to differentiate between antigen and healthy tissue. This leads the immune system to direct antibodies against the healthy tissue - not just antigens causing - swelling,pain and tissue damage. Help us spread the word and Lupus awareness.

Many chronic illnesses, like LUPUS are often not visible to an onlooker; thus the term "invisible illness." Those with invisible disabilities can have symptoms such as debilitating pain, fatigue, dizziness, weakness, cognitive dysfunctions, as well as hearing and vision impairments, to name a few. The symptoms and severity vary from person to person. Spreading awareness about invisible illnesses is the only way to create a more accepting, understanding world with medical and social validation for those who suffer.

Did you know LUPUS always being misdiagnosed at the beginning? Because the symptoms are likely the common sickness that people never think of LUPUS.

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  1. hakikatnya ramai lagi yg tak tahu tentang lupus ni.
    bagus sgt utk kita tingkatkan awareness.

  2. :) Abang saya salah seorang penghidap lupus. Alhamdulillah sekarang bertambah baik. Cuma masih terikat dengan jadual check up dan ubat-ubatan. Waktu tu siptom yang terdapat pada abg saya, kakinya bengkak, rambut gugur dan ada ruam2 merah pada badan. Doa yang baik2, inshaaAllah :)

  3. betul MV pun tak berapa tau pasal penyakit ni..sehinggalah kenal blogger dayang deno dan ada kawan yang menghidap penyakit ni

  4. assalamualaikum mia...mcm bahaya juga penyakit ni kn...
    ** Mama Maszull

  5. ada sorang blogger uyul kenal dayang deno ada sakit SLE kan kak mia.

    Uyul Rosli | Blonolog Blogger Picisan