How Shapellx Shapewear Strives to Be Sustainable

Sustainability has become quite crucial for many brands and companies, no matter the industry. But it has become even more crucial in the fashion industry. This industry has been contributing a lot to pollution, as in general fast fashion creates a lot of landfills with pieces of clothing that people might have just used once. 

The shapewear industry is not staying behind, and many brands, like Shapellx are turning to more sustainable ways to manufacture their best bodysuit shapewear. For the brand, being sustainable matters and they also have a commitment to shaping a better world with their sustainable shapewear solutions. 

What was the problem?

As it was previously mentioned, the fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors to water consumption and pollution. Not only that, this industry also doesn’t provide working conditions that are adequate for their workers. This is not sustainable not only for people but also for the planet. 

Shapellx promise

They know there’s now a better way to manufacture clothing. Now more mindful and sustainable processes can be used that minimize the harm that is being created to our environment. As a brand, they try to create a eco friendly shapewear wardrobe, that is stylish and sustainable. 

Their top priority: quality

As they are committed to playing an important role in promoting sustainability in the industry, they are crafting their shapewear pieces with sustainable and innovative materials. These materials have been chosen following the next criteria: being eco-friendly in production, comfortable, functional, and durable. 

Textile recycling

For them, textile recycling is the solution to environmental challenges. These challenges are air and water pollution, usually generated from open burning or soil contamination in many landfills. Unbelievably, each year around 90% of clothing waste is sent to landfills or gets incinerated. 

To be able to combat this, Shapellx recycles waste textiles and uses them for the production of their butt lifting shapewear. They consider themselves a socially responsible company and have the dedication to reduce waste pollution and minimize non-renewable resource usage. 

When brands, like Shapellx, recycle waste textiles, they are achieving their sustainability goals and are providing their customers with eco-friendly garments. 

Is this a step towards a more sustainable future? 

We would say that it is. And they are achieving it by recycling waste textiles. They have already reduced a lot of textile waste pollution, non-renewable resources, and petroleum raw material usage.  They believe that together with their customer, they can create a more sustainable future. 

What other steps are they following?

Another of the steps they are following to achieve a more sustainable future is generating less packaging waste. They are now minimizing packaging waste as they are now using biodegradable mailers, instead of using boxes. Besides they have upgraded their hangtags to recycled ones, and their poly bags too, since 2022. 

Enhancing their sampling efficiency is another of the steps they are taking. They are now focusing on doing domestic product development and research, which is also reducing the waste that gets generated by using overseas sampling.

And of course, they are achieving it through testing. Now they are following a more comprehensive process when it comes to conducting customer surveys and wear tests. This ensures that their products meet their high-quality standards. Not only does this reduce the returns but also prolongs the lifespan and durability of their products. 

Shapellx is doing everything in its power to fulfill its sustainability goals and for sure, is helping promote sustainability in the fashion industry, so we can live much longer in our planet and take care of it a lot more. 

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