Reasons To Eat Fruit

01. Cherries help calm your nervous system.

02. Grapes relax your blood vessels.

03. Peaches are rich in potassium, fluoride and iron.

04. Apples help your body develop resistance agains infections.

05. Watermelon helps control your heart rate.

06. Oranges help maintain great skin and vision.

07. Strawberries can potentially fight against canceer and aging.

08. Bananas are great for atheletes because they give you energy.

09. Pineapples help fight arthritis.

10. Blueberries protect your heart.

11. Kiwis increases bone mass.

12. Mangos protect against several kinds of cancer.

** let's eat fruits daily...

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  1. wahh, kena makan fruit selalu ni..

  2. Blueberries protect your heart
    protect daripada hati terluka ke..hahhahhaa...

  3. nak kena banyakkan makan buah lepas ni :)


  4. terima kasih infonya akak! syaza follow :)

  5. saya suka mkan buah tembikai & anggur. awak suka buah yang mana ?

    by the way, saya first time datang sini dan terus follow sebab suka dengan content blog ni. kalau sudi meh lah datang ke blog baru saya