Vivo Tease Their First S Series Smartphone By Asking You To #UnlockYourStyle

Kuala Lumpur, 8 July 2019 – Vivo Malaysia teases Malaysians today with a visual that comes with a “S” word on their official Facebook page hinting at the new S series smartphones coming to Malaysia.

Months since Vivo officially launched a new smartphone model in Malaysia, Vivo’s posting asks fans to #UnlockYourStyle with a fingerprint design that gives a clue that it is an In-Display Fingerprint smartphone.

Based on the S series smartphone which launched in China recently, the S series coming to Malaysia soon might be S1 or S1 Pro. However, due to Vivo’s diverse strategies for different markets, the Malaysian version might have different specifications compared with the one launched in China.

More information will be available on Vivo Malaysia’s website and Facebook page

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