Vivo’s New S Series Shows Its Rear

Kuala Lumpur, 9 July 2019 – The upcoming Vivo S series smartphone has revealed its rear visuals. According to the visual, the series comes with an AI Triple Camera which is similar to the recent V15 series and Y17 series.

The AI Triple Camera, now a new trend for smartphones, might have a reasonable sized Main Camera, Super Wide-Angle Camera and a Depth Camera.

As a reference, the Vivo V15 Pro’s AI triple camera is equipped with 48 Million Quad Pixel Sensor main camera, 8MP AI Super Wide-Angle Camera and 5MP Depth Camera while Y17’s AI Triple Camera packs a 13MP Main Camera, 8MP AI Super Wide-Angle Camera and 2MP Depth Camera.

Meanwhile, as the visual shows no rear fingerprint, which means the phone comes with the In-Display Fingerprint scanning technology that Vivo was awarded one of the “Best Innovations for Android Phones in 2018” by Android Authority.

As can be seen from the visual, the colour options are Diamond Black and Skyline Blue. Whilst the black always goes with anything and anyone, the Skyline Blue is aimed at being the younger, brighter and fashionable colour option.

More information will be available on Vivo Malaysia’s website and Facebook page

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