5 Must-Have Western Food In Malaysia

As a career mom, when I get home after working the whole day, it is always being lazy to go out. Feeling so tired and exhausted. Indeed, spending dinner with family at home is much better than eating outside. During working days, I always look for easy and fast cooking menu options due to limited time after reaching home before dinner. So rushing to do everything at the same time. Very pity as time goes by so fast that you do not even realize that it reaches the time to go to bed.

It is possible to cook for Malay food as usual in the kitchen but sometimes there is a need for me and my family to eat western food. Since I am not really good at cooking this type of food, I shall find a stall or restaurant that serves  western food near me. Really awesome... dinner will be served easily, or maybe order something on FoodPanda Home delivery. Another brilliant suggestion for you to handle the situation. Why not give yourself a try.

In this article, I would like to highlight my choice of 5 selection western food menus in Malaysia. So delicious and you won't regret it. My own points of view. Trust me.

# 1 - Chicken Chop

Chicken Chop is the most favourite menu of Malaysians. I also love to eat Chicken Chop with black pepper sauce. Normally it is served with fried fries, coleslaw and baked bean. Very appetizing depending on how the chicken is being cooked. For a better taste, I prefer more black pepper sauce on the chicken chop.  Always request the waiter to add more black pepper sauce on to my plate.

# 2 - Fish n Chips

Fish n Chips. Another western menu that won my heart. The best western menu options for simple lunch or dinner. I do not know why I always eat this menu. Definitely and surely because it is served with fried fries, mayonnaise, coleslaw, salad and sauce in one plate. As you can see here, I love to add-on cheese on top of the fried fish. Not that heavy meal but sure you will feel full after done eating this meal.

# 3 - Beef Steaks

I am not that keen on beef steaks but the tenderness and moisture of the meat are really tempting. Beef steaks are usually grilled, broiled or pan fried while preserving the natural flavour of the beef. Hmm.. I shall say, twice a year I enjoy eating this western menu as the price is quite expensive. The more I spend, the juicer or tender it would be. The taste also may vary depending on whether the meat is half or fully cooked. Yet, there are still not many restaurants serving this menu unless you go to the steak house. Everything is there for you.

# 4 - Pizza

Oh no! Pizza. What a lovely menu. Yes, I am a pizza lover. There is only one place I shall go... which is Pizza Hut. Serving varieties of pizza with many toppings to choose from. Usually I choose these pizza menus :
  • Island Supreme with Thousand Island Sauce, Crab sticks, Tuna, Pineapples, Onions, Mozzarella Cheese
  • Hawaiian Chicken with Tomato Sauce, Chicken Meat, Pineapples, Mozzarella Cheese.
  • Island Tuna with Thousand Island Sauce, Tuna, Pineapples, Onions, Mozzarella Cheese.
  • Beef Pepperoni with Tomato Sauce, Beef Pepperoni, Mozzarella Cheese.

# 5 - Spaghetti Bolognese

I am a huge pasta food fan. Spaghetti bolognese became my favourite menu for pasta cuisine. Served with a very savory and delightful tomato-based sauce. Where shall we go to eat this? No worries. The answer is recommended at Pizza Hut or Secret Recipe. You will sure be satisfied after eating this food. Honestly, I mostly prefer spaghetti rather than a noodle based menu.

Even though all of the above looks delicious, we as Malaysians still maintain eating local food as our main dishes. During these days, not all of us can prepare and cook western food perfectly at home or either go outside to dine-in. Thus, it is much easier if we can use FoodPanda Malaysia Delivery service to fulfill our appetite needs.

Nevertheless, in this IT world, you can have it at your own fingertips. Just simply order your food online and it will straightaway be delivered to your doorstep.

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  1. we really need food panda during this movement control order time..

  2. my most favourite dish is no 2! fish & chips! huhu.i'd love anything based on fish! in fact klu pi mcD pun i'd go for fish burger set! hehe. "fillet o fish" 😁