Top 5 Activities To Do During Dubai Visit

Dubai has become one of the hotspot destinations for tourists now a days. Although there are numerous places to visit and all equally worth your time and effort, it is not possible to cover all at once, particularly if you are on a short trip and in a hurry to grab most of it. With every year passing by, Dubai is getting better each day, with the most updated technological infrastructure availability and lot more. Large number of youngsters every year move to Dubai in search of jobs and career building. The strict administration of the Govt there is an additional boon for maintaining Dubai as we see it today. Here are a list of 5 must see places of Dubai to keep in your list of visiting:- 

Dubai City Tour: -

For Dubai City Tour, you need a bit of planning in advance, since the city is too big to cover. So be specific about the places to visit, place to halt, and time of coming back etc prior to visit. Additionally you can also hire a guide to help you optimize your time value of money. While on City Tour, you must visit the Gold and Spice market, The dry fruits market, The Pashmina shawl market, and interior accessories marketplace. Dubai is famous for all the above mentioned things. Also you get them at a cheaper price here. While on the way to visiting the above, you can halt for some time at the Jumeriah beach, known for its light green waters and white sand. Although Dubai is very hot, but that is certainly not an excuse to kick off Jumeriah beach from your list of visits.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque :- 

Located in Abu Dhabi, it is the largest mosque in the country. Tourists in large numbers visit this place every year. The mosque is faced in the southwest direction since that is the direction of the Holy place of Mecca. It is relevant because of having historical importance and its architecture is inspired by some well known mosques across the World. It remains fully crowded on Fridays wherein they offer special prayer to the Lord. During Eid, the place is beautifully decorated and looks very elegant especially for its architecture and religious importance as well.

Burj Khalifa :-

Known as the tallest building in the World, the majestic Burj Khalifa has given a special identity to Dubai. Its architecture is so unique that it is sure to leave you nothing but mesmerized and overwhelmed by its sheer beauty. More so since the places around the Burj Khalifa are beautifully decorated and looks magical during the night with the lights being illuminated. You can enjoy having a meal in the tallest restaurant in the World inside Burj Khalifa and have a taste of Arabian cuisines. The experience will really be exclusive and memorable.

The Dubai Mall: -

Well one whole day is not enough to cover this mall,  as there are so many things to see and places to go inside the mall. The animated fountain just outside the mall makes it all the more beautiful, particularly in the evening when the lights are illuminated and the fountain show starts with music to complement it. If you are travelling with kids, you can visit the Kidzania, meant particularly for kids with different entertainment gadgets and equipments where they can gain knowledge and amusement. Inside the mall is also present an Aquarium and Underwater zoo, where you get to witness different species of marine animals and their ecosystem. Also there is a football ground where you can leave your children to enjoy the game, while you continue your shopping hassle free. Once done with your shopping, you can visit the Ice Rink and enjoy skating, and actually feel yourself to be located at some well known hill stations.

Palm Jumeriah: -

The Palm Jumeriah is a manmade island shaped like a palm tree, with water bodies present in between the branches of the island. The island looks beautiful when viewed from the Burj Khalifa. You can enjoy having your meal at one of the restaurants in Palm Jumeriah while having a view of the water bodies and the light breeze that comes your way through it. The island is connected one with the other by a train, and other modes of transport. It is totally illuminated at night and looks beautiful. During the morning you can view the Arabian Gulf, Dubai skyline and the majestic Burj Al Arab from any restaurant you are sitting at.

Once visited Dubai, you are sure to have a comeback feeling – for the place is so beautiful and ultimate stress buster. The things and memories you carry back will leave you totally refreshed with a blessed feeling. Dubai is connected to all parts of the World, and travelling is really easy once you have the necessary funds available with you. So what are you really waiting for? Get your bags ready and simply head off.

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