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Having a child is a beautiful thing in a parents' life. A priceless gift that should be lovingly cared for. For sure we want the best for our beloved child. As a mother I do tend to treat my daughter well for her needs, safety and comfortable since she was born. 

A few days before, I did came across a great site for personalize baby gifts and newborn essential from the result of my search on google. Let me introduce you to Raph & Remy. For those who are looking for an exclusive gifts for baby or even want to buy for your own do have a look at this site. You can even order for customise item. Click HERE.

A simple site that offers varieties of Personalised Baby Gifts, Apparel and Gift Sets to meet your needs and desires. Personalised, premium, stylish and sustainable. No need to worry if you want to shop online here. Raph & Remy is using worldwide DHL Service Delivery for your parcel and you are entitled for free standard shipping island wide on orders over SG$80. What a great offer!

Let's have a glance and window shopping first....

Specially designed to celebrate your love ones, you may add special touch to personalise chosen gift of premium bamboo baby essential with exclusive embroidery thread color swatch.

Raph & Remy also provide apparels for newborn babies such as knotted gowns and baby onesies. Perfect for your baby's comfort.

Last but not least, Raph & Remy allows its customers to buy pre-made gift sets or personalise their own selection by adding gift box & gift card bundle deal to shopping cart before checking out.

So now.. What do you think? Amazing, right? For more, you can click on the links below :

** let's shopping....

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  1. Alololo comel, ni kalau ada baby memang Sis beli laaa memborong hahahaha

  2. menarik..seronok ibu2 yg baru nk dpt anak first ni klu tgk

  3. bestnya ada banyak pilihan... puas hati ibu2 dapat shoping barang baby yer