Healthy hair comes from a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp is achieved by some basic habits, like washing your hair regularly, oiling it and massaging it. A healthy head of hair also needs some organic products like crème of nature twirling custard because it helps your curly hair have more definition and style. It is not secret that curly hair needs more care than straight hair. 

The healthy scalp habits are as follows :-

A balanced diet is essential because it makes sure your hair and scalp are getting all the nutrients it needs to keep your hair healthy. A balanced diet ensures you have all those vital nutrients that you need to make sure your hair will be thick and luscious. It makes sure that your blood is purified as well. This helps better circulation and carrying of all the nutrients. Green vegetables, eggs, leafy vegetables, fish, chicken, nuts and food rich in antioxidants are a must. Along with it the crème of nature custard is a great option for styling your hair, it gives it nourishment and helps you have great style.

Scalp massages are so underrated. Yes, your scalp needs a massage more than anything else. This is because it helps stimulate the blood flow to your head, helps spread the natural oils, which is a necessity in curly hair, helps your hair become fuller and opens up the pores too.

Hair washing frequencies are difficult to put a timeline on, sometimes it is okay to wash everyday if you have extremely oily hair or you wash once a week if you have dry hair, but the bottom line is you wash your hair as less as possible and with sulphate free options because that keeps your hair in a better shape, especially curly hair. Frequent washing strips your hair of the natural oils that it has and makes your hair absolutely dry, you can use a dry shampoo in the middle to elongate your shampoo day times.

Proper conditioning of the hair is a necessity, because it helps your hair become silkier, shinier and smoother to manage. This also helps your hair get more moisture and keep a lot of the moisture in. The crème of nature products gives a lot of moisture and retain moisture in your hair, while giving it a strong shine.

Hair dyeing is most a big no, because primarily it makes your hair extremely dry and brittle. Especially ammonia-based hair colours. So, as tempting as it is, it is a suggesting that you avoid colouring your hair and if you still wish to colour your hair, then you can always make sure that 1-2 months in advance you put more hair masks and warm oil sessions for your hair because that will make with more moisturized and less damage will be caused.

We do not say supplements are the only way to get great hair, but we do recommend that your consult a dermatologist and get to know if and what supplements you should take for your hair. Supplements add extra benefit in growing your hair. It helps alongside your diet.

Hair should always be treated like it is a precious gem, but sadly most of us do not follow that and hence we have so many issues. Whenever you step out, make sure you cover your head with a scarf or a cloth to save it from sun damage. It also helps if you apply serums, hair creams etc to keep your hair moisturized and safe from damage. This helps your hair be safe from sun damage and also pollution cannot get stuck to your hair so easily. 

Your curly hair can be daunting at times, but don’t you worry, this blog shall help you get to the hair goals you desire. Hair can be saved, if you make an effort to do the following steps above. It should make you happy rather be a cause of concern for you. Let there be no problem in managing your tresses henceforth because we hope this helped.

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  1. rambut leya semenjak selepas beranak memang banyak gugur. tengah mencaro solution ni

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  3. supplement dengan serum rambut je takde lagi

  4. setuju.. kena jaga kulit kepala dulu barulah rambut cantik