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Wow! So amazing. My first impression when I surveyed cubes at GAN CUBE online shop. I would love to share with my fellow readers if you are interested with challenging and creative activity, playing cubes for leisure time. After all, it is suitable for family activity games to develop and sharpen children's mind. For sure, it might be difficult at the first time playing the cubes but after thorough practices, you can solve it easily.

GAN CUBE has created premium products including :-



Lite Cubes

Infinity Customize

GAN Aliens

Cubing Sets


Limited Edition

Monster Go

Like I said, there are many different design for GAN Cubes in order to fulfill the needs and interests of its customers. Each design has its own purpose. You may browse one by one and choose the best cube for you.

Furthermore, GAN CUBE established Team GAN GURUS and gathered all the top genius speedcube players including Feliks Zemdegs Height who broke 78 cube world records and gain more than 200 gold medals.

GANCUBE maintained in speedcube research & development for 10 years. GAN cubes have been sold to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide. 

GANCUBE leads the reformation of speedcube technology with dozens of national patents and certifications.

My recommendation for you. Do feel free to visit GAN CUBE Shop and have a look at it. You will be fascinated by the uniqueness of this GAN CUBE. Just buy one and play it at home.

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  1. menarik. Saya dari zaman belajar sampai sekarang tak pernah2 berjaya slesaikan rubic cube. :P