Can We Wear Shapewear As Usual Clothes? Here Are Helpful Tips

In the last year or two, maybe, we have seen more and more people, especially influencers and celebrities, wear their favorite shapewear, usually a bodysuit, as normal clothes. But why are they doing this? Well, they realized that there are some styles of shapewear that, thanks to their designs, can be worn normally as any other usual clothing piece.

Shapewear outerwear and it has become very popular amongst many around the world. Of course, it has become popular and  the reality is that it has simplified a lot of what it means to wear shapewear. 

What is shapewear outerwear?

Shapewear outerwear is shapewear that looks like normal clothing.  We can also say that there are some types of normal clothing that have shaping abilities included in them. This has been simplifying the process of wearing wholesale shapewear, as these pieces used to be worn under your outfits, sometimes making the process of putting it on and taking it off quite tedious. With these types of shapewear you won’t have to put on and off many layers of clothing anymore, just the normal ones you would, if you wouldn’t be wearing shapewear. 

Why can shapewear be worn as usual clothes? 

As mentioned before, we are now able to wear shapewear as usual clothes because it is a trend that has been made popular by many celebrities and influencers. Also, wearing shapewear as usual clothes will depend a lot on the style of the shapewear. 

Now brands are designing their shapewear pieces, with styles and designs that mimic normal clothing and that we would be able to buy as any kind of stylish top, for example, in the case of bodysuits. These bodysuits obviously have shaping technology included. 

There are many styles of shapewear outerwear, not only bodysuits, even though these are the most popular ones. There are leggings and pants, tops, built-in shaper dress, and even jumpsuits. 

Some ideas to wear your shapewear as usual clothes

As shapewear outerwear comes in many styles, there are many ideas to style them either together or with other pieces in your closet.  Let’s start with the famous bodysuits, as there are many ways you can style them. 

If your bodysuit has spaghetti straps, a great idea is to style it with a blazer and a pair of heels for a more elegant touch. For a more casual touch, you can add sneakers too. Remember always to accessorize to more style. Bodysuits tend to look amazing when you pair them with high-waisted denim jeans. 

You can do the same with shaping dresses. For a more elegant touch, you can add heels or heeled sandals, and for a more casual one, sneakers are just fine. In this case either a leather or denim jacket will be great options too. Here it will depend a lot on the length of the dress and the length of the sleeves too. 

When it comes to leggings or pants and tops, you can mix both pieces together and add heels for an office-friendly look, and sneakers if you want to be more casual. The outer layer can be a nice oversized blazer. In some cases, some tops will also look great paired with high-waisted denim jeans and a blazer or jacket. 

As you can see, the possibilities are endless and the many different styles and pieces will allow you to play with your style and imagination, putting up the most amazing outfits that will not only make you look good and well-dressed but with a nice hourglass figure and shaped and enhanced natural curves too.  


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