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Monday, 7 July 2014

# Pearl

Imagine Believe Achieve

Imagine will comes first before we believe and try to achieve it. An inspiration.. could be impossible but when we believe it, everything will be possible. Provided that you will have full effort on it. For sure, it can turns to reality. Really need lots of hardwork and committed towards success.

Imagine with all your mind.
Believe with all your heart.
Achieve with all your might.

Suddenly I remember this song, I Believe I Can Fly....

english time... (^_^)


  1. melalui imagine itulah kdng2 menybbkn kita berusaha untuk mencapai...

  2. If you believe and confident, You Will Get It What You Want. You Deserve It..

  3. Assalamualaikum mia..percaya pd diri sendiri...

  4. Bardoa didalam hati senjata mukmin, Sertakan usaha dan redho dengan ketentuan Allah S.W.T

  5. best lagu tu,i believe i can fly...evergreen jer

  6. percaya pd diri sendiri dan yakin dgn kemampuan