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Thursday, 15 March 2007

# Health

Bad Mood

Arrrrgggghhhh ! So tired... Not happy... Angry... Sad... Cry... Bad news ... These factor will lead to bad mood situation. Don't be too serious. Relax.

Whatever may have caused your bad mood. Stop it. Open your mind. It’s time to get over it. Can't get rid of it but can control from getting worst. Then, when your emotional overwhelming your rational mind, something that is not good will happen... (not going to say here.. but you can predict)

Important message. Don't ever let your bad moods affect your work or personal lives. Never. For sure you will not enjoy your life. Just like a robot. No heart feeling. Better die than living. I guess.

Although we’ve all heard the expression a million times, life really is too short. Here are some helpful ways to help diffuse your bad mood:

Divert your focus: Sometimes you find yourself in a bad mood for no good reason. It could be because you aren’t doing anything productive. Find a project to focus on. The task doesn’t have to be a long or complicated one. It could be as easy as washing your car or finishing painting the backyard fence. The point is to find something where you get tangible results. In turn, you will feel gratified, and feeling gratified is a great way to lift a bad mood.

Find alone time: Get rid of any outside influences that may be adding to your negativity. Shut the door, walk to the park and turn off your handphone. Be one with yourself. Try meditating or doing yoga positions.

Exercise: A great way to relieve stress and get those endorphins going and going. Even if jogging around the neighbourhood, exercises will you feel energized quickly and have better stamina. You also become more in tune with your body and what it’s actually capable of, making you feel strong and accomplished.

Indulge: Go for a massage or chill out in your gym’s sauna room. Ask your best friend to join for you a nice dinner out or treat yourself to that afternoon nap you’ve been dreaming about. Take a luxurious bubble bath. Indulge in something you might not normally indulge in.

Give: When you’re in a bad mood, you may feel like it’s all about you. Your problems are so overwhelming that you deserve to dwell in them. Instead of giving in to this way of thinking, just try giving.

Smile: Find something will make you smile. Imagine of your sweetest memory with friends, love, marriage, achievements and so on. Looking at the photos, watching comedy movies, cartoons that will make you laugh and smile...

After all, a healthy lifestyle begins with a healthy body.


  1. assalamualaikum mia...singgah ke entri lama mia yer...:)

  2. when bad mood come early in the morning,.it will affect for the whole day..uhh...keep smiling, i believe you are strong..