image South Afrikan Delegates Visit Tour After 7th International Pineapple Symposium 2010 - Part 3 - Mia Liana

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Monday, 26 July 2010

# Work Matters

South Afrikan Delegates Visit Tour After 7th International Pineapple Symposium 2010 - Part 3

Final entry for this marvelous visit tour. Continue from previous entry - Part 2

After filled in our stomach, we continued our tour to Simpang Renggam. Along the way, we dropped by at fruit stall since the delegates insisted to eat the King of Fruit, Durian. They tasted the Durian and said the taste was same like Custard Apple from their country. We suggested them to drink plain water after that ... if not would become .. hot.. hot... hot... Hope they will remember this moment!

Finally, we arrived at our last destination... Peninsula Plantation Sdn Bhd at Simpang Renggam Pineapple Estate which covers about 2666.9 hectares. The delegates were so excited to be there.

Hmmm...oh dear. We didn't realize how suddenly we have to end our visit tour. We will be missing you. Hope you will never forget the precious moment that we had spent together. Do keep in touch... Waka waka. Come and visit us again here...

p/s: Thanks for the South Afrikan Songs CD. The songs are so unique and pleasant to be listened.


  1. bestnye kak..byk nenas!eh org omputih tu mkn gak durian ek kak??cm jrg je nie jumpe dorg mkn durian..hihi

  2. i like durian so much..

  3. nenas moris johor kot...:-) blog ni makin advance..xpa tgl jejak kat sini..

  4. Salam perkenalan,

    Nampak ada petai, delegates tu beli ke?

    Semoga hari-hari anda membahagiakan.

  5. Mereka cuma makan durian je. Petai xbrani nak cuba.

  6. whoa! memang dahsyat kalau omputih tu makan durian. hehehe