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Wednesday, 28 July 2010

# Study Matters

Final Exam For Semester May 2010

Oh.. dear. how suddenly August will going to appear next week. Thinking on how am I going to struggle for my study. Final exam sounds scary to me. Concentrate in study is important to me right now. Previously what I did, I just read the book/notes without any sense of feeling. 

For this semester I had 4 subjects for final exam. Not really prepare for it but have to face it.

Subject Operating System is a repeat subject. Hopefully I can improve the grade. Just attend the final exam only. Last time on September 2009 semester, I couldn't concentrate on this subject after gave birth to Sofea. I got B- for this subject while the other 2 subjects got A (Data Structure) and A- (System Analysis & Design).

To be noted that this semester is very challenging to me. My work a bit busy nowadays. Plus Sofea now learning to walk and talk. Hopefully I can manage my time to study. Although time is limited but still I have to make it enough for me to do everything. Think and be positive. Motivate myself for any problem I faced.

Exam Dates :
Sunday 15 August 2010
Monday 16 August 2010
Monday 23 August 2010
Tuesday 24 August 2010

My schedule right now change to exam mode. Everyday I should spend 2 hours for study. Anything.. could be reading, understanding, memorizing, making short notes, surf information in the net, watch English movie and news and so on.

As you can see, the most big challenge for adult learners like me is time. Followed by family and work matters. That is why some of us could possibly will not finish our study. So, for full time students, I hope you should not waste your time and please make full use of it by studying smart for your own benefit in the future.

p/s: Don't simply look down on adult learners. I really respect them as they can manage their responsibility properly. For others, good luck for your final exam. Don't be stressed.


  1. good smart..
    berdoa.. insyallah boleh berjaya

  2. study smart and be calm to go through all this,,
    wish you all the best..

  3. good luck..
    teringin nak sambung belajar..huhu

  4. good luck... sha doakan akk berjaya!! nanti kalu dah lulus dengan cemerlang tue.. jgn lar lupa blanja makan... heheheheee.. gurau jer...

  5. uikkk heheheh... terima kasih semua...

  6. good luck sis..usaha..doa..tawakal..insyaallah berjaya..amin

  7. good luck sis..usaha..doa..tawakal..insyaallah berjaya..amin

  8. wish u all da best!chaiyok2!insyaAllah berkat doa suami dan keluarga, u can do well!tawakal and keep praying k!

  9. kak mia...gudluck ok :D
    do ur best :D
    fatin tau kak mia boleh :D
    caiyok2 :P