25 Ways To Be Charming

  1. Make an effort to remember names
  2. Practice good etiquette
  3. Listen earnestly when others speak
  4. Sit up straight
  5. Walk with confidence and head held high
  6. Smile at others
  7. Say please and thank you
  8. Don't complain in public
  9. Respond thoughtfully in conversation
  10. Don't be afraid to make eye contact
  11. Have a positive attitude
  12. Keep an open mind
  13. Don't be quick to judge
  14. Express genuine interest in others
  15. Be open with your praises
  16. Keep your friends close
  17. Treat your enemies with respect
  18. Exhibit curiosity
  19. Don't take people for granted
  20. Be honest with others
  21. Make others feel comfortable
  22. Take responsibility for your mistakes
  23. Be generous with others
  24. Make sure you are always on time
  25. Be comfortable in your own skin

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