Vivo Unveils Stunning New Headquarters In China

A Sneak Peek Into The Lives of Vivo’s Employees in China

7 May 2019, Kuala Lumpur – Vivo’s global success and growth has been an undisputed success for a relatively newcomer in the smartphones industry. Based on a recent report by the International Data Corporation, Vivo is the 5th largest smartphones manufacturer as of Q1 2019.

Vivo has just recently completed the construction of their latest Headquarters in China, and we have the exclusive first look for you right here. It strongly showcases Vivo’s cultures and values in technology and nature, with the geometric designs inspired by nature, and plenty of outdoor spaces including multiple parks and courtyards.

The innovative V-shaped bridges can be found all over the headquarter’s area and it connects all the building blocks. It is also designed not just to symbolizes the brand’s logo, but it is also built to withstand typhoons.

The interior workspaces have plenty of natural lighting, providing a light and spacious feel.

Amphitheaters are designed for product briefings, meetings, townhalls or even a movie screening.

The headquarters also comprises many parks and seating areas, perfect for brainstorming, breakout sessions, or just to have a short break and be rejuvenated by the greenery and perhaps be inspired for the next big design. Just imagine having your coffee on the rooftop terrace in early Spring.

All work and no play makes a person dull. Vivo understands that a person’s physical health will affect their mental health, and they have included many R&R activities within the campus to keep their employees fit and healthy. There are also dance studios and yoga studios if the barbells and football is not your cup of tea.

Enjoy a friendly game of pool or ping pong with your colleagues. Meeting disagreements can be settled in more than one ways now.

Staff accommodations are also provided.

The new Vivo Headquarters will be officiated mid-May. Would you like to work here someday? We know we will. In the meantime, we let the video speak for itself.

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