7 Things You Must Carry While Travelling To Dubai

Dubai is among the most popular holiday destinations with several attractions. There is the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building ever and the Burj Al Arab, the first 7-star hotel. There are theme parks, museums, water aquarium, indoor ski park, and shopping malls. The city also hosts events throughout the year. The number of attractions in this emirate is never-ending. 

It’s natural for people planning their first trip to the emirate to feel anxious. They need not worry. By taking some simple measures they can stay safe and enjoy their holiday.

Next, we will discuss some essentials that travelers must carry on their trip to Dubai.

Essential Documents

Travellers must double-check their documents and get photocopies of the documents done. They must carry the photocopies along and keep the original documents like tourist visa, id proof in their hotel.

Travelers in the city must carry :
  • Identification documents that include national identity card or passport
  • Valid entry and residence visas

Labor officials often do spot checks for tracking down employees employed unlawfully and inspecting passports that employers have with them.

Passport Pouch

Crime rates are very low in Dubai. However, Pickpocketing can happen any place.

The ideal thing to do is keep all valuables inside a safe in the hotel room. However, a pouch with RFID protection and ample storage to keep foreign currency, cards, and travel documents is recommended.

Equipment to take for electrical appliances

Almost everyone visiting Dubai will use a laptop and some other appliances. 

The sockets and power plugs in the emirate are types C, D and G.The average voltage in the emirate is 230 V while 50 Hz is the average frequency.

Electricity supplies in countries worldwide vary from 100 to 240V.

Visitors from counties with an average voltage of 220 to 240 V can use their appliances in the Emirate.These visitors just need a travel adaptor for plugging their device into an electrical socket here.

However, it’s extremely risky to use electrical appliances rated at a voltage that isn’t the same as the supply. A voltage transformer or converter is required in such cases. Now, people can get plug adaptors with voltage transformers and converters. Thus, they don’t require purchasing the travel adaptor separately.

Visitors can ascertain whether they need a transformer or converter by checking an appliance rating plate.Something like ‘INPUT: 110-240V’ will be given onthe power supply or the body of Dual voltage rated appliances. In such cases, visitors won’t require a transformer or converter. 

Visitors who have appliances with a voltage other than 230V must use a voltage converter or transformer.

What will a visitor do for a corded device with a frequency of 60Hz in Dubai? The effect is minimal is somesuch devices and will need some adjustment on the part of the users. One such device is a food processor.   

However, motors of devices that run for a long time will heat up very fast and may burn out. For such devices, a "3-tap" transformer will do the trick. 

Clothes and footwear

Dubai is liberal regarding clothing. However, it’s a Muslim nation and visitors should cover their knees and shoulders in the restaurants, malls, and hotels. Men visiting an upmarket restaurant may have to put on long trousers and closed shoes.

Coming to beachwear, visitors can take what they prefer that include bikinis and full-cover Islamic swimsuits. Pools, beaches, and waterparks entertain such wears. However, ladies are advised to put on a tunic or kaftan while strolling about or walking to the reclining seat from the restroom. 

Visitors who wish to visit Old Dubai should carry conservative dresses as they're likely to come across numerous locals and Muslim tourists. 

Visitors who wish to visit some rural regions or mosques in the Emirate should carry outfits that cover their arms and legs. Ladies must wear scarves on their head inside mosques.

Most tourists to the emirate go on a desert safari. Shorts, pants or capri pants and t-shirts or blouses are appropriate. Mini shorts and skirts are best avoided.

Those who go on a night safari or an evening safari in the winter season should carry a sweater or a jacket. 

Thin sweaters are advised for cooler evenings during the winter season. Summer shawl or wraps are advised for covering head, shoulders, and knees when needed.

As for footwear, Sandals, Flip flops, and shoes are okay. Sandals that have straps around the ankles are ideal for desert safaris as tourists won’t lose them in the sand. Comfy, cushioned and washable insoles are excellent for outings in winter. 

Casual shoes and appropriate dress shoes are advised in pubs and clubs respectively. Some top restaurants in Dubai allow just closed dress shoes.


Sunscreen is a must in Dubai. Mid-summer in the emirate is unforgiving and visitors should use UV protection.

Tourists should use formulas with a higher SPF that doesn’t make the skin oily for their faces. 

Sunglasses, hats, and caps

Sunglasses will save the eyes of tourists the strain in the dry and sunny climate of Dubai. It’s also a good idea to wear a hat along with Sunscreen. A foldable hat is a good choice as visitors can pack it without damaging it. Rugged water-resistant hats are good for outdoor excursions.

Water Bottle

Visitors to Dubai are strongly advised against drinking water from taps. Hotels supply tourists with ample bottled water. Visitors going for outdoor excursions can boil this water further, make it cool, and carry it in a water bottle. They can put in lemon for maintaining their vitamin levels and staying hydrated all day long.


Many other items can feature in this list. They include beach bags, deodorant body wipes, mosquito repellant, digital cameras, a personal VPN, Organic Whole Foods Multivitamin and more.

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  1. make sure to drink lots of water. Dubai is very hot


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