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Sunday, 5 April 2020

# Health

Why You Are Not Losing Fat

01. You're not getting enough sleep.

02. Not eating enough fiber.

03. Not hydrated. Drink 3 liters per day.

04. Adding too much oils to your meal.

05. Not eating enough protein.

06. Doing too much cardio and not enough resistance training.

07. Eating a lot of high calorie healthy foods.

08. Roughly estimating your calories.

09. Eating too much processed carbs and sugar.


  1. patut la tak turun berat ni...rasa macam hampir semua tu saya buat...erkk

  2. wonderlah berat badan saya liat nak turun. hampir buat semua.

    1. kalau nak buat.. kena ambil berat hal yang di atas ni... supaya cepat turun...