Exam is Over!

Hmmm... lots of thing happened in between these 2 weeks during exam mode. Sofea got high fever, I had fever too.. It's not what you think about... The challenges were too strong. It's not easy for me.

I did my study but couldn't have full concentration as I also being tied with other commitments. Not matter what happened, finally I had finished my exam for this semester. So happy that the big burden already flown away. Just wait for the result next month.

I insisted that this time the questions were very hard, more towards giving thoughts and general knowledge. For subject Operating System, the questions were too technical and yet I was a bit frustrated since I was not confident for mu answers. For Oral English, most of the questions I answered with confident. hopefully to get a for this. For Professional Ethics, I a bit tensioned when answering the questions that seemed very difficult and more to application and example of the concepts. And lastly as for today, for Object-Oriented  Approach in Software Development, I just answered whatever I could. Not really sure, and not hoping to get A.

I realized that after being awarded the OUM scholarship for this year, I become very stressful when want to do the assignments and answer during exam. Too much worry to maintain the pointer, should not lower than 3.67 every semester.

But now, I felt that it's ok if I can't maintain the pointer at least I had tried my best to do it. Got Another 5 semesters to complete my Bachelor of Information Technology with Honours. Always motivate myself to be positive at all time. If others can, why I can't. This is my ambition from the beginning. When having problem, must express it out so that you will feel relieved.

p/s: don't know what to say.. just chit chatting...

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