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Sunday, 1 August 2010

# Study Matters

What Makes Me A Malaysian

Actually this is my assignment title for Oral English. I just finished my oral presentation. Actually a bit nervous, En Omar, my lecturer looked very fierce to me. My imagination only. I was not really prepared for this presentation as yesterday was my sister's wedding. Just came back from hometown last night straightaway did the presentation in Powerpoint. I was needed to present the findings of my interviews and highlight important remarks made by my respondents in relation to “What Makes Me A Malaysian”Now, I felt very relieved. Not really hope for the good marks. As long I can pass, it's ok for me then.

Firstly, my introduction was mainly about Malaysia identity, history, population multi racial and multi cultures. For my finding section, I elaborated more on 2 topics only and they are ways in enhancing the relationships among the various races in Malaysia and the biggest influence in patriotism.

Whatever it is, the big burden already gone right now. Just have to be prepared for the final exam which is just around the corner.

p/s: thanks a lot for my officemates who really help on my interviews and photoshooting specially for this assignment.


  1. wah-wah sampai tulis entry pun dalam bahasa inggeris yee auntie. hehehe ;D

  2. terima kasih.....

    bangga jadi rakyat malaysia...
    malaysia tanahairku...

  3. hehe yep2 patut berbangga jadi rkyat malaysia..hehehe
    kak mia tere bi la..fatin kureng hehehe