Walking By The Minutes

Walking By The Minutes

Everyday we walk. But, we do not know what happen to body when we walk. Walking is a good and simple exercise for everyone. After read this article, you may eagerly want to spend your time walking.

Here we go...

By now you know that a brisk stroll will do both your mind and body a lot of good. But if you still need some motivation to get moving, check out exactly how different amounts of walking will benefit you.

1 minute
Makes you more likely to have a waist circumference 4 cm smaller than someone who sits all day

2 minutes
Activates the genes responsible for metabolizing fat and carbohydrates and activates anti-inflammatory signals

3 minutes
Lowers blood pressure and triglyceride levels after a meal

5 minutes in nature
Improves self-esteem by 46% and mood by 54%

5 - 10 minutes
Increases creative thinking and creative problem-solving by 60%

6 minutes at a brisk pace
Correlates to better memory and logic and more gray matter in the brain in older adults

15 minutes after a meal
Significantly lowers blood sugar levels and reduces diabetes risk

20 minutes daily
Increase bone density in post-menopausal women

30 minutes
May improve executive functioning and relieve symptoms of depression as effectively as prescription anti-depressants and reduces risk of stroke 30%

30 minutes after a meal
Leads to 3 to 6 lb weight loss, depending on walking speed

40 minutes
Cuts risk of coronary heart disease in half in elderly men

45 minutes
Reduces inflammatory markers and adipose tissue in thighs and belly

50 minutes
Reduces inflammation and cell damage in older adults

60 minute per day
Reduces breast cancer risk by 14%

90 minutes in nature
Decreases depressive thoughts and reduces activity in the area of the brain linked to risk for mental illness

150 minutes per week
Reduces body weight, BMI and blood pressure

150 minutes
Reduces inflammation and cell damage in older adults

240 minutes per week
Reduces risk of hip fracture by 43% in men

450 minute per week
Ups life expectancy by 4.5 years

** walk for healthy living....

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