Why Do We Need Vitamin D?

Why Do We Need Vitamin D?

Mothers need enough vitamin D for both yourself and your developing or recently born infants for
  • uncomplicated pregnancy
  • healthier, full term baby
  • developed immune system
Not getting enough vitamin D means your baby's bones can become soft, are more likely to break and your baby is also more likely to develop rickets. Important for
  • strong healthy bones
  • immune development
Vitamin D is still important for strong healthy bones. research suggests it is also important for 
  • strong teeth
  • strong immune system
  • protection from ear infection
  • protection from sore throats
Vitamin D is important in almost every area of health
  • supports a strong immune system
  • helps protect from cancer
  • helps regulate blood pressure
  • support brain and mental health

Taking vitamin D as you get older is important, as it is harder to get outside and make vitamin D from the sun. Important for
  • maintain balance
  • reduce likelihood of falling
  • decrease the risk of fracture
  • maintain cognitive function


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