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Sunday, 11 June 2017

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Health Benefits Of Ginger

Health Benefits Of Ginger

  1. Soothes irritable bowel syndrome
  2. Helps with weight loss
  3. Relieves tired muscles
  4. Helps with morning sickness
  5. Reduces arthritis inflammation
  6. Improves circulation
  7. Opens up inflamed airways
  8. Blocks heartburn
  9. Helps fight cancer
  10. Prevents motion sickness
  11. Clear sinuses
  12. Fights alzheimer's disease
  13. Improves breath
  14. Strengthens immune system
  15. Protects against radiation
  16. Clears skin
  17. Heals frostbite
  18. Reduces the risk of heart attack
  19. Relieves gas
  20. Relieves menstrual cramps
  21. Fights infections
** once a week I drink light ginger juice... 


  1. mee too..
    sedap minum kalau ginger tu buat sendiri. campur dengan a few ulas bawang putih..:)

  2. Great article! I loooove ginger. Anyone interested in this stuff should definitely check out the book Everyday Roots. It teaches you how to replace all of the harmful chemical products in your life with organic ones. It's completely changed my life and how I feel everyday :)

    Heres a good article about it:

  3. assalamualaikum mia...wah !! bagus2 ni..boleh buang angin...
    ** Mama Maszull