5 Excellent Ways To Do Paddle Board Yoga

5 Excellent Ways To Do Paddle Board Yoga

Quit your normal daily workout routine and go for paddle board yoga for a day. While a lot of people are not aware of what paddle board yoga is, it is a great way to work out that helps you relax and calm down on any day and even after other workouts. The following are five excellent ways to do paddle board yoga;

The tree pose
The tree pose is one great way to enjoy your paddle board yoga because it can be a bit challenging. While standing in the middle of your paddle board, raise your left leg slowly and press it against your inner thigh or shin. Focus on an object ahead of you then slowly raise your arms over your head and point them to the sky. Take in deep breathes and balance that position for a while before changing legs.

The downward dog pose
The downward dog pose is a great pose to practice self-balance since you are in an upside down position. Firmly place your hands and knees on the board towards the center. Form an upside down “v” with your body by putting your butt up the air. Stay in that position for a while the repeat for a few reps before changing to another pose.

The child pose
The child pose is good for you in the beginning of the workout as it helps you get balanced and centered to comfortably use your paddle board. First, stand at the back end of your paddle board with your feet hip width apart. Squat down and get on your knees and hands then rest your butt on your heels. Rest your forehead on the paddle board by draping your torso to the front. Stretch your arms forward away from your body let your knees point slightly outwards.

The warrior pose
This pose makes you focus because it requires a lot of balance on the paddle board. While standing at the back of your boat, lunge one of your foot forwards then ankle the opposite foot at about 45 degrees at the side of your body. Lower your body and make sure the first foot is almost parallel to the surface of the paddle board. Stretch your arms over your head with your face pointing to the sky then take deep breaths. Breathe deep and hold your breath after a while, then severally alternate the feet and repeat the same.

Corpse pose
The corpse pose is a great pose to end your paddle board yoga session. It provides a sense of restoration and relaxation and is easy to perform on your paddle board. Center your body on the board with your legs and arms spread to about 45 degrees. Be sure to look for best inflatable sup for yoga which will keep your legs from dangling in the water unlike other boards. Lay in that position for some minutes and let your body relax, and if you want let your legs dangle on the water.   

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