Supporting Ayam Brand Community Care 2023 #AyamBersamaMu2023

Supporting Ayam Brand Community Care 2023 | Did you know that 5.6 million school-going children in Malaysia face the double burden of malnutrition, and vision issues are also on the rise among Malaysian children?

Ayam Brand™, the 131-year-old household name famed for its wide range of quality, preservative-free, no-added MSG, healthy, and convenient canned food, is back with its annual Community Care Campaign 2023 with the theme #AyamBersamaMu. This year's focus is on 'Tambah Sihat Bersama Ayam Brand™.' They are reaching out to more than 1,000 children from 25 non-governmental organizations across 6 states, providing them with a two-month supply of approximately 35,028 healthy meals!

But it doesn't stop there! Ayam Brand™, in collaboration with KPJ Healthcare, running nutrition workshops to educate these children on healthier dietary choices following the 3S (Suku-suku Separuh) Malaysian Healthy Plate concept.

To address vision issues among these children, Ayam Brand is working with Focus Point Group to provide free eye health screening and prescription glasses to children who require them.

During these workshops, the children learned about making healthier dietary choices and the importance of Omega-3 for their eye health. They even got hands-on by preparing a healthy snack following the Suku-suku Separuh concept, guided by the KPJ and Ayam Brand team. Click HERE.

The children also had a blast with memory matching and ball toss games to reinforce what they had learned. The winning team members received medals, and everyone received gift bags!

It's heartwarming to see Ayam Brand making a real difference in the lives of these children. Let's all support #AyamBersamaMu and spread the word about the amazing work they're doing for our community!

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  1. kalau ayam brand ni biasanya nieyl akan beli dia punya sardin tin...
    pernah je beli jenama lain tapi cant go la, mesti cari ayam brand punya...
    bagus brand yang ternama mcnie buat kebajikan dan membantu mereka yg memerlukan...

  2. Kalo nak cari tuna kaleng, saya pasti pilih ayam brand. Memang paling sedap. Dan variannya pun banyak kan. 👍

  3. brand ni memang sedap dan sekarang macam-macam dah ada.