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Monday, 26 April 2010

# Study Matters

I've Been Awarded Anugerah Dermasiswa Yayasan Canselor OUM 2010

Last Saturday, 24 April 2010, I've received a phone call from OUM office asking me whether I was at home or not. There was a registered parcel that was needed to send to me. To my very surprised, I waited anxiously until about almost 4.30pm, the courier came.

When I opened the letter, thanked to Allah. I really so shocked. I was being offered to receive the Anugerah Dermasiswa Yayasan Canselor OUM. You know what! It's not easy to get this award. Only the chosen one will be offered. I didn't know how many students being offered this award.

I would like to thank to all my lecturers who taught me at OUM Stulang, Johor Bahru. Without them, I won't get this. There's nothing much to say. So speechless.

My family and my husband's family who are very supportive, looking after our daughter during my classes. My husband, who sacrificed a lot in terms of money, house works and motivational talk whenever I was busy doing assignments, preparing exams. Study as well.  Love you always, my dear.

I've been exempted to pay the academic fees for the whole year of 2010. This includes 3 semesters, January, May and September. The problem is my January Semester, because I was not informed until today. Hopefully, I will maintain my GPA for every semester for this year.

This challenges me a lot as I need to keep my GPA for every semester 3.67 and above. Sounds scary, right? I'm so worried. Whatever it is... should try my best. Wish me luck!


  1. salam...

    congrats sebab berjaya dapat biasiswa...tabek dgn awak sbb boleh sambung belajar walaupun dah ada anak...

  2. tahniah..berjaya dapatkan biasiswa yang dinanti2kan saban ari...

    so teruskan usaha anda..