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Monday, 4 September 2017

# Health

7 Reasons To Eat Healthy

1 - You deserve to feel better.

2 - You worked too hard in that last workout to destroy it with bad food.

3 - Junk food lasts only a few seconds in your mouth, but camps out in your fat.

4 - Food is for energy and good health not for entertainment.

5 - You are stronger than your cravings.

6 - Eating healthier will motivate you to exercise harder.

7 - The healthier you eat, the less cravings you will have for the bad foods.

** start from now... eat healthy foods...


  1. Alhamdulillah so far mengamalkan pengambilan makanan sihat.. Fast food ada jugak sikit2.. Most of the time memang ambil diet seimbang..

  2. assalamualaikum mia...bagus amalan pemakanan yg baik...
    ** Mama Maszull