Ways To Reduce Stress At Work

01. Create an oasis
In today's business environments, you must be available 24/7 that generates oodles of stress, so shut down your computer and your cell-not just while you sleep but also an hour before and after you sleep.

02. Find the sweet spots
Having a overlong to-do list can be huge source of stress, because it feels like you can never get them those tasks completed. So categorize each task by difficulty (easy, medium, hard) and then by potential impact (large, medium, small). You'll probably find tasks that are both easy and with large impact. Hit those sweet pots first.

03. Turn-off the news
The news media produce strong emotions in its audience that are almost exclusively negative, adding more stress to your stress. Turn-off the news if you are in the middle of something important, that requires all your concentration

04. Disconnect from the uncontrollable
There are always events that you simply can't control : the economy, traffic, politics, other people's emotion and so forth. Worrying about stuff you can't control isn't going to make a difference. It's wasted energy and extra stress you don't need.

05. Avoid stressed people
You may not realize it, but your physiology is programmed to mirror the physiology of the people around you. in other words, you can catch stress from other people. So although it may not be possible to avoid stressed people all the time, you should try, to limit your contact with such people at least until you've conquered your own stress.

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  1. kita pun rasa dah stress dah ni...stress sebab sorang2 je ni...huwaaw

  2. paling ketara yang no. 5 tu memang tak boleh elak.. hari2 kena berhadapan.. eemm..

    1. yang ni memang kita akan jumpa setiap hari... orang lain yang stres, jangkit kat kita pula... huhuhuh...