Clean Mushrooms In Vietnam Where The World's Culinary Cuisine

Nong San Dung Ha Agricultural Co. Ltd is known as a reputable supplier of fresh food in Hanoi, trusted by many customers. Currently, the need to use fresh food, organic food is increasing due to increasingly dirty food phenomenon that makes consumers confused.

In particular, mushrooms are favorite dishes of many Vietnamese families because mushrooms have rich nutritional ingredients, good for health and can combine processing many delicious dishes. So where fresh mushrooms and safe. Contact us immediately to buy fresh and clean mushrooms, commit to 100% natural mushrooms, do not use preservatives and have been tested by the Ministry of Health of Vietnam.

Some fresh mushroom products at Dung Ha
  • Black forest mushroom
  • Straw mushroom
  • King oyster mushroom
  • Winter Mushroom
  • Beech mushroom

Dung Ha specializes in providing mushroom fresh, delicious and nutritious .Fresh mushrooms Vietnamese grown directly from the  in farm Vietnam so our products always ensure the best and freshest quality. Fresh and delicious mushrooms will be delivered to home, company, restaurant, supermarket ....

Our fresh mushroom production and processing facility :

Large-scale mushroom growing facility, applying standard materials to grow mushrooms. With a step-by-step professional process to produce mushroom products with the highest standards of nutrition as well as development.

With professionally trained agricultural development professionals, we have diversified mushroom plantations into a variety of mushrooms to supply to the market. With the best care techniques, we ensure our products always meet food safety standards and are the most delicious mushrooms.

Our harvesting process takes place professionally, with a team of skilled workers. After the harvest process, we process and pack products to supply to the market.

Commitment to fresh mushroom products:
  • Our products are always freshest.
  • Ensure 100% fresh mushrooms with food safety
  • Do not use preservatives in products
  • Is grown according to the standards of the Ministry of Agriculture Vietnam
  • Is a high quality Vietnamese product

Please contact us at the following information:
House No. A11, Alley 100 Trung Kinh Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi
Hotline: 0901.539.693 - (024) -66865840

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