Benefits | Health Supplement Tocopamin

Tocopamin - A dietary supplement containing potent antioxidant tocotrienols and tocopherols which can help to protect brain cells and delay brain cells damages.

Tocotrienols are 40-60 TIMES MORE potent thancommon d-alpha Tocopherol Vitamin E.

Benefits :

Neuroprotection - Protect brain cells, reduce risk of stroke and prevent stroke damage

Dementia - Helps to prevent delay and reverse dementia disease

Antioxidant - Protect cell from free radical damage

Cardioprotective Properties - Lower cholesterol and prevent plague in blood vessel

Anti-cancer - Fight cancer and reduce risk of cancer

Skin Protection - Helps protect against ultra violet light, radiation, ozone and etc

Scar - Improve scar and skin condition

Liver Protection - Helps to protect the liver and prevent non alcoholic fatty liver disease

** start consume since last week... (^_^)

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