Is Mineral Water More Healthful? Benefits And Side Effects

One thing that is certain is that your body is approximately 60% water and you need to be drinking it every day in order to stay healthy.

But, unfortunately, not all water is the same. If you have a sensitive palate you’ll actually notice the difference in taste between filter water and tap water, and mineral water definitely has a distinct flavor of its own. But which is the healthier option? Should you be drinking more mineral water? View drink bottle labels.

Let’s find out.

Mineral Water

You won’t be surprised to find that mineral water is water with minerals in. The question really is what are these minerals and how do they affect your health?

In order for mineral water to be classified as such, it needs to originate from an underground water source and one that is geologically protected. It also needs to have at least 250ppm of dissolved solids.

In real terms, this simply means that, as the water has passed through rock, it has absorbed minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, and zinc. These are all minerals that your body needs on a daily basis.

That’s good. However, you should be getting these minerals from your diet, if you’re consuming them in your water at the same time as in your food, you could be getting too much of a good thing. The important thing to do is to read the label and verify the mineral content. 

But, you also need to remember that there are other elements that can creep into the water, these are minerals that your body may not appreciate. 

It’s also important to note that there is a distinction between mineral water and bottled water. They are not the same thing. Bottled water can actually be water from the tap, while mineral water needs to be certified as coming from a specific source, (underground and geologically protected).

While mineral water does offer benefits, there are several reasons why you may feel it’s better to filter your tap water instead.


In fact, you can remove minerals from any water via the use of a reverse osmosis filter. It’s actually a better idea to install one of these than it is to keep purchasing mineral water, here’s why:


Having a filter fitted to your domestic water supply means that you can have clean and safe water at any time of the day or night. You don’t have to worry about heading to the shops to get more mineral water.

You can even take it out with you, just make sure you use a bottle that’s designed to be reused and doesn’t have BPAs in it.


You know you need minerals in your diet but that doesn’t mean you should be getting them from your water. Every mineral has a recommended daily allowance, absorbing too much of some means they are stored in your body, others are simply passed through. 

In order to maintain peak health, you need to be aware of your mineral intake. Being in control means you get what you need, and they don’t need to come from mineral water.

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