Is Veganism Always Better for the Skin?

Veganism is the preference of millions of people in the world. In some cultures, veganism is the default because of their religious beliefs. However, some research suggests that not adding meat to one’s diet may make them more prone to iron deficiency and a host of other problems.

But what about the skin? Does your veganism also have a negative impact on it? Let’s find out below: 

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Are the Best

Of course, no one can argue that adding fresh fruits and vegetables will be good for your skin. They are rich in nutrients and water, which makes them great for hydration. Fruits rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin E also aid cell repair and regeneration, and they may also boost the effects of antioxidants. What happens if you get most of your nutrition from fresh fruits and vegetables? If you eat a variety, you may get most of your recommended daily intake; however, if you only eat the same fruits and vegetables for every meal, that will be unhealthy and no amount of face mask online will hide the sallow and unhealthy look on your skin. 

Everything you eat affects your body, and it shows in your skin, hair and nails. You’ll have to take vitamin supplements and use so much more product to cover the blemishes on your skin, then add contour and blush to make your skin look healthier, when you could be naturally healthy instead. 

Juice Concentrates are Mostly Sugar and Chemicals 

Some choose to limit their intake of meat not in favor of healthy fruits and vegetables, but through poorly chosen alternatives such as juice concentrates. They argue that these are better than a slab of meat in terms of calories. What they fail to realize is the copious amounts of sugar, which manifest on your skin in the form of bloating. You end your night with a fruit juice thinking you’ve made the right choice, but you have a hard time sleeping because of all that sugar, and you wake up feeling even worse. There are also chemical stabilizers in processed juice; sometimes, they actually strip all the good, nutritional bits out of the fruit, then add those back in chemically to make the product last longer on shelves. Your health is not the first priority of fruit juice manufacturers. Your skin’s healthy glow is only secondary to their bottomline. 

Impossible Burgers are Impossibly Unhealthy 

Much has been said about impossible burgers and alternative meats, and people either love them or hate them. Granted, they had indeed revolutionized the options for vegan and meat consumption in general. What has recently been highlighted in studies, however, is the undeniably high concentration of salt in them. So even if you’re not consuming meat, you are able to enjoy the taste of meat because you are ingesting a lot of salt. That will also show in your skin in the form of bloating, and you may develop kidney stones and other health problems as well. 

Being informed about your food choices is the best way to stay healthy. Strive for a healthy balance, and if you don’t want to consume meat, at least choose a more well-balanced diet to replace the nutrients you get from it. 

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