What Do You Do When Your Child Refuses To Study?

Everyone has bad days and there is no reason to, think that is different just because they’re a child. For example, they’ve just had 6 weeks off from school and are reluctant to go back, that’s not surprising!

But, what if you’ve got them in a good establishment, like this childcare Croydon, and they suddenly decide they don’t want to go anymore or they simply refuse to undertake any study.

There are two varieties of this, the first is that your child simply refuses to go to school. No matter how hard you push, coax, or even bribe, you child will not go. This is often a sign of a psychological issue and is known as school refusal.

The second, and the one we’re going to look at, it simply refusing to study. That means not doing homework and not paying attention in class in order not to learn anything. 

You may not realize there is an issue until the school contacts you but it can certainly be frustrating. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to ease your child past this stage and get them back on track.

Stop Fighting

Arguing with your child in order to persuade them to study is not going to get them to do it. You’ll just end up frustrated and your child will probably resist studying even more. 

In fact, there’s a good chance they’ll end up hating school and the entire learning process. You simply can’t force someone to learn.

Create A System

One of the biggest issues, especially when it comes to homework, is that children are at home and think they are now on free time. 

The easiest way around this is to create a schedule. For example, your child gets in and has a drink along with a healthy snack. They then do their homework for an allocated amount of time. It’s worth stressing they don’t have to finish during this period although it’s better if they do.

After the allotted homework time they get to do something fun, whether that’s on the games console, kicking a ball with you outside, or calling on their friends.

The schedule is non-negotiable and can be difficult to implement at the start. The key is to deprive them of the thing they enjoy until they’ve completed the homework. Children will quickly learn that homework is just part of the home routine and get it done.

It is important to explain this system when they are calm, not when you’re trying to force them to do homework.

Don’t forget homework time is quiet time, for everyone in the house. The fewer the distractions the better for everyone involved. In fact, this can often be part of the issue, if you’re expecting one child to do homework and the other is on the games console, the first one is going to feel like they are missing out.

Start Young

If you can, start this routine when your children are young, they’ll be accustomed to it and simply accept it, avoiding the issue of refusing to study.

Talk To Them

Finally, if the studying issue relates to school then you need to sit down and talk with them calmly. It’s important to give them the opportunity to express their concerns and worries. This will help you to identify the issue and create a solution together. 

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  1. terima kasih atas perkongsian. anak saya kalau buat kerja sekolah, akan menangis. haha. sabaq ja lah

  2. talk to them tu sangat penting dari kecik...jadilah kawan mereka, layan mereka seperti orang dewasa..