Greatest Wireless Earphone Malaysia Review

When you put on a set of wired earbuds, do you feel constrained? They may irritate you, especially if you wear them while exercising or while you're on the road. Since the wired versions use analogue signals and do not use audio compression, they may be preferred by audiophiles.

The cordless Bluetooth earbuds are the best option for individuals who would want greater flexibility when listening to music. In essence, they operate by Bluetooth-pairing with your Android or iOS phone. Some of the top-rated local wireless headphones are made by recognizable companies like Bose, JBL, and Apple.

And for that, we have gathered and narrowed down a number of the top Bluetooth and wireless headphones that are well worth looking at.

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds

The Bose QuietComfort is a fantastic pair of earphones that money can buy since they have excellent noise cancellation, superb audio quality that sounds wonderful regardless of the music genre, and a secure, comfortable fit.

The Bose QuietComfort Earbuds combine Acoustic Noise Cancelling technology with its own StayHear Max tips to live up to their name. The latter kind is made of soft silicone material, which provides more comfort while ensuring a tight fit in your ears.

The former, on the other hand, is intended to drown out background noise so you can concentrate on your favorite music. Although there is an Aware Mode with ActiveSense technology that automatically adjusts the noise-cancellation to an appropriate level for both sounds if you still want to hear your surroundings while listening to your music.

The earbuds also have high-efficiency drivers and the company's Active EQ, which balances highs and lows regardless of the kind of music you're listening to. A built-in microphone, an IPX4-rated sweat and weather-resistant construction, and a battery life of up to 6 hours per charge are further highlights.

Razer Hammerhead True Wireless 2nd Gen

Consider the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless 2nd Gen, which features the company's Chroma RGB effects and a sleek black appearance if you often play video games on the road. In other words, you may pick from up to 16.8 million different color combinations for the illumination on your earphones.

Highlights include Active Noise Cancellation technology, which enables you to play your preferred game—say, let's PUBG Mobile—quietly and without disturbing background noise. For flawless wireless gaming, it supports Bluetooth 5.2 connections with 60ms Low Latency technology.

Additionally, the earbuds have ENC (Environmental Noise Cancelling) microphones that may reduce background noise so you can speak and listen clearly. Too little? Using the Razer Audio app, you can fully use your earphones with a variety of options, including personalizing the EQ and touch gestures.

Apple AirPods Pro
Here is a suggestion for iPhone users: the Apple AirPods Pro, which maintain their distinctive stem-like shape and are mostly white. A wireless MagSafe charging case is also included.

The Apple AirPods Pro are notable for using Active Sounds Cancellation technology to block out undesired background noise. You may listen to the noise outside by switching to the Transparency mode. Additionally, three sizes of silicone tips are included for your comfort, allowing you to customize the fit even if you have small ears.

Thanks to the mix of the unique speaker driver, a high-dynamic range amplifier, and Apple's H1 processor, expect dramatic sound range when listening to your favorite songs. The latter delivers a lower-latency Bluetooth connection in addition to speeding up pairing. Not to mention, charging the Apple AirPods Pro is simple with the included charging case or you can use a Qi-approved charger instead.

The in-ear design of the Apple AirPods Pro is comfortable for the majority of users, and the Active Noise Cancellation effectively blocks background noise when listening to music. The sound quality in the lows and mids is the same.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro
The stylish Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro true wireless earbuds have an IPX7-rated construction. Therefore, you won't need to worry about wearing them when, for example, strolling in a (light) drizzle. They can even resist a maximum 30-minute submersion in 1 meter of water.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro use Intelligent ANC (active noise cancellation), which lets you enjoy your favorite music while drowning out annoying background noise for up to 99%, in addition to an IPX7-rated design. Use the Voice Detect option to have the music level automatically down when you start speaking to someone.

You may enjoy studio-quality sound with the AKG-certified, specially constructed 2-way speakers with Dolby Atmos in the earbuds, and the built-in mic combines the dual mic array, inner mic, and high SNR mic for enhanced speech pick-up and beamforming performance. Additionally, a mic mesh and chamber have been added that can help reduce wind noise during calls, especially if you are outside.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro's intuitive touch controls and efficient Intelligent ANC mode have received positive user ratings. It provides good sound quality with a bass response that has enough punch. When used outside, the built-in mic has a clear voice and reduces background noise.

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