Huawei Mate 50 Pro Is All About The Aperture

With multiple lens options to algorithms for helping hands, smartphone cameras are evolving at alarming rates. Do variable apertures represent the next step in the ladder of advancement? This Huawei mate50 pro makes a particular case for it. It's the first smartphone from Huawei equipped with a DSLR-aping lens that can be opened to let light in or be tightened for a more expansive field of view.

It's a complete flagship device everywhere else, featuring the latest Snapdragon technology, a powerful battery, and a stylish design. However, considering the cost, you'd expect it was as good.

Build and design:

With the bronze frame, the curving screen made of toughened Kunlun glass, and the orange vegan leather that covers the back, the test model is as lavish as it gets. Mate 50 Pro gets. Unfortunately, MALAYSIA customers can only buy one via import. The officially available models are those that switch out the leather for glass with silver or black and aren't treated to provide scratch resistance.

Both models are equally comfortable to see, with an elegant design that conceals the depth-sensing camera within a thin notch in the front, as well as a massive circular bump in the back, which houses all the lenses of the camera. Its Clous de Paris pattern it's made of is typically seen on high-end watches, while the branding is on the more subtle aspect.

Along with being able to unlock the device, the front camera is secure enough to allow fingerprint scanning to secure your identity within supported apps. You can also use the fingerprint sensor under-display If you prefer. Both can quickly recognize you and are always Affordable and precise.

Cameras are raising the bar for the bokeh

This phone's primary camera is, as of the time of writing, the most unique in the smartphone world. Yes, we've tried an aperture system with two steps in the past camera, but Huawei's version is entirely customizable. Six aperture blades are adjusted to ten different levels that range from large-open f/1.4 to a slack f/4.0.

In resembling a standard camera's lens, the device offers you the option of shallow depth of focus for blurry bokeh or sharp images that preserve the fullness of background details. It is also possible to shoot in low-light conditions without using the night mode. Let the camera do the work, and it will typically be set to f/2.0 in the daytime to create a good middle ground.

This sensor, which is associated with produces stunning image quality across every lighting situation. There's almost no noise, and the white balance is nearly always perfect, with plenty of range in the dynamics that don't go OTT to the point of being unrealistic.

Software and Performance Snap to it

The Mate 50 Pro is the first Huawei phone we've seen with the Snapdragon 8+ Generation 1 offering the power. It's as high-end as Android phones get currently, but this phone only supports 4G speeds for data. It's a shame If you already have the 5G mobile service. The plan also has 8GB of RAM and 256GB of onboard storage capacity.

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