The Huawei MatePad SE Can Be Used By All Ages And Is Designed To Fulfill The Family's Learning And Entertainment Requirements

Adults have been working from home in 2022, huawei matepad se children taking online classes are becoming more regular. At this moment and if you don't have a suitable device at home, no matter if it's studying, work or entertainment, or leisure, the effectiveness, and experience are greatly diminished; therefore, a well-equipped mobile device with portable portability is significant, and it's coincident with Huawei recently released Huawei MatePad SE. Huawei MatePad SE is an intelligent home entertainment tablet. The overall performance is excellent, and the user experience is worthy of praise.

With large amplitude and high-definition screen increase, enjoy the excitement of high-quality audio and video

Huawei MatePad SE comes with a 10.1-inch resolution with a 1920x1200 resolution. Full HD IPS screen. The display effect is crystal clear and pleasing to the eyes due to the symmetrical four-sided micro-narrow border. As a result, the Huawei MatePad SE screen ratio reached 80 percent, thanks to Huawei's screen display technology. When we view movies or photographs, the overall image is sharper, and the visual impact is more excellent.

Alongside the premium display, Huawei MatePad SE is equipped with two channels of high-amplitude speakers that provide left and right symmetrical and a broader, more immersive stereo sound field featuring Harman Kardon's "Golden Ear" professional tuning. Also, Huawei Histen 7.0 sound double tuning. Low-frequency, thick, precise high-pitched audio details that are natural and delicate, no matter if you are listening to music or watching a film or television blockbuster, you will feel the shock completely immersive.

For video-based entertainment, Huawei MatePad SE is entirely authentic and professional in screen and audio quality to allow users to have a better experience with audio-visual while watching dramas or listening to music during their free time.

Multiple eye health models to guarantee the health of every family's eyes

Using a tablet for an extended period can cause eye injuries, especially for children. With the increase of online courses, the amount of time children has to be in front of the screen is increasing exponentially. Without protection measures, it's possible to lose vision, have eye diseases, and other issues.

HarmonyOS 2 blessings, enjoy the wisdom experience

Huawei MatePad SE is equipped with HarmonyOS 2 operating system, the tablet with a unique design. Hongxing desktop has a simple strategy for the bottom application bar. It can be used to place many frequently used apps, significantly increasing the efficiency of everyday usage. The universal card could be used to store essential information on card forms directly onto the desktop. Launching the APP is not required to look at it, making it practical and accessible.

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Huawei MatePad SE has a 7.85mm body thickness and 450g of total weight, completely matching young people's desire for a sophisticated and stylish appearance, lightweight and compact regardless of video and audio entertainment and family education. Experience. Huawei MatePad SE has an outstanding experience and is the ideal option for families who want to use a family-friendly terminal.

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