My Today's Talk at OUM JB

Fiuh.... At last, I finally can give talk to big crowd of people. “Sharing Learner’s Experience” at OUM Johor for new students intake May 2010. Although, most of the time I always look at the slide show. Not facing the audience. Luckily, I can talk although very very nervous. I'm not that kind of person who can talk in front of people.. most of my time facing in front of computer... so as an IT student, don't expect me to talk like other person who can really talk.

Would like to thank to OUM Director, En Abdul Rahim as he really support me to give this talk.. plus my husband also... He knew me.. If suddenly I don't really have mood, actually I can just leave it like that. That is my bad habit.. Takde mood boleh, tak? Jangan, tau!  I knew I'm not a good at it... But I already try my best.

For new students, I knew you a bit blurr... maybe some of you don't understand + tired hearing all the talks before + maybe my talk bored you. I'm so sorry.  You can contact me by my facebook, email, twitter and also my blog. I used to lepak at library... you also can ask me at that time.

These are the photos taken by my lovely husband. My video? No need lah... I can't share with you.. A bit shy...

Sharing my experience with them

Referring to the slides at screen

Answering the question from new student

Further explanation from OUM JB Director to support my answer

These are the look of new students

An appreciation gift from OUM JB Director

In memory... a snapshot with OUM JB Director, En Abdul Rahim Mohamed Amin and En. Jani Ahmad, Pengerusi Persatuan Pelajar OUM JB

My photographer, my beloved husband... always there for me... Love you so much, my dear...

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