A Part of Getzzone Family

Last time, I posted few photos of my car. Never think before, I finally become a part of Getzzone Family, Hyundai Getz Malaysia Community.

Previously, I used to envy when there is a convoy tour of swish group, and then myvi group.. After join this club, now I'm very happy that my wish come true. You know, we can exchange our experience using this car, how to take care of the car furthermore get more friends. Social is important to me, it's a time for me to relax myself from work and study.

So, if you own a hyundai getz car come and join this Getzzone Club. I used eli liana nickname...

A few snapshot here.

The latest activity that I join was last Sunday, Getz on tour KL-JB where the Getz Central, Getz Southern and Getz Singapore gathered together. Will be continued in the next entry post.

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