Under The Bright Sun..

Not really much to say, too hard to make the decision to buy a new car for my birthday. At first my husband asked whether want to buy second hand or new and the most important - which model. Since I've been using Proton Saga Megavalve for 7 years, it's the time for me to buy a new one. Easier to bring along Sofea. Afraid of something might happen in the middle of the road. 

Thinking on that reasons, I choose Hyundai Getz SE for my new car. It's not easy to decide rather than second hand of the same car. Later might have problem and lots of part needed to be changed. The car is fully automatic of 1.4cc, with sporty look in her snowing white color, really win my heart. It took 2 weeks for me to decide.

Let's have a glance here. Location is at my office.


For the next entry post, I would like show you the inner part of my car... HERE.

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