Celebrities Who Stink

Hmmm very interesting yet annoying a bit. This time the question asked us to blog about celebrities who stink. Quite funny. Don’t laugh. This is just an entry not assuming the said celebrity is really stink. First of all before I continue my writings, I want to apologize. Sorry..I didn’t mean to do that. Just suggesting not condemning.

So, the person could be the one who is really active, always perspire and sweating all over the body… Sport person is the suitable one… Others' celebrities might not that suitable.. So, deodorant is a must to feel comfort.

Thinking of who might be the best for my celebrity that really need to use deodorant… Guess what!

I choose Datuk Nicole David. Sure you know her, right? She’s a sportswoman who plays squash for Malaysia. She looks so adorable when playing squash. I admire her the most. Very professional look and style.

Women’s World Championships in 2005, 2006 and 2008, to being the youngest ever squash player to embrace the #1 spot, Nicol Ann David is the legendary undisputed world no. 1 squash player.”

Nicol then went on to become Malaysia’s youngest Datuk upon receiving the Darjah Setia Pangkuan Negeri (DSPN) from her home state of Penang. She was also awarded The Outstanding Young Malaysian Award for Personal Development & Accomplishment, followed by a number of local and international honours all in the same year.”

See, she really need a deodorant. Still smiling although tired after playing the match while drinking water. For sure, she got stinky smell from her sweat…An intensive anti-perspirant spray is a must for extra protection against perspiration. Should recommend her to use the new Adidas Action 3 Intensive which is the most suitable for her need. Come Datuk Nicole, please have a try on this product.. and you will be attracted to it.

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